• Sari Arambulo is best known as an actress, who is American and of Filipina ethnicity.
• She is in a relationship with fellow actor Jack Edman, and the couple has been dating for four years.
• She attended the University of Southern California and has been interested in performing from an early age.
• Sari has appeared in "A.P. Bio", "Girl Meets World", "Brown Soup Thing", "Save the Mascots", and "Party of Five".
• Her net worth is estimated at over $500,000.

Sari Arambulo Short Bio

Born on 20 April 1996 under the sign of Taurus, in Los Angeles, California USA, so of American nationality, Sari Arambulo is best known as an actress who appeared in “A.P. Bio” as Grace, and Allison in “Girl Meets World”. She hasn’t spoken about her family. People often wonder what her ethnicity is, and the answer to that question is – Sari is a Filipina. Reportedly, she has been interesting in performing from an early age, and started out as a dancer and singer.

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The 23 year-old hasn’t revealed which high school she attended, but according to her, she was a good student, and took AP US History, AP French, AP Government and AP Calculus – her favorite subjects were drama and French. During her time in high school, Sari’s interests were versatile – she not only focused on academics, but practiced sports as well, particularly basketball. Having matriculated, Sari enrolled into the University of Southern California.

Relationship Status

Sari is in a relationship with Jack Edman, however, she prefers details of the majority of her love life to remain a secret.

The couple has been dating for four years – Jack asked Arambulo on a date on 1 March 2015.  Her boyfriend is in the entertainment field – he is an actor as well. She shared a photo of two of them jokingly saying that they look as if they were going to a prom. “YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!!! Love you dearly!!” one person commented.

Personal Life and Social Media

Living in a modern age, Sari is on social media – her Instagram account has a photo of herself at the Cloud Forest At Gardens By the Bay.

Sari Arambulo

Judging by her photos, she is a big fan of animals, and has a dog named Peewee. Sari practices kung-fu, and knows how to surf. In addition to being an actress, Sari is also a spokesperson for some brands, including Coca Cola. When asked about her role models, she named Reese Witherspoon, with whom she’d like to collaborate, as she often gets compared to her because of her bubbly personality.


Deciding to dedicate more time towards her passion, Arambulo began attending musical theatre and acting classes, and followed by competing in a hip-hop competition.

She recalls her first time on stage saying that it was “magical” – “That’s how I fell in love with acting and really solidified my desire to become an actress.” Arambulo began acting professionally in 2008 at the age of 12, and her first gig was “Brown Soup Thing”. In 2012 and 2013, she was a guest star in several sitcoms – “See Dad Run” in which she played Zoe, “Perception” and “Trophy Wife”.

The latter follows the story of a young woman who falls in love and marries a wealthy middle-aged man, and becomes a step-mom to his children.

In 2014 she had a support role in “Girl Meets World”, a beloved Disney series and the spin-off from “Boy Meets World”. Sari collaborated with actors such as Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage and Sabrina Carpenter in the series’ which focus on growing up and entering adulthood. As of 2015, Arambulo joined the cast of “Chase Champion” and in the next year, she could be seen in the role of Zoe in “Abby Normal”, an acclaimed children’s science fiction movie focusing on the adventures of cousins Abby and Zoe as they discover that their neighbors are aliens; it received a generally positive response from the audience.

Latter Career

In 2016 Arambulo gained more exposure, appearing in “Sweet/Vicious” and “Modern Family”, and in 2018 she was cast to play Grace in “A.P. Bio”, an acclaimed comedy series about a philosophy-turned-biology teacher, who uses his students to get back at people who have wronged him. The series has had two seasons and in 2019, it was announced that it would get a third season as well. Speaking about her experience on set, Sari stated that she has so much fun and feels blessed to be working on such a project. “As someone who is always welcoming, I relate to Grace’s sweet and kind nature”, she said reminiscing on her character.

“I kind of just channeled myself because I’m normally a sweet and kind human being, so I just played up that part of my own personality”, she then added. In 2019, Sari played Peggy in “Alexa & Katie”, and in 2020 she has her latest TV appearance, portraying Avery in “Party of Five”. Speaking about her aspirations for her future projects, she revealed that, despite being comfortable with the comedy genre, she would like to try drama.


Sari has been featured in interviews and funny clips on YouTube.

The video entitled “15 Stages of PROCRASTINATION | Markian” has been watched by 30,000 people and “Getting to Know You: Sari Arambulo – A.P. Bio (Digital Exclusive)” by 7,000. Sari can also be seen in “Save the Mascots with Sari Arambulo” and “Sari Arambulo | AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight”.

Net Worth

As of early 2020, Sari’s net worth is estimated at over $500,000, accumulated in just over a decade of her acting career.

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