• Mark Wiens is a world traveler and food blogger
• He was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and educated in schools across Africa
• He started his career by creating a blog called Migrationology
• He has earned a net worth of $2.4 million through his career
• He is married to Ying, who is also a food blogger and traveler, and they have a son named Micah

Who is Mark Wiens?

World traveler and food blogger Mark Wiens, has achieved fame through his YouTube channel, on which he has more than five million subscribers. He’s used YouTube to bring people closer to various cuisines of the world, mixing them with his own recipes.

Where is Mark Wiens From?

A man of many countries, Mark originally hails from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, born on the 26th of February 1986, and where he lived until he was five years old. After this, the family started moving around the world, and so Mark lived in France, Hawaii, Canada, the Republic of Congo, Kenya, and other countries in Africa.

He was primarily educated in schools across Africa; however, the family moved back to the US, where he joined Rosslyn Academy in the 5th grade. He eventually matriculated from this school, and enrolled into Arizona State University, where he took Global Studies.

Mark Wiens

How He Started His Career

Resuming his travels, Mark ventured off into the world once he graduated. For a while, he settled in South Africa, visiting other countries on the continent too, and started the blog called Migrationology, using it to record his experiences, and then started sharing amazing food recipes he encountered on his path.

When his blog reached a wider public, Mark launched his YouTube channel, which brought further attention to himself – video after video on his channel was becoming more popular.

Becoming a YouTube Star

Mark set his mind on traveling further, and for a while lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during which time he taught English.

He then moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where helanded another English language teaching job, and also kept his blog and YouTube channel alive – the number of his followers increased, and Mark was slowly turning into a star. He has since visited Mexico, Israel, Pakistan, Tibet, Japan and China, among numerous other countries across the world.As of mid-2024, he’s apparently still based in Bangkok.

He now has more than five million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have been viewed more than 965 million times. Some of his most popular include “Extreme Chinese Street Food- Jacuzzi Chicken and Market Tour in Kunming!” with over 17 million views, then “The Ultimate Dubai Food Tour” with 15 million views, and “Kobe Beef A5- $3000 Best Quality WAGYU Kobe Beef Ribeye from Japan with Wagyu Mafia!”, which has 10 million views.

Mark Wiens Net Worth and Personal Life

Mark has earned a hefty amount of money through his career, and his wealth is estimated at over $6 million as of mid-2024. He hasn’t listed any houses, apartments, cars or other notable assets.

Mark is a married man – his Thai wife is Ying, and she is also a food blogger and traveler; the two bonded over love for the same things. They married in 2025, andthey have a son named Micah, born the following year.

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