Who was Lil Bo Weep?

The late Australian rapper, singer and video blogger Winona Brooks was born in Adelaide, South Australia on 2 January 2000, meaning that Capricorn was her zodiac sign. She was known better by her stage names Lil Bo Weep and Unaloon, and was steadily making a name for herself in the rap industry; Lil Bo Weep began using drugs upon moving to Los Angeles, California in 2014, and then also began struggling with depression and anxiety.

She died from her drug addiction, PTSD, trauma and depression aged 22 on 5 March 2022, as her father revealed on Facebook on the same day.

Education and early life

Lil Bo Weep was raised in Adelaide by her father Matthew and mother whose name hasn’t been revealed; she rarely spoke about her parents in public, because they preferred to stay away from media, but it’s believed that her father was an insurance salesman, and her mother a housewife. Lil Bo Weep didn’t speak about having siblings, so it’s believed that she was an only child.

She studied at a local high school in Adelaide and was interested in a number of activities during her time there, as she enjoyed playing soccer with her peers, was a member of a school band, and appeared in a couple of school plays.

Upon matriculating in 2014, Lil Bo Weep moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at college, however, she was eventually forced to return to Australia because of emergency Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade repatriation; she didn’t continue attending college in Australia.

Lil Bo Weep’s career

Lil Bo Weep began uploading her original songs onto her SoundCloud account in 2015, and was then invited to record a song together with the late American rapper and singer-songwriter Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy aka XXXTentacion; it was to be featured on his debut album “17”, released on 25 August 2017, but XXXTentacion chose not to add the song to the album.

Lil Bo Weep released her debut extended play (EP) “Healing Unaloon” in 2017, and the same year saw her release her compilation album “Solos”.

Her second compilation album “Solos 2” followed in 2018, and her second EP “Dedicationz 1” and third EP “Illusions” Lil Bo Weep released both in 2021.

YouTube videos

Lil Bo Weep’s YouTube channel can still be found on the video sharing network, and there are still close to 150,000 people subscribed to it; the channel was launched on 3 December 2014, and today numbers over 6.3 million views of all her 12 videos combined. Lil Bo Weep only uploaded her music videos onto the channel, and we’re about to cover three of the most popular amongst these, which contributed to her popularity on the internet.

Her #1 video “Untitled” was uploaded on 17 July 2018, and has since been watched more than 700,000 times.

Lil Bo Weep’s second most popular video “Sorry” was uploaded on 15 January 2018, and has since been watched close to 600,000 times.

Her #3 most viewed video “Not Ok But It’s Ok” was uploaded on 17 July 2018 and has since been watched more than 370,000 times.

Presence on social media networks

Lil Bo Weep was active on various social media networks, and some of her accounts can still be found on the internet today; her Instagram account is followed by nearly 50,000 people, and there are 270 pictures and videos uploaded onto it, with most of these having been taken during her everyday life.

She was also active on Twitter; Lil Bo Weep launched her account in December 2012, and she tweeted more than 17,000 times; the account’s today followed by more than 22,000 people. She mostly used Twitter to share her thoughts with her fans.

Lil Bo Weep’s TikTok account is today followed by close to 20,000 people, and all of her videos combined have amassed close to 110,000 likes; most feature her singing and dancing.

Lil Bo Weep also had a Facebook page, which is today followed by more than 320,000 fans; the page was updated the last time on 2 March 2022, only three days before Lil Bo Weep’s death.

Love life and relationships

There’s only a single man whom Lil Bo Weep had dated, that we know about. She was in a relationship with American musician Steven Moses at the time of her passing; she often flew to the US to see him, but in January 2020 revealed that Steven had cheated on her, and that he had both physically and mentally abused her, although the two still remained together until her death.

Lil Bo Weep revealed on Instagram on 27 February 2022 that she was pregnant in 2021, and that she had suffered a miscarriage. This caused her to develop the Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and she was on heavy medication because of it.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Lil Bo Weep was a huge animal lover, and her favorites were foxes and cats; she often volunteered at a local animal shelter.

She was a fan of tattoos, and her body was nearly entirely inked.

Lil Bo Weep’s favorite season was summer, as she enjoyed spending her spare time at the beach.

She was into travelling, and visited a number of cities around Australia, while she also travelled to more than 10 US states; Lil Bo Weep’s dream travel destination was Paris, France.

She enjoyed listening to a variety of rappers, including Eminem, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

Lil Bo Weep liked all kinds of art, and her favorites were painting and sculpting.

Natalie Portman was one of her favorite actresses, and some of Lil Bo Weep’s favorite movies were “No Strings Attached”, “Black Swan” and “Closer”.

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Height, eyes and wealth

Lil Bo Weep would’ve been 23 today. She had blue eyes and long brown dreadlocks, was 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighed around 110lbs (50kgs).

Lil Bo Weep’s net worth was estimated at over $400,000 at the time of her passing.

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