In its nine seasons since it premiered in 2014, TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” has given us great couples, from those who became instant favorites and had fans rooting for them, such as Anna and Mursel, to others whose age gaps had fans worried, but later snuck into the hearts of viewers and turned into fan favorites, such as David and Annie. At the other end of the spectrum are couples who were wrong for each other from the beginning, and had fans counting down the minutes until they discovered their incompatibility and called-off the relationship. Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko had one of the most dysfunctional relationships in the reality television series, so after watching the couple fight repeatedly under the full glare of the cameras, no one was surprised when Nava filed for dissolution of their marriage in August 2020. However, the reason for his decision shocked his supporters and critics alike. Here is a timeline of the bizarre circumstances that led Jorge Nava to file for divorce from Anfisa Arkhipchenko.

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Love Brewed on Facebook

In 2016, 27-year-old Jorge was scrolling through social media when he stumbled on the pictures of 20-year-old Russian model Anfisa Arkipchenko. Her beauty called to him, and he contacted her on Facebook, hoping to get to know her better. She was hesitant to talk to a stranger at first, perhaps worried that she would fall victim to one of the several catfish accounts that use Facebook as their hunting grounds. Eventually, Jorge’s incessant attempts to get to know her wore her down, and a blooming romance was born.

Anfisa and Jorge made their intentions clear from the beginning. The model, who was barely out of her teens, told her Facebook lover that she was attracted to him for his money, and he didn’t hide the fact that his attraction for her stemmed from her looks. With expectations set in their relationship, Jorge and Anfisa planned to meet in person for the first time after getting to know each other online for a few months. They had their first meeting, which was also their first date, in Amarillo, Spain; at the time, Anfisa was a student. They embarked on a tour of Europe, with Anfisa enjoying the luxury she craved while Jorge showed off the eye candy attached to his hip. By the end of their trip, Jorge and Anfisa agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

“90-Day Fiancé”

The couple’s tumultuous journey to the courthouse where they tied the knot was reality television Gold for the producers of “90-Day Fiancé.” Jorge and Anfisa started fighting long before she came to the United States. For viewers, the most memorable incident of the couple’s introduction to the show was a fight over an expensive bag. Anfisa didn’t shy away from demanding fine, luxurious, and expensive items from her fiancé. While the couple worked to get her a K-1 visa, Anfisa asked for a $10,000 bag  -Tt viewers, the demand was ridiculous. However, as they would later find out, Jorge had exaggerated his wealth to win over Anfisa, and to her, her demand for the bag was a reasonable expectation of her wealthy American fiancé. Naturally, Jorge, who had just taken her on a trip across Europe that cost him $70,000, couldn’t afford the bag alongside paying for her flight, relocation fees, and the expensive wedding she dreamed of, so denied her demand. An angry Anfisa called the engagement off, cut off communication with Jorge, and canceled her flight.

The big fight over a handbag was just the beginning of a series of red flags that had viewers sure that Jorge and Anfisa’s relationship would be short-lived. The second red flag was the lack of a connection between the couple. Keen fans counted a few seconds of silence when Jorge and Anfisa were asked whether they looked forward to starting a life together after their nuptials. Granted, the question came after Anfisa had uncovered Jorge’s exaggeration of his wealth, but the long pauses were more telling than his deception. The biggest red flag of all was not Anfisa’s fury on learning that her fiancé couldn’t afford the diamond ring and wedding dress she wanted, or her demanding nature that had Jorge running around the house all day fulfilling her wishes. Rather, it was her violent tendencies.

She once keyed Jorge’s car, branding it with the word “idiot” under the glare of the film crew and their cameras. She liked to throw things, including Jorge’s phones when she was angry. When one of his phones survived an aggressive throw, she erased all its data to punish Jorge. In one incident that had fans collectively betting against the relationship, Anfisa hit Jorge. Surprisingly, the couple said their “I Dos” at the end of the season, with Jorge promising a grander wedding in the future.

Behind Bars

In February 2018, Jorge was in Arizona, driving around with some duffel bags in the back of his car when he came by a traffic stop. He nearly drove by until an officer ran up to him and asked what he was carrying in the duffel bags. When he stuttered and attempted to cover it up with a joke about needing too many clothes as a reality television star, the officer became suspicious and checked the bags. Inside, the officer found and seized 293 pounds of high-grade marijuana that Jorge intended to sell. Following the offense, Jorge was detained, arraigned in court, but released after posting bail. When his trial started, Jorge faced the possibility of spending 24 years behind bars. Fortunately, his lawyer had his charges reduced, and Jorge was sentenced to just two and a half years in jail.


Before Jorge’s arrest and imprisonment, he had another drug-related charge on his record. Anfisa was quick to show her disapproval of the charge and Jorge’s involvement with the substances. The second offense was the final nail in the coffin of an already struggling relationship. According to Jorge, his wife abandoned him for another man while he was in prison. Anfisa, on the other hand, insists that the decision to end their marriage was mutual. When Jorge completed his sentence in 2020, he filed for divorce amidst the exchange of blame for the deterioration of their relationship and marriage, during which Jorge threw more accusations at Anfisa. He claimed that in addition to leaving him to be with someone else, and failing to support him while he was locked up, Anfisa was jealous of the attention he was getting from his fans, who sent him letters in prison and celebrated his release. However, some fans believe that the real reason why Jorge filed for divorce immediately after his release is because he had already met his soul mate, Rhoda.

New Beginnings

Anfisa welcomed the divorce and has gone on to thrive in the fitness industry. She had a fitness transformation, and charted a path for herself as a fitness trainer. She posts fitness videos on social media, where she’s amassed a large and loyal following, and established herself as a fitness influencer, earning her brand deals and sponsorships. As she built her business, she finished her Associate’s degree, enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and graduated with honors a month before Jorge’s wedding to Rhoda.

Jorge’s new beginning started long before he signed the divorce papers, having started to build a new, healthier life for himself in prison. He lost weight, built mental and emotional resilience, and by his own admission, came back stronger mentally and emotionally. He kept up his exercise routine and maintained a healthy diet. As fans noted, positivity radiated off him.

Before long, he announced that he was ready to date again. This time, he was lucky to find a woman who knew and loved him for who he was and not what he had. The couple started talking while Jorge was still in prison, and began d their relationship properly in 2020 when he was released. From the snippets he shares of his life with Rhoda Blua, they are enthralled with each other. The two tied the knot in July 2022, and have two children, Zara and George. Jorge is thriving with his new family by his side, so ultimately, the divorce set Jorge and Anfisa on the path to finding their true purpose and happiness.

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