“Alaskan Bush People” is a reality TV show presented in a docudrama style, that premiered in May 2014. It follows the Brown family, also known as “The Wolfpack,” during their daily activities based on bush-living survival techniques adapted for rough weather and harsh winters. Their first homestead, in Hoonah, Alaska, was cut off from civilization, and the family enjoyed the solitude. However, that only lasted until Season 8, when the nine-member family relocated to Okanogan County in Washington State. They moved because Ami, the matriarch, received a lung cancer diagnosis in early 2017 and underwent a surgical operation that April.

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If they’d stayed, Ami would be far away from medical centers, making her recovery difficult. Patriarch Billy would have had to care for their seven children while maintaining the family’s lifestyle, which included hunting, scavenging for resources and preserving them for winter, and feeding livestock and many of their pets. Luckily, Billy’s job got easier during her recovery. Some of the five sons had left the household, and others settled on their parcel of land on the family’s 435-acre or 1,75km2 property in Tonasket, Washington State, which they call “North Star Ranch.” Matthew “Matt,” the oldest son, had many family problems, quit the show and stopped contacting his family in 2017. Joshua “Bam Bam,” another son, had been dating Allison Kagan since 2016, lived with her for years, and the only reason for his on-screen return would be his engagement or marriage.

Solomon “Bear” had an on-and-off relationship with Raiven Adams before they became engaged in 2019, and eventually married in January 2022. They had two sons, River and Cove before they split in February 2023.

Gabriel “Gabe” married Raquell “Rose” Pantilla in 2019, and they have two daughters, Sophie and another, whose name they’ve kept secret. Noah Brown was in a similar situation; he married Rhain Alisha in 2018 and has two sons, Elijah “Eli” and Adam. The remaining two daughters, Amora “Bird” and Merry Christmas Kathryn “Rain” still live with their mother, and have supported her after her husband Billy passed away aged 68 on 7 February 2021 from a seizure. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the 2020 Washington wildfires demolished nearly everything that the family had built on the North Star Ranch.

With all that in mind, the show’s producers, Park Slope Productions, didn’t comment on the show’s return, after season 14 started on 2 October 2022, but ended prematurely in December. We analyzed what the 15th season would feature, if it aired.

The season 15 premiere is unconfirmed

Discovery Channel, which owns Park Slope Production, neither gave a green light nor canceled “Alaskan Bush People.” That concerned some fans, but the lack of news isn’t unusual. The season’s premiere may be disclosed on short notice, and happen roughly a month after the announcement. For instance, Season 14 was announced in early September 2022 and premiered on 2 October 2022.

If the show gets renewed, its season 15 should air between August and October 2023. If that happens, viewers will most likely see a lot of Ami, Bird, and Rain; the two girls were single when season 14 wrapped up, and their mother is still grieving. Noah should also return; he started a homestead on the family property, posted survival tips on YouTube, and purchased an island in Alaska, apparently to retire on.

People won’t be able to follow Matt’s life, as he left the show and is busy with other things. They likely won’t see much of Gabe, as he prefers a private life with his two children and a wife away from the spotlight, and only makes cameos. Besides seeing North Star Ranch’s repair after Billy’s death and fire damage, the viewers may learn more about Bear’s split from Raiven and the status of their two children. Raiven accused him of domestic abuse in March 2022, and he accepted a plea deal the following month, so a custody battle may ensue during the show.

It will focus on Ami

Regardless of who returns for the 15th season, they will inevitably focus on the family member’s reactions to recent life developments. Ami should still have a lead role; her Instagram profile, under the handle @amibrownwolfpackmama, shows that she’s trying to make the best of each day. She spends a lot of time with her daughters, Bird and Rain, and frequently visits her other children and grandchildren. Ami also shares many pictures of the family’s animals on the North Star Ranch, including horses and her cat, Cyber Space, and the landscapes during all seasons, which she promises never to use filters or effects on. She is as devout as ever, mentioning Christianity during all of the religion’s main holidays, and posting Bible verses. Although Ami looks much healthier after losing weight due to cancer, and is incredibly happy alongside her two daughters, she frequently mentions Billy in her posts, suggesting that she is still in mourning.

Her daughters should be the central part

AmiBird and Rain launched accounts on the Cameo online platform in late 2022 and early 2023, which let their fans send them a private message, or book a personal video, asking the trio to wish them a happy birthday, answers questions, or fulfill reasonable requests, individually or collectively. Bird and Rain, who are also best friends, are active on Instagram and TikTok – that allows fans to post comments and stay updated on the happenings on their share of the North Ranch Star homestead.

Animal lovers, in particular, are getting a treat since Rain shares images and videos of her birds, four rabbits, two horses and a few goats. She also cares for her two dogs, Pomeranian named Jackson Maine Brown, whom she got in 2019, and an Australian Shepherd, Harley, whom she introduced to her Instagram audience in November 2020. Bird does the same; she’s posted numerous photos of the family pets, including cats, dogs, bunnies and cows, one of which she named Venus. She also uploaded photos of nearby nature and wildlife, including butterflies, an insect that she always loved and was fascinated by.

Furthermore, the show needs to update viewers on the tumor weighing 8lbs or 3.5kgs that Bird’s doctors removed during the 14th season premiere. She said that it was precancerous, but was pushing on her ovaries and had a high chance of returning. It’s clear that the female part of the Wolfpack isn’t putting all their eggs in one basket; they are developing their online presence if Discovery Channel cancels the show.

Noah was intriguing over the years

We mentioned that the family relocated to Washington State to make Ami’s life easier. However, it was also a great time for the family, as they maintained their lifestyle because the community was similar, and they enjoyed isolation from civilization anyway. Noah left the homestead around 2018 after marrying Rhain Alisha, and moved to Trinidad, Colorado. Although his exit seemed dramatic, and he clashed with family members, calling them overbearing, the truth was that his father paid for the home and fully supported his son’s desire to move away.

It was later revealed that Noah had either received or bought a portion of North Star Ranch to build a house and start a homestead. He enjoyed this experience thoroughly, as he had always been a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guy passionate about tinkering, hunting, as well as singing. Noah confirmed that he and his family were safe but that everything that they owned and had built was engulfed in flames when the Palmer Fire swept through the property. His repairs slowed, because his father died a year after the fire. Additionally, his wife gave birth to their second son, Adam, several months after Billy’s death, on 30 October 2021, so he was by her side during pregnancy.

Noah and his wife may return

If the show comes back for the 15th season, Noah will presumably share most of the air time with his mother and sisters. He was the star of Season 14 after starting work on the family property, butd admitting that he felt nostalgic about Alaska. Hence, he bought an Alaskan island and eventually traveled there with Bird and Rain, and used that time to teach his son Elijah to fish, row a boat, and live off the grid. His actions inspired many breath-taking shots of the wilderness and were interesting to watch.

Moreover, Noah said that he would return there every summer or spring, and plans to retire in Alaska with his wife, and give the Washington State plot to his sons and their families. Noah also demonstrated his willingness to be in front of cameras by starting a YouTube channel, @alaskannoahbrown, and a Cameo account, @noah_dc_brown. He provides survival tips about off-the-grid life on the former, and charges $20 to $40 to respond to fans’ questions, wishes, and requests via a video on the latter platform. His wife is also active on her Instagram account, @rhain_alisha.

Bam Bam and Matt won’t be in the show

Nothing in the previous season or on social media suggests that Bam Bam, Gabe, or Matt would return as regulars. Matt left the show in season eight, following struggles with alcohol addiction, amid accusations of sexual assault. He has posted occasional updates, and started a YouTube channel, revealing that he was single in 2022 and was two years sober as of March 2021. He still lives in the state of Washington, and his Instagram, @mattbrown511, shows that he loves mountain biking and camping, and that he’s climbed the local Chopaka Mountain. He said that he works in an orchard, but that he has no contact with his family.

Bam Bam left the show over half a decade ago, when he started dating the show’s field producer, Allison Kagan. He briefly returned to be by his mother’s side during the cancer troubles in April 2017, but disappeared again afterwards. His name resurfaced in the media in May 2022, when he was involved in a car accident in which two women died. Bam Bam ended up in a ditch with his GMC truck after he swerved to avoid the Chevy Camaro, which crossed into oncoming traffic. Bam Bam had minor injuries, and the state troopers eventually concluded that he wasn’t guilty of the two deaths.

Bear’s messy marriage could be filmed

Bear has a long history in the show, but the most recent dramatic event is his arrest. He was taken in accused of domestic violence in the fourth degree on 11 March 2022, but was released after signing a plea deal. His incident, during which he was ‘crazy, cussing loud, pushing the unnamed victim down, and acting crazy,’ was overshadowed by his separation from Raiven in February 2023, only a month after she gave birth to son Cove, who had health problems from the get-go. Raiven said that she took both boys, rented a U-Haul truck, and moved out. It’s unclear if they divorced, but Raiven mentioned being a single parent. Their family dynamic undoubtedly has enough drama to justify air time, so the four-member family could also return in season 15.

Bear, in particular, is active on his Instagram and TikTok profiles, @bearbrownthekingofextreme, frequently featuring his singing and guitar-playing skills, and has recently got a first branded deal with Monster Energy drinks. He also claims to be a part of “Team Extreme”, and as proof of his daredevil actions, climbed a 30ft or 9m tall windmill in May 2023. His fans assumed that he wanted to promote the energy drink, but it later became apparent that he and his brother Gabe wanted to repair it. Fans were worried that the two fathers did so without a safety harness, calling them inconsiderate, as their children were very young.

Gabe may reappear briefly

Speaking of Gabe, he keeps his wife and two children away from the spotlight, and only makes scarce appearances when the family members need help. He wanted to go to Alaska with Bird, Noah and, revealing that he wanted to build a homestead on North Star Ranch, from reclaimed wood from an old mine trail. Fans are also curious about his decision to wear eyeliner, get dental procedures that gave him a lisp, and start wearing Goth-style clothing with his wife Raquell, after his father’s passing.

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