-• Susie Hariet is a South African/British singer and actress.
-• She is married to actor Dan Stevens.
-• She discovered her passion for music in elementary school.
-• She has acted in various movies and TV series, and is currently singing and acting in theatre plays around New York City.
-• She is passionate about books, animals, and fighting for human rights.


Who is Dan Stevens’ wife? Susie Hariet Wiki Bio

Susie Hariet was born in South Africa, on 22 December 1975 so under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and now holds both South African and British nationality. She is popular for two things: her singing (and acting) career, and for being the wife of Dan Stevens, a popular actor.

Education and childhood

Susie didn’t spend a lot of time in South Africa, as her parents moved to England soon after she was born – being as respectful of her parents as she is, Susie hasn’t shared much about them with the public, nor talked about having any siblings, which is why most people believe her to be an only child. Susie grew up being interested in music. She discovered her passion when she enrolled at elementary school, and heard girls in other classrooms sing and play the guitar and the piano.

Dan Stevens e Susie Hariet

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She enrolled at high school and learnt how to play several instruments, while simultaneously appearing in her school’s plays. After matriculation, she completely focused on her singing and acting career, and decided not to enroll at college.

Career of a singer and an actress

Susie launched her career as soon as she was done with high school – she was a jazz vocalist and a singer at the start, but steadily switched to acting in theatre plays, and then in movies and TV series. She was given an opportunity to appear in the “Worth” short comedy movie shot in 2007, and was praised for her performance. She then went back to singing and acting in plays, and three years would pass before Susie won her next role in the “Forget Me Not” movie shot in 2009 – in the next year, she played a notable role in “The Dark Room” movie.

While Susie’s career has mostly remained in the shadow of her husband Dan Stevens’ acting career, she is currently singing and acting in theatre plays around New York City.

Marriage with Dan Stevens

Both Susie and Dan are trying to keep their personal matters to themselves, but as both of them are popular actors, some things regarding their marriage are still known. Susie and Dan met sometime in 2006 when Susie’s acting career was just starting – at the time, they were both performing in theaters around England. The two were an instant match and fell for one another the same day they met – they dated for more than three years before exchanging their wedding vows in 2009.

Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet

As Susie was already pregnant when the two married, she gave birth to her daughter Willow three months after the wedding, while they welcomed their boy Aubrey in 2012, and their second daughter, Eden was born sometime in 2016. The family is currently living in New York City, while they occasionally travel together to England and South Africa. Susie hasn’t talked about any other man she might have dated before Dan, as she prefers to keep her professional and personal lives separated – judging by the internet and her social media accounts, she is currently happily married to Dan.

Who is Dan Stevens?

Daniel Jonathan Stevens was born in Croydon, London, England on 10 October 1982 so under the zodiac sign of Libra, but now holding American nationality – he is popular for his acting career, mostly for his role of Matthew Crawley in the “Downton Abbey” TV series, which he was part of from 2010 to 2012. It is not known whether or not Dan has had a chance to meet his biological parents – he was adopted by two teachers the moment he was born, while his younger brother was adopted as well but by a different family. Dan enrolled at Tonbridge School in England, and there fell in love with acting – he won his first important role of Macbeth in the eponymous play, and from there went on to work on his acting skills before joining the National Youth Theatre located in London.

After he matriculated from high school, Dan enrolled at Emmanuel College, Cambridge from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Dan has numerous roles credited to his name, but he first became popular after playing Matthew Crawley in the “Downton Abbey” TV series, being part of the cast for two years. His next notable role was as David in “The Guest” movie shot in 2014, then played Sir Lancelot in the “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” in the same year. He drew praise for his roles of The Beast and the Prince in the “Beauty and the Beast” Disney’s movie shot in 2017, followed by playing Lorin Willis in the “Marshall” biographic movie, and Charles Dickens in another biographic entitled “The Man Who Invented Christmas” in 2017.

He has been playing David Haller in the “Legion” TV series since 2017, and could also be seen in the “Apostle” Neflix movie shot in 2018. Unlike his wife Susie, Dan is fond of the attention he receives on the internet, and is active on several popular social media networks – his Instagram account is currently followed by more than 650,000 people, while he’s uploaded over 580 pictures onto it.

Susie’s hobbies and other interests

Susie is a very versatile person, and there are numerous things she is interested in and enjoys doing. Her number one love and passion has been singing ever since she was a young girl, while she has steadily fallen in love with acting as well, for which she credits her school – she has also stated how her husband Dan was a major influence on her when she wanted to try her luck in the film industry.

Susie is also very fond of reading, and considers books to be a lot better than movies – she prefers mystery and science fiction books over all others, with her favorite author being Agatha Christie and her Hercule Poirot novels. She has also been very sporting throughout the years – she first began exercising, and playing soccer while at high school, and although she doesn’t have much time for these things today, she still occasionally goes to the gym.

Susie is a big lover of animals, and is also a fighter for human rights – she has been involved in several events and fundraisers related to the preservation of endangered species, and to helping the underprivileged people, or those who were effected by a weather catastrophe.

Appearance and net worth

Susie is currently 43 years old. She has medium long red hair and blue eyes, and is 5ft 6in (1.68m) tall, while her weight is not known. According to authoritative sources, Susie’s current net worth is estimated to be more than $600,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her singing and acting careers – her husband Dan’s current net worth has been estimated at more than $6 million.

Presence on the internet

Susie is not considered to be one of the most secretive people on the internet for no reason – it appears that popular singer and actress doesn’t have an account on any of the popular social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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