• Calysta Bevier is a pop singer and motivational speaker from Toledo, Ohio, USA
• She rose to fame by appearing on the show “America’s Got Talent”
• She has collaborated with Katy Perry, Jocelyn Alice, Drew Pearson, Joe Garret, Kinetics & Hailee Steinfeld
• She is passionate about travelling and tattoos, and enjoys swimming and watching movies
• She has an estimated net worth of over $50,000 and is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Where is Calysta Bevier now? Wiki Bio

Calysta Bevier was born in Toledo, Ohio USA, on 17 September 1999, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – she rose to prominence thanks to her career of a pop singer, particularly through her appearance in the “America’s Got Talent” TV show.

Childhood and education

Calysta spent her childhood in Toledo alongside her parents, however, she can rarely be heard talking about them as she prefers not to have them involved in the media, and the only things which are known is that her father Adam Bevier is a firefighter, and that her mother is a manager. She hasn’t talked about having any siblings, but it’s known that she has three named Adam, LaVaya, and Gavin.

Calysta was very popular in Otsego High School thanks to her voice and being a varsity cheerleader, however, her teenage years turned into a nightmare as she found out at the age of 15 that she was suffering from dysgerminoma, which is a type of an ovarian cancer. It took Calysta a lot of time to get back on her feet, but she had the full support of her family and her high school friends – after 21 chemo infusions and uncountable stays in hospital, her almost 5lb tumor was removed and hasn’t been spotted recurring. She has since become a spokesperson and a motivational speaker for all those who’ve been battling cancer.

Calysta has just matriculated from high school, and it isn’t known whether or not she is planning on enrolling at college.

Career of a pop singer

Calysta’s singing career began the moment she went on to sing Rachel Platten’s song entitled “Fight Song” in the 1104th episode of the “America’s Got Talent”TV show – Simon Cowell, one of the most respected judges, was moved by her performance and gave her a Golden Buzzer, which instantly sent Calysta to the quarter-finals.

Calysta performed the Sara Bareille’s song “Brave” in the quarter-finals (episode 1113), and all the judges gave her standing ovations as she made her way to the semi-finals beating Moya Angela. She chose to sing Christina Perri’s song entitled “Human” at the semifinals (episode 1119) and received standing ovations once again, however, she was eliminated and did not make her way to the finals.

After she was done with “America’s Got Talent”, Calysta moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams of becoming a pop singer. She has so far collaborated with Katy Perry, Jocelyn Alice, Drew Pearson, Joe Garret, Kinetics & Hailee Steinfeld, and has also been an active part of the Philly Fights Cancer foundation.

She has sung the US national anthem at the opening of three NFL games, and has also performed in the “Jump, Jive & Thrive” CBS show.

Calysta has expressed her wish to appear in a movie, and this will come true for her as she has been cast to appear alongside Keith Urban and Sandra Bullock in an upcoming film. She released her first original song entitled “Soar” in 2018, which talks about death and the act of letting go.

Love life and relationships

Calysta is one of the most secretive people in the music industry, as she hasn’t shared any details of the boys or men she might have dated throughout the years.

Calysta Bevier

Rumor has it that the popular singer met her current boyfriend for the first time at high school, and that the two were an instant match. The mysterious boy has allegedly been there for her while she was battling cancer which is when and why their bond became even stronger – Calysta often uploads pictures of her and her boyfriend onto her Instagram account.

She hasn’t talked about any other boys (or men) she might have dated, but she is only 19 years old and most of her fans believe that the mysterious boy is also her first boyfriend. Judging by her social media accounts, Apparently Calysta is currently in a relationship, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other likes

Calysta might appear to be all about her career of a singer but there are numerous other things she is passionate about.

Since she launched her singing career with the help of the “America’s Got Talent” TV show, Calysta has traveled around the states of Ohio and California and performed at numerous locations, but has also served as a spokesperson – she has since fallen in love with travelling, and sees it as her main hobby. Summer is her favorite season as she loves to swim, and to participate in beach sports such as volleyball and soccer. She is a big lover of tattoos, and has two inked onto her right arm – one a rose and the other a sentence which is indecipherable.

Calysta enjoys watching animated movies, while her favorites are “Brave” and “Wreck It Ralph” – she also enjoys watching regular movies, and her favorite of all times is “Alice in Wonderland”, but she also has a T-shirt of its animated version.

Appearance and net worth

Calysta has short brown hair and brown eyes, while she hasn’t shared her weight and height with the public.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her involvement in music.

Social media presence

Calysta is very active on several popular social media networks, as this is very important for her career of a singer.

She launched her Twitter account in July 2013, and  her Instagram account in 2015 – Calysta is running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts more than 140,000 fans.

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