The tale of “Property Brothers” began with a set of male Canadian twins, who once struggled to make ends meet, eventually turning their passion for entertainment and knack for house flipping into a global sensation.

In the late 2000s, one was an actor grappling with high credit card debt, while the other, a magician, had declared bankruptcy. Their fortunes changed when they pitched a renovation reality show to numerous media companies in a last ditch attempt to save their careers. A small Canadian TV station by the name of W Network gave them a chance, after many initial rejections in 2010, marking the birth of “Property Brothers.”

The series that’s aired in over 150 countries features the brothers helping families find, buy or renovate their dream homes on a tight budget. This platform has allowed the twins to build an entertainment and lifestyle empire, producing numerous TV shows, short films, web series, and even a feature film in the pipeline. They have completed over 600 renovations during the many episodes, and their brand extends to lines of furniture and home goods available in major stores.

As for their romantic lives, the twins have had their fair share of captivating love stories. One of the brothers found love in the most unexpected place, with a woman who is as charming and vivacious as she is talented. Their love story is a whirlwind of romantic gestures, shared passions, and public displays of affection that have left fans swooning.

On the other hand, the second brother proved to be a lot less lucky in that field of expertise, or at least much less interested in settling down, as it took him quite a while to find a relationship he’d be willing to classify as stable. Most fans believe that his luck will run out yet again, as has been the case every other time before.

The twins’ rise to fame and romantic involvements are quite intertwined, with each influencing and shaping the other. Their explosive popularity has undoubtedly put their personal lives under the spotlight, but it has also allowed them to get much closer to their fans, adding another layer to their public personas and eventual net worth.

Who really are the Scott brothers?

Andrew Alfred and Jonathan Silver Scott were born on 28 April 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As in every happy story of twin brothers, the two have been inseparable, and share a common passion for entrepreneurialism and the entertainment industry.

Their parents, Joanne and Jim Scott, played a significant role in their upbringing, of which few have any idea. Joanne, a paralegal in downtown Vancouver, and Jim, who worked in the film industry as an actor and assistant director, raised their children in an environment that encouraged creativity, hard work and critical thinking, with a business-oriented mindset. The twins also have a brother two years their senior named James Daniel, or J.D. for short, who is often seen in their shows.

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The twins’ vital early education took place at Thomas Haney Secondary School, where they were exposed to a wide range of activities aimed at nurturing their showmanship skills, fostering an environment conducive to their personal growth and development. It was within this educational setting that they embarked on a variety of endeavors that played a crucial role in honing their abilities to captivate an audience.

One of the pivotal milestones in their entrepreneurial journey was venturing into the world of commerce, establishing their own enterprise specializing in the production of hangers adorned with nylon covers. This innovative business undertaking served as a stepping stone towards the realization of their ultimate aspirations in the realm of real estate, laying a solid foundation upon which their future careers would be built.

Following their completion of secondary education, Drew opted to pursue a professional path in the performing arts, gravitating towards the competitive realm of acting, while Jonathan developed an enduring fascination with the art of magic, even attracting accolades and recognition for his skillful illusions and sleight of hand.

However, it was their shared passion for flipping houses that propelled them to enroll in a comprehensive real estate program, diligently absorbing the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in this field. Remarkably, they successfully completed this rigorous journey just as they turned the tender age of 18, thereby exemplifying their incessant determination and commitment.

The industrious duo then embarked on their maiden property investment at the age of 18, acquiring their inaugural house, which they painstakingly renovated and eventually sold for a handsome profit within the span of a year. This auspicious endeavor marked the initiation of their triumphant trajectory within the realm of real estate, signifying in no uncertain terms what was to come if the brothers were to remain resolute in their pursuits.

The age of “Property Brothers”

With his sharp eye for potential and exceptional negotiation skills, Drew assumed the role of the expert in real estate. His mission was to discover overlooked and neglected houses, engaging in negotiations to acquire them. Meanwhile, his brother Jonathan brought his unique expertise as a licensed contractor to the partnership. With his ability to see beyond the current state of these houses, he envisioned their potential through renovation and care.

Their main mission was to assist families in transforming these forsaken houses into their longed-for dream homes. Working under tight timelines and limited budgets, their endeavors injected suspense and excitement into the show.

Approached for a different series that never materialized, Drew caught the attention of the production company, Cineflix, who recognized his potential and proposed an alternative show entitled “My Dream Home.”

Discovering that he had a twin in the same industry, with equally good looks to boot, Cineflix requested the brothers to create a captivating reel that would display what they had to offer the worldwide audience. The future stars submitted a video of themselves renovating J.D.’s living room, impressing the media company and paving the way for a pilot episode filmed in Toronto.

The show’s premise was simple yet captivating. Prospective homeowners seeking to purchase a “fixer-upper” would remodel it into their dream home, while adhering to their financial constraints. The featured families and individuals often faced strict deadlines, such as impending childbirth or special occasions.

Drew would initially showcase a house that fulfilled all their wishes, only to later reveal its unaffordability, after which he and Jonathan would then emphasize the advantages of purchasing an older home. Following the family’s final decision on the matter, Drew would guide them through the bidding and purchasing process, while Jonathan and his team commenced the renovations. The families were always kept away from the site until the big reveal at the project’s conclusion, so as to maximize the emotion of the moment.

The show’s production and distribution were meticulously planned, with the filming locations selected based on factors including fan interest, proximity to major airports, and architectural diversity. Following the accelerated renovation format common in home improvement shows, three skilled crews would work simultaneously on the house to meet the demanding four-to-seven-week timeline.

The brothers would collaborate with local design, real estate, and construction companies in each city where they filmed, thus helping out small businesses as well as helpless families. Moreover, building permits were obtained in advance, and the brothers’ projects received priority with their suppliers, which was ensured through the twins’ professionalism and commitment to their craft.

The show’s journey commenced in Toronto and subsequently expanded to various locations, including various US states such as Texas and Tennessee. Originally debuting on the W Network on 4 January 2011, the show switched over when its owner, Corus Entertainment, shifted the focus to more dramatic content.

“Property Brothers” began airing on Canada’s HGTV starting with the 2017/2018 broadcast season, while also being broadcast on the same network in the US, and distributed by various partners in over 150 other countries.

In 2019 the twins took home a significant win in their career, when their own company, Scott Brothers Global, acquired the brand and associated intellectual property rights to “Property Brothers” from Cineflix Media. This milestone also granted them producing rights for all future “Property Brothers” projects, ushering in a new chapter in their rise to the top.

Are they both married? Who are their wives or girlfriends?

It’s no exaggeration to say that the love life of Jonathan Scott deserves its own website. His first known relationship was with a certain Kelsy Ully, who worked as an airline crew scheduler at the time. Their paths crossed in 2007, and the connection was so strong that Jonathan relocated from Canada to Las Vegas to be with her. They tied the knot that same year, which seemed as a blessed beginning of a long life together. However, fans realized soon after the ceremony that the union was to be short-lived, and the couple parted ways after two years of marriage.

Jonathan later reflected on this period of his life with a sense of understanding and acceptance, acknowledging that they were young and perhaps rushed into something they weren’t prepared for. He also recognized that two good people don’t necessarily make a perfect match, which is a realization that helped him further down the road, as he had learned valuable lessons about relationships, and what he wanted from a partner.

Moving on in style

Jonathan’s next significant relationship was with a Russian woman named Jacinta Kuznetsov, who later became a producer thanks to the fame this adventure afforded her. They first met at a charity gala in 2015, and Jonathan took little time mustering up the courage to approach her.

Their first date was somewhat awkward, but they decided to give it another shot the next day, which became the start of a seemingly special bond. They lived together between Las Vegas and Toronto, and even started looking for a home in New York City.

The two thought big, and had plans for marriage and children, but Jonathan felt it was too early to commit. After his rushed marriage, he was certain that doing so again would be a massive mistake. Jacinta wasn’t thrilled with his patience, which caused certain issues in the relationship, leading them to eventually part ways in 2018.

The couple’s separation was amicable, however, with both of them expressing respect and admiration for each other. A scandal was expected by both the media outlets and fans, but both of them kept most of the details to themselves, and neither appeared to have visible animosity for the former partner.

Love on the red carpet, apparently

In 2019 Jonathan embarked on the romantic journey with fellow actress Zooey Deschanel, that is still followed and talked about by the world. Their paths first crossed during the filming of an episode of “Carpool Karaoke” with the infamous host James Corden, and hit it off almost immediately.

They commemorated the three-year milestone of their relationship in August 2022 with a visit to the exquisite members-only Hollywood club called The Magic Castle. It’s believed by both the fans and the media that this particular bond is there to last, though it remains unknown whether there are any underlying issues that the two haven’t revealed. Most of the viewers of “Property Brothers” remain hopeful that Deschanel will eventually cradle Scott baby in her arms, much like Jonathan’s twin’s significant other.

The happily ever after

If there’s anything that really sets the brothers apart, it’s their luck in finding the one. Drew Scott appears to have all the stars aligned in this regard, as he met his future wife at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010 – Linda Phan became the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment later on, as Drew is a firm believer that family is best to do business with, just like he learned with his brother.

Just like their connection, Phan’s popularity with the fans shot up in no time, as she became a familiar and welcome face in all “Property Brothers”-related content, seamlessly integrating herself into Drew’s professional life. Their bond grew even stronger as they discovered a mutual passion for creativity and design, which became a fundamental aspect of their union.

Linda was flabbergasted when after a successful six-year relationship, Drew proposed to her at a Toronto restaurant, during an event she believed was a Scott Brothers Entertainment activity. Their love story culminated in a lavish wedding ceremony in Italy in May 2018, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

The couple were blessed with a son named Parker James on 2 June 2022, who can now be seen all over his parents’ social media. The fans are happy for the couple, and it’s expected that they will continue expanding the family.

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