• Jenna Vulcano was born in Staten Island, New York in 1986
• She is a comedienne and actress, most famous for appearing in her brother Sal's comedy TV series "Impractical Jokers"
• Jenna attended local high school on Staten Island and pursued a career as a comedienne and actress instead of college
• She is currently dating Famous Shamus and was previously in a relationship with James Murray, who she married in a prank for her brother
• Jenna has a net worth estimated to be over $200,000

Who is Sal Vulcano’s sister? Jenna Vulcano Wiki Bio

Jenna Vulcano was born on Staten Island, New York USA, on 4 August 1986 – her zodiac sign is Leo and she holds American nationality. She is a comedienne and an actress, best known for appearing in the “Impractical Jokers” comedy TV series, which also stars her brother Sal.

Early life and education

Jenna was raised on Staten Island alongside her brother Salvatore and her sister Dana by their parents Sal Vulcano Sr. and Dianne Fernandez Vulcano. Sal Sr. and Dana divorced when Jenna was still very young, and she went on to create a strong bond with her brother Sal.

She attended a local high school on State Island, and after matriculation in 2004 decided not to pursue a college degree, but to rather focus on her career as a comedienne and an actress. Dana is married and has two children, while Salvatore is a popular comedian, actor, and a film producer.

Career as an actress

Jenna’s brother Sal launched the “Impractical Jokers” hidden camera reality series with The Tenderloins comedy troupe in 2001, with the help of his high school friends Brian Quinn, James Murray and Joe Gatto (members of The Tenderloins). The comedy troupe was created in 1999 but it did not gain much recognition until they won the “It’s Your Show” NBC competition in 2007.

Jenna gained recognition after her brother began featuring her in his comedy series, especially after she appeared in the “Strip High Five” episode, doing pranks with her brother and his friends. The second episode she appeared in was “Down in the Dump” in 2013, which showed Jenna kissing Brian Quinn who was naked. After that, she was featured in the “Brother-in-Loss” episode in which Jenna married James Murray at a huge ceremony, while her brother was tied and forced to watch… all a prank of course.

Jenna Vulcano

Before she featured in “Impractical Jokers”, Jenna was a co-ordinator and a receptionist, while she is currently working as a medical receptionist in her hometown. “Impractical Jokers” counts eight seasons and more than 200 episodes (plus 30 specials) and has been airing on truTV since December 2011. The show has mostly received praise from both its fans and critics. Linda Stasi, a writer for “The New York Post”, described the show as ‘possibly the funniest, most ridiculous show I’ve seen in years’.

Love life and boyfriend

Jenna began dating James Murray, an American author and a producer, not long after she made her first appearance in her brother’s comedy series. They dated for around one year before marrying in 2014, however, the marriage was only a prank played on Sal as the two divorced on the same day they married. Jenna and James were dating until 2017, and she still refers to him as her husband on her social media accounts. Before James, Jenna was in a relationship with a man known as Famous Shamus, who is the Auto Group Service advisor; Jenna is currently unattached.

James was dating Tara before Jenna but the two split before he was cast to appear in “Impractical Jokers”. He is suffering from acrophobia which is an irrational fear of heights and from ailurophobia which is a fear of sharks. As an author, he has co-written the “Awakened” science fiction horror novel. James is currently engaged to Melyssa Davies, after he asked her to marry him in July 2019.

Hobbies and other interests

Jenna enjoys watching stand-up comedians perform and comedy films, and grew up wanting to become an actress and a comedian. Some of her favorites are “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”, “Borat”, and “Silver Linings Playbook”, while two of her favorite actors are Jim Carrey and Leslie Nielsen.

She enjoys attending parties and concerts, while her favorite music genres are rap and pop. She is a big lover of animals, and is also a philanthropist, who has volunteered with several charity organizations throughout the years.

Summer is her favorite season, as she enjoys lying at the beach tanning her body and playing sports such as beach volleyball. She is a shopaholic who often goes shopping for clothes, and she gives advice and tips regarding clothes and make-up using her Instagram account.

Appearance and net worth

Jenna is 33 years old. She has long black hair and green eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs). Her net worth is estimated at over $200,000 as of early 2020.

Who is Sal Vulcano, Jenna’s brother?

Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano was born in New York USA in 1976, and is an actor and comedian. He gained recognition only after he launched the “Impractical Jokers” comedy TV show with his friends in 2011. Salvatore attended the same high school as his friends in “Impractical Jokers”, and after matriculation, enrolled at St. John University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1998.

He stated in the show that he is gay, however, several months later he admitted that he only joked about it, and therefore his fans are uncertain about his sexual orientation. Salvatore is currently single.

He has a net worth of over $400,000, which he’s gathered thanks to his show and his clothing line, which he launched in 2018. He is a writer, as he co-wrote “Impractical Jokers: The Book” together with his friends from The Tenderloins.

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