• Daddy Long Neck (David Samuelson Jr.) is a 19-year-old American rapper, comedian and internet personality
• He rose to fame in July of 2018 when he created profiles on Instagram and Twitter
• He suffers from Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects one in 5,000-10,000 individuals in the world
• He joined forces with another internet sensation, Charles McDowell (Wide Neck), and the two released two rap songs together
• He has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of August 2019

Who is Daddy Long Neck?

Born on 15 September 1999, in Flint, Michigan, USA, under the earth sign of Virgo, David Samuelson Jr. is an American rapper, comedian and internet personality better known as Daddy Long Neck. He rose to fame in July of 2018 when he created profiles on Instagram and Twitter. People immediately took an interest in him because of his unusual appearance, which is a result of a rare condition that rendered him unable to gain weight. In late 2018, he collaborated with another internet sensation, Charles McDowell, also known as Wide Neck, and the two released two rap songs together and became viral sensations. Samuelson has several other nicknames and aliases such as Long Neck Kid, The Neckst Big Thing and Damn Long Neck.

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What’s Wrong With Daddy Long Neck?

Daddy Long Neck suffers from Marfan syndrome (MFS), a genetic autosomal disorder which affects one in 5,000 individuals in the world. People who have this condition can’t gain weight, and have elongated fingers, arms, legs and necks. When Samuelson was young, he was so thin that his health was rapidly deteriorating; to alleviate this, doctors inserted a special tube through his nose so that his body could receive the nutrients it needed. He wore this tube for five years, until his health returned to normal – at one point, the condition was so severe that he had tubes inserted into his stomach, as well.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Michigan

Samuelson was born into an American family, but there is no information about his parents or childhood. Fans on Instagram and Twitter have asked him to reveal more about himself, but he’s refused to do so. Even reporters inquired about this subject, but Daddy Long Neck politely rejected any inquiries and changed the subject every time. We do know that his parents divorced when he was very young, and that he currently resides with his mother. In one interview, David said that growing up in Flint wasn’t easy, due to constant gang violence and murders. However, he managed to stay away from illegal activities, and instead harbored an interest in music. He also stated that his genetic disorder made him feel insecure about himself, but that he always had close friends who supported him.

Daddy Long Neck

Rise to Fame: Creating Social Media Accounts

On 8 July 2018, Daddy Long Neck created accounts on Twitter and Instagram under the moniker @damnlongneck, and started posting videos of himself doing various things, such as dancing and smashing eggs over his head. Over the ‘neckst’ few months he turned into a viral star, as popular pages such as Worldstar Hip Hop shared his dancing clips. One of his more popular posts was a video in which he dances to the song “My Neck and My Back” together with his friends. People initially made fun of him, but David quickly realized that he could capitalize on the fact that he’d become a living meme. Thus, he posted more content and interacted with his fans through re-sharing creative photo-shopped pictures and various memes. As a result, he became one of the most beloved people on the internet in a matter of months. On 8 August 2018, he was featured in “Before They Were Famous”, a YouTube show about celebrities created by Michael McCrudden. After this appearance, he became an even bigger star.

Joining Forces with Wide Neck: Neckst Up, Neckst Big Thing

On 8 December 2018, Daddy Long Neck set the internet ablaze when he joined forces with Charles McDowell, also known as Wide Neck – a video on Twitter surfaced, showing the two squaring up and getting ready to fight, but ultimately shaking hands and saying “All necks matter” in unison. The phrase is a play on “All lives matter”, which was used by people who disapproved of the “Black lives matter” activist group.

On 16 December 2018, Wide Neck and Daddy Long Neck released their debut song “Neckst Big Thing” on the official WorldstarHipHop YouTube channel, and featured popular Instagram sensation, stuntman and comedian Supreme Patty. By August 2019, the video had almost five million views.

On 10 January 2019, they released the follow-up to their first hit – “Neckst Up”. The second song turned out to be even bigger, as it’s neared 10 million views by mid-2019. Just a month later, Daddy Long Neck released another hit, this time all by himself (as Wide Neck had his bond revoked, and had to return to prison). “Litty Like a Titty” is seen as one of the best parody hip hop songs of the entire decade.

Who is Wide Neck?

Wide Neck rose to fame in November 2018, when the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo of him on Facebook, stating that he’d been arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine, with an intention to sell. The image became re-shared more than two million times, as fans immediately noticed his unusually wide neck, which is wider than his head. His real name is Charles McDowell, and he’s spent most of his life involved in criminal activities, such as selling narcotics and stealing cars. He had a difficult childhood, which culminated in several arrests and being in and out of jail ever since he was a teenager. After posting bail and being released, he learned that he had become a meme and immediately reached out to Daddy Long Neck. Near the end of January 2019, a judge revoked his bond and he had to go back to jail. It’s unclear whether when he will be released.


The Significance of Daddy Long Neck’s Fame

Although he hasn’t personally donated or contributed to charities devoted to finding a cure for Marfan syndrome, he unintentionally became a spokesperson for the issue. With his fame, people started learning about this genetic disorder, and awareness quickly spread throughout the US. Several charities have reported increases in donations and outreach from people. As shown by the Google Trends tool, the rises in search queries for “Marfan syndrome” hit peak values when Daddy Long Neck first became popular, and whenever he released a new song. Samuelson taught people that it’s okay to be different, and that no one should be ashamed of a condition that can’t be cured.

Personal Life: Does Daddy Long Neck Have a Girlfriend? Is He Gay?

Daddy Long Neck, introduced  girlfriend, Thicky Vicky – Victoria Rose – in an Instagram video on 2 April 2019, but apparently only for publicity, views, later featuring in the YouTube video “MEET My New BOYFRIEND for 24 Hours!!” in January 2020.

He next produced a post on Instagram and YikTok on 17 February 2021, with a woman identified by @1andonlybeth, and on 28 March 2021 they announced her pregnancy by sharing pictures of a positive test, and his son, David Alfredo Samuelson Lopez, was born on 5 December 2021. However, in 2023 via a TikTok video he said that he hadn’t seen his son for three months due to health issues, but in an Instagram post, the baby’s mother introduced someone else as her partner.


Net Worth: How Rich is Daddy Long Neck?

According to credible sources, he has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of August 2019, accumulated by capitalizing on his meme potential and turning himself into a brand. His music videos and merchandise sales have been very successful, resulting in a significant increase in revenue.

Online Presence

Daddy Long Neck himself is very aware of trending social media, as his dedication to posting updates on his public profiles and engaging with his fans is at an all-time high. He is massively popular on Instagram, also having followers on Twitter and Facebook,  He also has a YouTube channel, with 22,000 subscribers and 2.3 million views.

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