• Mae Akins Roth was born in 2005 and is the daughter of actress Laurie Metcalf and actor Matt Roth.
• She has made few public appearances alongside her mother and has a minimal net worth.
• She was born during her parent's second marriage and was raised by them until 2011 when Roth filed for divorce.
• Matt Roth gained popularity for his role in the television show “Roseanne” and Laurie Metcalf is known for her role in “Roseanne”, “Getting On”, and “Lady Bird”.
• Mae is assumed to be too young to have engaged in any romantic relationships and her relationship with her father is unknown.

Who is Mae Akins Roth?

Mae Akins Roth was born on 3 July 2005, in the United States of America, and is known only for being the daughter of actress Laurie Metcalf from her marriage to actor Matt Roth. While most of her life has been kept away from the public, she has made a few appearances alongside her mother in red carpet events.

Laurie Metcalf with daughter Mae Akins Roth

The Net Worth of Mae Akins Roth

Mae’s net worth is minimal as she is still at school, however, she is no doubt supported by her parents, as her mother has a net worth estimated to be over $14 million while her father has also earned significant income thanks to his acting projects.

Early Life and Family

Mae Akins was born during her parents’ second marriages; the two played lovers in “Roseanne” for a year, as well as appearing together in other productions. Their son was born in 1993, but they didn’t marry until 2005.

Due to her parents’ age, they decided on having Mae through a surrogate. They later had another child, who they fostered when he was six years old before adopting him. Mae was raised mostly by her parents until 2011 when Roth filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences – the two completed their divorce settlement three years later. Despite all the popularity her parents have, Mae has managed to stay away from the spotlight, except for a few formal public appearances with her mother.

Father – Matt Roth

After several television projects, Matt gained a lot of popularity playing the role of Fisher, the abusive boyfriend of Jackie (played by Laurie Metcalf) in the television show “Roseanne”.  The sitcom aired on ABC, and followed the story of the fictional Conner family. It gained a lot of attention due to its realistic portrayal of a working class American family, and at one point reached the top of the ratings. Matt was only part of the show for a season, though it was during the peak of the show’s popularity when they were consistently ranking among the top four programs in ratings.

Following the end of his run there, he began appearing in films, such as “Chicago Cab”, “Pups”, and “View from the Top”. He also made guest appearances in “According to Jim”, Numb3rs”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”. In 2006, he gained a recurring role in the show “Desperate Housewives” in which he played the character of Art Shepherd. The show followed the story of a group of women living in Wisteria Lane, a street in a fictional town of a fictional state.

Matt Roth

The show progressed to showcasing the lives of the women for 13 years in a span of eight seasons. Later on, he would continue doing guest work, until his hiatus from the entertainment industry in 2014.

Mother – Laurie Metcalf

Laura Elizabeth Metcalf was born on 16 June 1955, in Carbondale, Illinois, and is an actress whose career has spanned over four decades. She’s won numerous awards during her career, including two Tony and three Primetime Emmy Awards. She started her career in theatre, working in Chicago and as a part of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Some of the plays she worked on include “Three Tall Women”, and “A Doll’s House, Part 2”. On television, she gained national recognition for her role in “Roseanne” which she held on to from 1988 to 1997. She also participated in the spin-off called “The Conners” which began in 2018, and the role is responsible for most of her awards. Some of her other projects include “3rd Rock from the Sun”, “Desperate Housewives”, “The Big Bang Theory”, and “The Norm Show”.

She also got critical acclaim for her lead role in the HBO series “Getting On” and is also noted for her performance in the film “Lady Bird” for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, among others

Personal Life

Mae is assumed to be too young to have engaged in any romantic relationships yet. Her mother has admitted to being a workaholic, though this hasn’t affected their relationship. There is a good chance that she is not close to her father, as he remarried and there are no signs of them spending time together.

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