• Born on 19 November 1953 in Bakersfield, California, USA
• Nationality: American
• Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
• Net Worth close to $1.5 million
• Ethnicity: Mixed Race (American and Mexican)

Who is Robert Beltran? Wiki, Bio and Age

Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on on 19 November 1953,, in Bakersfield, California, USA, Robert Beltran is American by nationality. He’s best known as a film, TV and stage actor, who has worked on projects such as “Star Trek: Voyager”, “Night of the Comet” and “Nixon”; he’s still active in the world of entertainment. Being successful in his field, Beltran is often under the spotlight, and people are curious to find out more about his family life, income and formative years, and we’ll talk about those subjects in this article.

Net Worth

Robert’s net worth is close to $1.5 million. However,he hasn’t spoken about his assets, such as vehicles and houses, but he’s seemingly well able to take care of himself financially.

Ethnicity, Siblings and Background

As of Robert’s ethnicity, he is of mixed race, with dark hair and brown eyes, which suits his complexion.

He looks well put together at events he attends, indicating that he puts time and effort into the way he looks. Beltran is the son of Aurelia and Luis Beltran Perez, and was born into a family of mixed ancestry, American and Mexican. When it comes to his education, he was a student of East Bakersfield High School and Bakersfield College. He has two sisters and seven brothers, and is related to the Latin Jazz artist Louie Cruz Beltran.

Social Media

Robert is in the entertainment field, which naturally means that he is active on social media, and uses his accounts to promote his work, as well as to interact with his fans. The actor has a Twitter account and his followers eem to enjoy his content. He often posts photos from his private life, allowing his fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of his most recent posts include one in which he wrote about a convention he will attend , adding “I’ve just accepted an invitation to appear at the Creation Star Trek Las Vegas Convention in August.

Anyone else gonna be there? If so, stop and say hello. I look forward to seeing you.” Besides that, he wished all dads a ‘happy father’s day’.

Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Robert prefers keeping some things behind closed door, and remaining secretive about some topics. The absence of any potential love interest on his social media led many to believe that the actor might be single, but as a matter of fact he’s a married man, who just hasn’t disclosed any information about his spouse.

Robert Beltran

The couple has one child together, a daughter who often appears with Beltran at events, and is named Marlena. Robert is seemingly living a happy and prosperous life alongside his family, which is all that really matters.


Beltran made his debut in “Zoot Suit” in 1981, and followed by appearing in movies and TV projects such as “Eating Raoul”, “Lone Wolf McQuade” and “Calendar Girl Murders”. Continuing to work steadily, the actor landed the role of Jack, one of the main characters in “The Bulldance”, and in 1989 the audience was able to see him in “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills”, working alongside actors such as Jacqueline Bisset, Ray Sharkey and Mary Woronov.

In the next year, he played the main character, El Diablo in the movie of the same title, that follows the story of a kidnapped schoolgirl rescued by her teacher Billy Ray. As of 1994, Robert worked on “Models Inc.” as Lt. Louis Soto and in 1995 was hired to play Chakotay / Commander Chakotay / Commander Katanay in his most successful project so far, “Star Trek: Voyager”.

He appeared in 170 episodes of the mentioned series, which allowed him to gain more exposure in the media.

Latter Career

Some of Robert’s latter projects include “CSI: Miami”, “Roddenberry on Patrol”, “Free Birds” and “Star Trek: Renegades”; he reprised the latter role in “Star Trek Prodigy” in 2022. Speaking about his role in the latter, Robert stated that what he really loved was any kind of interpersonal relationship.

In 2019, the audience was able to see him in “The Circuit”, on which he worked alongside Doug Jones, Terry Farrell and Olivia D’Abo. Overall, the actor has had almost 60 acting gigs throughout his career, which has allowed him to rise to fame and make a name for himself, and we believe there is more to come for him, as he’s talented and hardworking.

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