• Wil Willis was born in Portugal on 14 February 1975 and holds both American and Portuguese nationality
• He joined the military after his father retired in 1991 and served in various positions until 2008
• Wil has worked as an actor, most notably as the host of the reality TV series “Special Ops Mission” and “Forged in Fire”
• He is married to Krystle Amina and expecting a child with her, and has two sons with a former partner
• Wil has an estimated net worth of over $1 million, and is active on several social media platforms

Wil Willis Wiki Biography

Wil Willis was born in Portugal on 14 February 1975 so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, as his father was in the US Air Force – he’s done numerous things throughout the years but is mostly popular for his career of an actor and a host.

School and early life

Will spent his childhood alongside his parents and four siblings – two brothers and two sisters. He hasn’t shared many details regarding his mother and father and it is only known that his father was part of the military and therefore his family moved with him from base to base throughout the years – this kept on going until the latter’s retirement in 1991. Wil’s involvement with the military came by watching his father and decided to join one day. As soon as his father retired, the family settled in California in the US.

Involvement with the military

As soon as he matriculated from high school in 1993, Wil pursued his dreams and joined the military. He passed the advanced individual training and the ranger indoctrination program while he was also attending basic airborne school – after his whole training was completed, he became part of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, from October 1993 to February 1998.

Wil eventually became part of the Air Force Para-rescue team – as his job was dangerous and Wil put his life in danger on several occasions, he was rewarded with the Sikorsky Rescue award in 2001.; he retired in 2008.

Wil Willis

Wil’s career of an actor

Wil chose acting as his second career, and attended the New York Film Academy to work on his skills, and studied playwriting and screenwriting. As soon as he graduated, he won his first role and became the host of the “Special Ops Mission” reality TV series in 2011, airing on Military Channel, and went on to host “Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World” documentary series in 2013. He rose to prominence after the launch of his own reality TV competition, called “Forged in Fire” in 2015, with Will as one of the main judges – the show gathers several blacksmiths and makers of knives who compete to forge the best knife, and the winner of the show gets to go home with $10,000. Wil was in the series for seven seasons, leaving in 2019 to pursue other interests.

Some of the other movies and TV series Wil has appeared in throughout the years include “Beerfest” in 2006, “In the Valley of Elah” in 2007, “Sovereign” in 2015, and numerous others.

Wil is currently mostly focused on his career as an actor, but also works as a tactical combat casualty care trainer.

Love life and relationships

Wil is one of those people who prefer to separate their professional and personal lives, but he has still shared some details about his wife with the public.

Wil met his wife Krystle Amina while he was still part of the Air Force Para-rescue team, and the two began dating after meeting at a bar. Their relationship became more serious – Wil asked Krystle to marry him on 24 March 2017, and they exchanged their wedding vows on 10 October 2017 at “The 1909” event venue located in Topanga in California –only closest friends and family attended. They went on to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Wil doesn’t have any children with Krystle, however, he announced on 7 August 2019 on Instagram that his wife is pregnant. He appears to have two sons Caleb and Jacob with a woman he dated – some reports say married – before Krystle, and he can often be heard talking about them; it seems that his sons get along pretty well with Krystle as they both attended the wedding.

Likes and interests

Wil has been involved in numerous activities throughout the years, and he is currently focused on a couple of his interests and hobbies aside from his job as an actor and host.

While he is no longer part of the military, he often goes to the local shooting range, and besides practicing there, he is also a coach, and shares his advice and tips with other shooters. He has persuaded his wife to try archery, and she now has it as a hobby. His biggest hobby today is travelling with his wife – they have so far been to several states in the US, but will have to take a break from travelling after she gives birth to their child.

Wil is both a skater and a cyclist, but prefers to skate – he taught himself skating while he was still a kid, and was the best amongst his friends. Wil is a big lover of winter sports, and is an avid snowboarder, while he’s also good at skiing.

Appearance and net worth

Wil  has short black hair and brown eyes, and is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall while his weight is not known. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million as of mid-2024, and is steadily rising thanks to his second career as an actor and program host.

Presence on the internet

Wil is very popular on the internet, and is quite active on several social media networks as this is somewhat important for the career he has built for himself online. He launched his Twitter account in March 2009, and has gathered nearly 7,500 followers and tweeted over 1,700 times. His Instagram account has almost 60,000 followers, while he has uploaded nearly 350 pictures onto it – Wil is running a Facebook page as well, which counts more than 23,000 fans.

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