• Born in Thailand on January 11, 1990, Martini Artnugan is now a 34-year-old American social media star and model​​​​​​.
  • Gained fame through the viral “#Fartini” trend on Instagram and expanded her influence as a model and YouTuber​​​​​​.
  • Completed high school in 2008, with no clear information on higher education pursuits​​​​.
  • Estimated net worth between $100,000 and $1 million; significant following on Instagram and YouTube​​​​​​​​.
  • Maintains privacy around her personal and romantic life; currently single and living in Boston, Massachusetts

Who is Martini Artnugan?

Martini Artnugan, affectionately dubbed the ‘Queen of Farts,’ entered this world on 11 January 1990, in an undisclosed region of Thailand. Now a 34-year-old, Martini has transitioned into an American nationality. Her multifaceted career spans modeling, YouTube content creation, and social media stardom. Known and admired for her distinctive brand of humor and comedic videos, she skyrocketed to fame, igniting the viral ” #Fartini” phenomenon on Instagram. Martini’s influence extends far beyond this trend, as she has achieved numerous milestones in her modeling projects, particularly in the past decade, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

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Early Life and Education: Growing up in Thailand

Martini grew up as seemingly the only child in her hometown, with parents whose identities and professional journeys are undisclosed. Information about her early years is scarce among reputable sources, though it’s believed that she developed an early interest in modeling. Her educational background includes attending a high school that remains undisclosed and graduating in 2008. As for pursuing higher education, credible information on this matter is currently unavailable, though the consensus leans toward her not pursuing a college degree.

CategoryMartini Artnugan
Full NameMartini Artnugan
Known For“Queen of Farts,” #Fartini phenomenon on Instagram
Profession/OccupationModel, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth11 January 1990
Age34 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthThailand
Hair ColorPitch black
Eye ColorDark brown
ResidenceBoston, Massachusetts
Career HighlightsPioneered “#Fartini” trend on social media, popular model and YouTuber
YouTube ChannelStarted on 4 February 2016, over 160,000 total views, focuses on comedy
App“Fartini” app for iOS and Android
Net WorthEstimated between $100,000 – $1M (as of 2024)
Instagram FollowersOver 310,000 followers
YouTube SubscribersOver 1,500 subscribers (approaching)
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Career: Mysterious beginnings

When it comes to Martini’s initial forays into the professional realm, the details remain elusive. While it’s evident she embarked on a career in modeling, the timeline of her involvement remains shrouded in mystery. Initially, she joined the ranks of numerous models sharing their self-portraits on Instagram, debuting her account in October 2012. Martini’s ascent to prominence took an unexpected turn when she pioneered a groundbreaking trend on social media dubbed ” #Fartini.” The genesis of this phenomenon can be traced back to a series of videos where she boldly showcased her unique brand of humor, unleashing gastrointestinal surprises in public settings, much to the shock of her friends and family.

Subsequently, Martini maintained this unconventional content, saturating nearly half of her Instagram feed with such antics, juxtaposed with posts showcasing her appearance. As her popularity surged, she embarked on a journey across the United States to bring the essence of “#Fartini” to her devoted fan base, capturing these escapades in videos. However, her videos predominantly retain a comedic flair, often involving unwitting participants, solidifying Martini’s status as a prankster in her own league. Presently, she retains her status as a beloved model and YouTuber.

Love Life: Is she dating someone?

Details regarding Martini’s romantic entanglements are scarce across credible sources, leaving this specific element of her life shrouded in mystery. Martini herself maintains staunch privacy regarding her partners, refraining from addressing inquiries from fans. Whether it be her early relationships or her current status, little is known. Despite the allure of her profession, Martini has not been seen at any public events with any male companions, nor are there any individuals suspected by fans across her social media platforms. Notably, there have been no controversies surrounding this matter. Based on available information, Martini identifies as heterosexual, remains single, and doesn’t have any kids.

When did she come to USA?

Any guess as to when Martini may have come to the USA and obtained citizenship is for now pure speculation. She herself has never bothered to reveal this information, and it will remain unknown until further notice. That said, it is a popular fact that she is now a US citizen and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. According to the people fans have seen in some of her homemade Instagram videos, it’s a fair guess that Martini lives happily with her mother.

Her YouTube channel

As mentioned, Martini is also an influential YouTuber, as she uses this site to increase her reach on the internet. She created her channel on the 4th of February 2016, at which point she had already become quite popular on Instagram, and an accomplished model. She didn’t upload any content until more than a year later, on the 14th of July 2017. The video was titled to sound like it was a sex tape, but it was nothing more than the model clapping with her feet to imitate something spicy. She continues to use her YouTube channel simply for the purpose of comedy, and that’s why it remains active today. Unlike on her Instagram account, there isn’t any beauty-related content on her YouTube channel.

She has her own app

Martini is serious about growing the “#Fartini” brand. She even took the liberty of funding her own app, entitled “Fartini”, available for both Android and iOS and arguably one of the most unusual in terms of its content. The app features a collection of Martini’s photos, each tailored to the interface section the user is exploring. It also provides insights into her achievements, predominantly focusing on her popularity and accomplishments on Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, the app offers an array of sound effects humorously dubbed “fart sounds,” available for use as message notifications as well as ringtones. Users can also peruse a selection of Martini’s videos within the app, along with a set of animated emojis for spicing up their messages. Thus far, her most popular video is the one where she asks viewers if they’ve ever done ‘something’ in a car. The video garnered more than 100,000 views, while her channel has over 700,000 views in total.

What is Martini Artnugan’s Net Worth?

Curious about Martini Artnugan’s current wealth in 2024? Various credible sources suggest her accumulated fortune falls within the range of $100,000 to $1 million. This wealth has been amassed through her collaborations with numerous brands, leveraging her appearance, and captivating Instagram users with her unique brand of humor, notably through the creation of the ” #Fartini” trend. With her career trajectory on an upward trajectory, it’s foreseeable that her fortune will continue to flourish in the years ahead.

Body Measurements

As for Martini’s physical attributes, current credible sources lack sufficient detail about her precise weight, height, and vital statistics. Nonetheless, it is established that she boasts lustrous pitch-black hair, complemented by deep brown eyes, and a predominantly bright complexion. Descriptions of her physique often characterize it as voluptuous.

Martini Artnugan

Social Media Presence

In the era dominated by the vast reach and spread of social media across global audiences, it’s become imperative for celebrities to actively engage with fans, thereby maintaining and even increasing their popularity and wealth. Martini is fully attuned to this phenomenon, consistently keeping her public profiles updated and fostering interaction with her supporters. While her Twitter account remains private, Martini’s Instagram boasts a substantial following of over 388,000, while her Facebook account has 2,400 loyal fans and her YouTube channel is steadily approaching the 1,500 subscriber mark.

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