Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” is an American reality video blog (vlog) on YouTube, that follows a team of individuals who rescue off-road vehicles stuck in difficult terrain. If you’re a fan of the popular reality show, you may have noticed the absence of two of the show’s most beloved cast members – Tucker and Skeeter. Fans have been wondering if the duo has been fired from the show, or if there’s more to their sudden disappearance. In this video, we’ll dive into who Tucker and Skeeter are, what the show is about, their participation in the show, the events that led up to their departure, the responses from fans and critics alike, as well as what they’re up to now. Stay tuned!

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Who is Skeeter?

Skeeter, officially known as Wes, is one of Matt’s closest friends, most known for being a former castmate on the show. Not much is known about his early years, family, and educational background, indicating that he is a private person and hasn’t put his personal life in the spotlight.

His first appearance on the show came as the owner of a 5-ton ex-military vehicle that was being modified by the team. After working on it for a while, Matt dismissed the project and instead used the axles for a new wrecker build. Skeeter could be seen helping out to fabricate, weld, and recover parts for the project. He continued appearing in the show, and became a regular addition to the team. When he wasn’t fabricating the recovered vehicles, welding pieces together, or taking part in the recovery process, he occasionally became the cameraman for recoveries.

Who is Tucker?

Tucker’s journey on the show began when he joined the crew as their first dedicated video editor in 2021. While information about his early years, family, and educational background remains scarce, it’s clear that Tucker values his privacy, and prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

Tucker’s arrival on the team was instrumental in reducing the workload on the rest of the crew – not only did he showcase his exceptional editing skills, but he also impressed everyone with his physical strength, effortlessly lifting the front end of a side-by-side vehicle.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tucker embraced his role as a devoted family man, cherishing his marital bliss, and establishing a warm and loving household. In 2022, Tucker was in for a delightful surprise when Matt presented him with a 2016 Toyota 4-Runner, a gift to replace his small and unreliable Honda Civic. Eager to enhance its off-road capabilities, Tucker wasted no time in upgrading the suspension and tires, thrilled at the prospect of joining Matt and his friends on trail rides.

As time progressed, Matt recognized Tucker’s talent and expanded the editing team, granting him a position of authority and oversight within the editing department. Tucker’s dedication to his craft, physical prowess, and commitment to his family have undoubtedly contributed to his growth and success within the “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” crew.

What is “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery”?

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” centers around the skilled off-road recovery expert, Matt, and his team as they assist individuals facing challenging off-road situations. Situated in Hurricane, Utah, and founded by Matt Wetzel, it’s an automotive channel on YouTube that focuses on vehicle rescues, the fabrication of specialized rescue vehicles, and vlogs documenting their off-road escapades.

The shooting locations for the show predominantly take place in Moab, a renowned area for off-roading enthusiasts. The picturesque landscapes and challenging terrain of Moab provide a visually stunning backdrop for the off-road recovery missions featured on the show. Viewers are not only entertained but also educated about the significance of safety while off-roading, as well as the techniques and tools required for successful recoveries. Fans eagerly tune in each week to witness Matt and his team take on arduous recoveries, demonstrate their off-road prowess, and engage with the local community and fellow off-roaders.

Known for their expertise and vibrant personalities, the crew has captured the hearts of viewers. While the focus of the show remains on their off-road adventures and recovery operations, little public information is available about their personal lives or backgrounds. It‘s possible that they intentionally maintain a separation between their private lives and their on-screen personas, keeping personal details confidential. The show has garnered a loyal fan base, thanks to its thrilling recovery missions and the engaging presence of the crew, including the notable Tucker and Skeeter. Since its premiere on YouTube in 2019, “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” has swiftly gained a dedicated following in the millions.

Meet the cast and crew

Ed is one of Matt’s closest friends, going way back to 2009 when he sold his store to Matt. At the time, Ed lived in a trailer near the building, and the pair soon became close friends. Years later, Matt converted a section of the store into an apartment for Ed, in appreciation of his contributions to Matt over the years. On the show, he can be seen running errands and helping around the store, with his official title being the ‘Yard Manager’.

Lizzy is the daughter of Matt’s childhood best friend, Stuart- whose families have known each other for generations. She appears on the show as a skilled welder, and an expert at recovering vehicles.

Tom Tom is Matt’s oldest friend, having grown up with him and attended school together. He’s a nuclear engineer, skilled welder, fabricator, and chef. He was a big help in setting up the YouTube channel and participated in the early recoveries including the Morrvair, Heavy Wrecker, and the Golden Nugget.

Jefe (Jeff) is a US Army veteran and Matt’s nephew. He’s responsible for most of the behind-the-scenes work such as crew organization, human resources, accounts, budget, and much more. Due to his huge role on the show, the cast and crew call him ‘Jefe’, translating into ‘boss’ in Spanish.

Jaymie is Matt’s wife and a member of the crew. In addition to running the family, she is also in charge of their other business, Winder Towing, and once in a while she does camera duty, assists the crew, and even drives the recovery vehicles.

Some other cast members include cameramen Kolby and Jonah, video editors Zach and Michael, tow operator Eric, and dispatcher Jon. Former castmates include Rudy – Matt’s son, Trevor – former cameraman, as well as Tucker and Skeeter.

Their participation in the show

Tucker and Skeeter, a dynamic duo in the world of off-road recovery, have captured the hearts of fans as popular cast members of the reality show “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery”. They brought their unique blend of fun personalities, witty comments, and expert skills in off-road recovery, making them beloved fan favorites. Having been with the show since its inception, they played an integral role in the show’s success. Their expertise in off-road recoveries, combined with their vibrant personalities, injected a comedic and entertaining element into each episode. They became cherished members of the off-roading community, admired for their incredible off-road skills and their ability to connect with viewers; their presence on the show had been instrumental in forging a strong connection with fans over the years.

However, the dynamic duo is no longer part of the team. This unexpected development has left fans questioning the reasons behind their departure. Despite the uncertainty surrounding their current status, Tucker and Skeeter will always be cherished members of the off-roading community, leaving an enduring impact on the hearts of fans.

More on their departure

In October of 2022, Skeeter left the show to pursue a job offer at a Texan oilfield. He went on to appear in other fabrication/welding channels including Hunter Goodrich, Robby Layton, and HeavyDSparks. He pursued his love of welding, with once in a while appearances on screen.

Soon after, in February of 2023, Tucker suddenly disappeared from the channel. When a viewer inquired about his whereabouts in the comments, Matt responded that Tucker had decided to venture into freelancing, a new path he wanted to explore. Matt and the rest of the team respected Tucker’s decision, expressing their support for his career endeavor.

Speculation into their departure

In one particular episode of the show, fans noticed some tension between Matt and Tucker. During the recovery of a Jeep Cherokee, Tucker was giving Matt guidance on how to safely move the vehicle. The latter wasn’t happy with the way Tucker spoke to him, and called him out on it; the exchange didn’t become physical or anything, but the tension was clear.

In addition to that, there was another episode where Matt sat down with Tucker and Skeeter and had a serious talk with them. We can’t hear what they were saying, but it’s clear from their body language that the conversation isn’t going well. However, we couldn’t tell if this was just a routine chat or if something was brewing between Matt and the two off-roading greats.

During a particularly challenging recovery, Tucker and Skeeter are giving directions to Matt, who is operating a winch. Matt isn’t happy with the directions he’s receiving, so he decides to take control of the situation. However, in the process, he also ends up damaging the vehicle they’re working on. This infuriates Tucker and Skeeter, who feel that Matt didn’t follow their instructions properly.

So, what does all this mean? Well, it’s safe to say that tension between Matt and the two off-roading legends was definitely brewing. Soon enough, the duo had lesser and lesser screen time, up till their eventual departure.

Addressing the rumors: Were they really fired?

As of 2023, there is still no official reason given for Tucker and Skeeter’s departure from the show. The show’s creator, Matt, did not comment on their absence, and fans have been left to speculate about what might have happened. Some fans speculate that the duo left due to creative differences, while others believe that there may have been personal issues behind their departure. Some fan forums even suggest that things may not seem as cheerful off-screen as they are on-screen and that the duo might be confined by an NDA, which is why they haven’t divulged the reason(s) behind their departure.

Matt’s response:

When news broke that both Tucker and Skeeter were fired from the show one after the other, the owner, Matt, started to address the situation. In his initial response, Matt acknowledged that the decision to terminate the two personalities was indeed made, but he refrained from divulging the reason behind it. Later on, he clarified that the duo left on good terms and they’re still friends to this day, but still not stating the reason behind the departure.

The show after their departure

With its thrilling off-road recoveries and breathtaking cinematography, “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” has garnered a substantial following. The show’s crew employs top-of-the-line cameras and drones to capture the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Moab region, elevating the viewing experience. Beyond the entertainment value, the show has received acclaim for its educational aspect, as they effectively impart knowledge about off-road safety and the complex techniques involved in successful recoveries. By combining excitement, visual splendor, and educational content, it has carved a niche for itself as a must-watch show for off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Cast and crew come and go, but the loyal viewers of the show keep increasing. As of June 2023, the channel boasts over 1.5 million subscribers, and has more than 620 videos posted.

Where can you find them?

Luckily for fans, most of the cast and crew, including the dynamic duo can be found on social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tucker was previously a regular on YouTube videos and even on Matt’s Facebook page; he can be seen holding a cake at what appears to be a birthday party at the store in 2022. However, he does have his own Instagram account, with a following of 29,200 followers although with no posts yet. Skeeter, on the other hand, cannot be found on any social media, except for his previous appearances on Matt’s YouTube Channel, some Facebook posts as well as current appearances on Hunter Goodrich’s YouTube Channel.

Despite their absence, the show must go on! “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” remains one of the premier off-roading shows available. The team perseveres, rescuing all manner of vehicles as well as trucks in some of the most perilous terrains across the country. There’s no denying the sheer captivation of watching these experts excel at what they do best. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to overlook the impact of Tucker and Skeeter’s departure. The show will undoubtedly never be quite the same without them, and their future endeavors will surely be followed by loyal fans. We will continue to tune in to the show with the hope that Tucker and Skeeter are out there, blazing new trails and embracing the off-road lifestyle to the fullest. Their presence may be missed, but the spirit of adventure and determination carries on. Let’s keep watching, supporting, and wishing them all the best, as they embark on new journeys in the off-roading world.Top of Form

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