• Chrystale Wilson is an American actress best known for her role in Ice Cube’s movie “The Players Club”
• She attended law school despite her interest in acting, but her teachers encouraged her to pursue her dream
• She has starred in a variety of films, such as “The Players Club”, “Merry Wish-Mas”, and “The Rich & the Ruthless”
• She is a social activist, participating in a variety of charity events and volunteering for local shelters
• Her current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million

Chrystale Wilson is an American actress, who is probably still best-known for her role of Ronnie in Ice Cube’s movie “The Players Club” (1998). Even though her mother insisted on her getting a law education, Chrystale was uncompromising in her intention to pursue her acting career. Let’s find out more about her current net worth, relationship status, age, etc.

Early life and family

Chrystale Wilson was born on 28 March 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia USA, so under the sign of Aries, and holding American nationality. Chrystale was the only daughter of her mother, Ethel Cook Wilson, who was a single mom, and brought her up all by herself. Chrystale spent her childhood in Georgia, and saw the hard days they had to overcome with her mother to see a better life.


She also began writing in her childhood, and when she turned six she even created her own book entitled “The Magic Tree” – the plot was close to a fairy-tale, as it was the story of the tree which bloomed golden blossoms and dropped coins when children came and sat under it, giving love and attention to it. Chrystale was supported by her family, and was inspired to do more creative things.

Educational background

Chrystale matriculated from Hiram W. Johnson High School in Atlanta in 1989. Later she studied law in the college, as her mother insisted Chrystale should study something more profitable than acting.

However, her daughter’s teachers noticed her real talents, and advised her to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Chrystale never mentioned if she graduated from her Sacramento City College or quit it, but she eventually found herself on the set of her first movie.


Successful start

Chrystale debuted in the movie “The Players Club” (1998), which was the debut of Ice Cube as a director, and also featured such actors Jamie Foxx, LisaRaye McCoy and Michael Clarke Duncan among others. Chrystale landed the role of Ronnie, a stripper, who convinced her friend Diana to earn some money in the “The Players Club”; in fact, Ronnie is a negative character, as she gets Diana and her cousin Ebony into trouble all the time the story goes; however, Chrystale’s performance was highly appreciated, and she received  more invitations.

Chrystale Wilson

She landed minor roles in such movies as “Trois” (2000), in which she played Tammy, “Lockdown” (2000) in the role of Dana, and “Honeybee” (2001), in which she appeared as the fight promoter of Nina Ahlin.

Further works

In 2002 Chrystale tried herself as a producer of the movie “The Kudzu Christmas”, also starring in the role of Nina Taylorson; the same year she appeared in the film “Pandora’s Box” too. Later, she could be seen in such films as “Trust” (2006), “Man of Her Dreams” (2009), and “Soul Kittens Cabaret” (2011). However, Chrystale’s career slowed down a bit, as she had only minor roles in low-budget movies, and never again reached the level of her first successful movie, “The Players Club”.

She appeared in “For Richer or Poorer” (2012 – present), “Interludes” (2012), “Lorenzo & Monica” (2012) and “Shake” (2013). After these works, she switched to filming several Christmas TV movies, and starred in “Marry Us for Christmas” (2014), “A Baby for Christmas” (2015) and ““Merry Christmas, Baby” (2016). but those movies didn’t become hits, but she then appeared in “The Rich & the Ruthless” (2016) and “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story” (2017), before another Christmas TV film, entitled “Merry Wish-Mas” (2018).


Concurrently, Chrystale was assigned to new episodes of the series “By Any Means” (2015 – present) andthe movie entitled “Switched at Love” (2020), sharing the screen with Jason Louder and Shaquita Smith.

Most recently, she appeared in 24 episodes of “The Rich and the Ruthless” (2017-2021), the TV movie “Switched at Love” (2021), 12 episodes of “All the Queen’s Men” (2021-2024) and five episodes of “Heaux Phase” (2023), clealy still in demand for her talents.

Personal life

From her first years in the entertainment industry, Chrystale was surrounded by rumors about affairs and romances. She was said to be dating Anthony Johnson, her colleague who she shared the screen with in her debut movie “The Players Club”. The audience appreciated the thought that they might be dating not only in the movie, but in the real life too. However, neither Chrystale nor Anthony ever confirmed their relationship.

Chrystale was also rumored to have an affair with a drug dealer, who was eventually caught by the police and imprisoned for several years for his illegal activities. Chrystale never shared any details about this supposed romance either, and no names were even mentioned. As of 2024, she hasn’t announced any update on her current relationship status, keeping her private life low-key, and never posting any pictures of boyfriends on her social media accounts, but isn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Chrystale is a very family-oriented person, and she likes spending her spare time with her mother and cousins. She also likes relaxing at the beach, swimming and travelling.

She is a long-term friend of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, and has shared their mutual photo of 1994 on her Instagram account. They say it was Snoop Dogg who introduced Chrystale to Ice Cube at the time he was working on the script of his (and her) first movie, “The Players Club”.

Charity and volunteering

Chrystale is a well-known social activist, who participates in multiple charity events and foundations. She is one of the founders of the annual event called “Injured Angel Mixer”, the aim of which is to help elderly people get a better level of treatment. She is also busy distributing essential products packs called “Gifts for Grandparents” to the inner-city nursing houses, which she performs on various holidays. She is also actively volunteering for the local shelters of the network “P.A.W.S.” in Atlanta.

Social media presence

Chrystale is not very active on social media platforms, though she has her account on Instagram though she rarely posts on it,  and her Twitter  account she abandoned in 2018. She also has a Facebook page, but which she stopped updating in 2017.

Appearance, clothing style

Chrystale has naturally curly dark brown hair, which she likes dying light shades of brown. She is also famous for her blond wig which she wore in “The Players Club”. She has dark brown eyes.

Chrystale is 5ft 7ins (1.73m) , weighs around 149lbs (68kgs), but her vital statistics aren’t available at the moment. As to her clothing style, Chrystale is still tending to wearing explicit clothes, and can often be seen in short skirts, fishnet tights, and shirts with a deep neckline; she has several tattoos on her body. She likes wearing various accessories, such as chain necklaces, spiked bracelets, high heels and leather bags.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Chrystale’s current net worth is estimated at over $2 million – when she was at the peak of her fame in the late ‘90s, she got up to $120,000 per movie she appeared in, and up to $40,000 per episode in the series she played in. As she’s assigned to new projects as an actress, and works hard as a producer, her net worth is very likely going to grow.

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