• Kevin McGarry was born in Kincardine, Ontario in 1985 and is a Canadian actor.
• He studied creative writing for plays and screenplays, and graduated in 2007.
• He won the role of Dr. Timothy Hudson in the “Open Heart” TV series in 2015 and garnered worldwide recognition.
• He is also a director and a writer and is currently estimated to have a net worth of more than $600,000.
• He is active on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.


Kevin McGarry Wiki Bio

Kevin McGarry was born in Kincardine, Ontario Canada, on 19 March 1985, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding Canadian nationality – he has risen to stardom after winning the role of Dr. Timothy Hudson in the “Open Heart” TV series in 2015.

Education and early age

Kevin spent his whole childhood in Kincardine in Ontario alongside his parents and his siblings – they have all been very supportive of his acting career throughout the years and Kevin often looks back at his childhood and the time he spent with his family.

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He had a rather normal childhood without any big plans or dreams for his future. This would change when he reached ninth grade and becomes familiar with theatre production – it was love at first sight for him, and he went on to appear in numerous plays during the years he spent at high school. After he matriculated, he enrolled at the George Brown College to study creative writing for plays and screenplays, and graduated in 2007.

Kevin’s acting career

Kevin’s career of an actor was launched soon after he obtained his bachelor’s degree, but as he had no big roles and wasn’t earning enough, he had to work an additional job to be able to financially support himself – this eventually changed once he won the role of Dr. Timothy Hudson in the “Open Heart” TV series.

Kevin gained worldwide recognition after landing his role of Dr. Timothy, and while fans loved him for his performance, it was rather something else which helped him become famous.

In the series, he has an affair with the girl played by the popular actress Tori Anderson, and some of their fans believed that the two were actually dating in real life – unfortunately for them, this was not true, but it nevertheless helped Kevin to become very popular. While he acting in “Open Heart”, he was also a production designer on set.

Another role for which Kevin is popular today is as Mitch Curry, who he played in the “Heartland” TV series. Based on a series of books written by Lauren Brooke – it is set in Alberta in Canada, and follows the story of a family leading a happy life together while also going through some hard times.

Kevin has had numerous other roles throughout the years. He appeared in the “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” horror thriller movie in 2010 in which he played Charlie – while he wasn’t praised for his performance, the movie turned out to be a huge hit grossing more than $136.1 million while it had a budget of around $20 million.

Some of the other movies he has appeared in include “Turn the Beat around” in 2010, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris with Love” in 2015, and “Love at First Bark” in 2017, among others. Some of his most recent appearances in TV series include those in “Lovebites” in 2007, “Heart” in 2015, and “Private Eyes” in 2016.

Kevin McGarry

He is also a director and a writer, as he both directed and wrote “Lucky”, a short comedy film shot in 2012 – he has also directed “Happy F#@%Ing New Year” short film in 2016.

Girlfriends and love life

Kevin was considered to be one of the most secretive actors in the film industry, until some of pictures with a mysterious girl were uploaded onto his Instagram account in 2016 – the girl would later be recognized as Alex Herzog, who is a dancer and an actress. While part of Kevin’s fans believe that the two were together and the other half thought they were just friends, Kevin uploaded a couple of pictures of them together on Christmas Day in 2017, and sparked the rumor that the two were living together.

Kevin hasn’t spoken about his relationship with Alex and he has since stopped uploading pictures featuring both of them – he hasn’t talked about any other women he might have dated either, and judging by his social media accounts and his secrecy, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interests

Kevin is mostly focused on his career of an actor, but he still finds time for some other things he is interested in. He has five training sessions at the gym each week, however, even though he pays extra attention to how he looks like, he still isn’t that careful with food, as he is a big fan of it and cannot force himself to stop eating fast food and sweets – the thing he loves eating more than anything else is ice cream.

He is a big lover of animals, which is why he loved the scenes in “Heartland” in which he got to ride horses – he had to learn how to ride before he filmed the scene. Kevin has his own favorite movies, and actors and actresses – his favorite movie of all times is “Forrest Gump”, his favorite actor is Tom Hanks, and favorite actress is Anne Hathaway. Kevin loves winter more than summer, as he is an avid skier but snowboarding was never his strongest side.

Appearance and net worth

Kevin is currently 34 years old. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, while his height and weight are unknown.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $600,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his career as an actor.

Social media presence

Kevin is quite active on several popular social media networks, as it is somewhat important for his career of an actor to maintain a good image on the internet.

He launched his Twitter account in May 2011, and has gathered more than 7,000 followers and tweeted over 300 times. His Instagram account is followed by more than 55,000 people, while he has uploaded over 210 pictures onto it – Kevin has a Facebook profile, too, but seems to be using it just to keep in touch with his friends and family.


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