Street Outlaws” is a popular American reality television series that showcases street racing in several locations across the country. Over the years, the cast members have become household names, attracting a large following of fans who are interested in their personal lives, racing skills, and most importantly, their wealth. With their adrenaline-fueled lifestyle and passion for fast cars, it’s no surprise that its cast members have amassed significant wealth. They have been reported to be among the wealthiest reality TV stars, with some even being worth millions of dollars. In this video, we will take a closer look at the net worth of each cast member and how they have managed to become so financially successful. We’ll also explore the controversies surrounding their wealth, and examine the prospects of these street racing stars. Stay tuned!

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What is “Street Outlaws”?

It’s an American street racing reality TV show that has been on air since 2013, premiered on the Discovery Channel and produced by Pilgrim Studios. The show follows a group of street racers as they compete in supposed illegal street races on the streets of Oklahoma City and across the US. It follows the lives of street racers as they compete against one another in high-speed races. The show features a cast of talented racers, each with their unique cars and racing styles.

Meet the cast

Big Chief:

Justin Shearer, A.K.A. Big Chief is a Louisville, Kentucky native born on 9th December 1980. After the tragic death of his father during his childhood, his mother relocated the family to Oklahoma in pursuit of job opportunities. After the move, he gained an avid interest in racing; his passion for cars burned brightly as he eagerly pedaled his bike down Route 66, observing the captivating spectacle of street racing. As he grew older, Big Chief’s fascination with the racing world only intensified. In no time, he found himself in the company of fellow street racers, hungry for victory. It was with sheer determination that he acquired his dream car, a magnificent 1972 Pontiac LeMans. Through countless triumphs and an ever-growing reputation, Big Chief earned his rightful place among the best racers in the state. He was approached by the producers of “Street Outlaws”, who offered him a chance to become the leader of their Oklahoma division. Years later, he’s now known for his fierce competitive spirit and unwavering love affair with fast cars, he has become the beating heart of the adrenaline-fueled sensation that is “Street Outlaws.”

Murder Nova

Shawn Ellington, A.K.A. Murder Nova was born on 15th November, 1977, in the vibrant city of Merced, California, USA. Shawn is not only a reality star but also a loving husband and devoted father to his son, Aiden Ellington. As a formidable force within the street racing world, Murder Nova has proven time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with on the track. His fierce dedication and unwavering passion for speed are perfectly encapsulated by his magnificent 1969 Chevy Nova, a vehicle that has become an instantly recognizable symbol within the realm of “Street Outlaws.” His moniker, Murder Nova, has become synonymous with his breathtaking performances on the show. Beyond his impressive racing prowess, Shawn has forged a powerful partnership with his fellow cast member, Big Chief, in the form of ‘Midwest Streetcars’, a renowned repair shop that has become a haven for automotive enthusiasts.

Daddy Dave:

Daddy Dave, whose birth name is David Comstock was born on 4th April 1973, in the vibrant city of Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA, the son of Peter and Marge Comstock. Daddy Dave’s lifelong passion for cars began at an early age, and as soon as he obtained his driver’s license, he wasted no time diving headfirst into the world of racing. Despite financial hurdles, he fearlessly took the wheel of his father’s trusty 1978 Chevrolet Impala, which became his first car. Although his initial vehicle may have been considered underperforming, Daddy Dave possessed an innate talent that couldn’t be denied. Winning races effortlessly became second nature to him, granting him the means to upgrade to a magnificent 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup truck. It was during this transformative period that destiny intervened, forging a deep friendship between Daddy Dave and the renowned Big Chief. Through Big Chief’s introduction, Daddy Dave was welcomed into the inner circle of fellow racers from the “Street Outlaws” family, becoming a member himself. Fueling the fires of competition, Daddy Dave quickly emerged as a formidable adversary to Shawn, engaging in exhilarating duels on the asphalt.

Jeff Bonnet or AZN

Jeffrey Bonnet was born on 3rd August 1981, in the heart of Oklahoma. As the beloved son of Denis and Motsu Bonnet, Jeff grew up in a vibrant household alongside his older sister Brenda. It was during his formative years that he discovered a profound passion for cars, igniting a flame that would burn brightly within him for a lifetime. Guided by his father, (who passed away in 2001) Jeff not only learned the art of driving but also participated in exhilarating car projects together. In particular, they worked on a 1964 Chevy, a magnificent vehicle that Jeff proudly acquired during his high school days. Fueling his determination, Jeff borrowed the necessary funds from his father, eventually returning every penny of the $2,800 investment required to make his dream car a reality. Growing up in an area where street racing thrived, Jeff found himself irresistibly drawn to the pulse-pounding world of illegal racing. It was in one of his earliest races that he encountered the legendary Sean ‘Farmtruck’ Whitley. Although Jeff may have lost that race, he discovered not only a friend but also a mentor in Sean. This newfound camaraderie swiftly evolved into a powerful business partnership, leading the dynamic duo to conquer the racing scene as an unstoppable team.


Sean Whitley is the iconic figure known far and wide as Farmtruck, but details about his birthday, family, and education remain a mystery. Sean’s fascination with cars ignited at the tender age of 12, when he took the wheel of his father’s trusty pickup truck. As time marched on, his love for trucks flourished, culminating in captivating races alongside fellow drivers along the renowned Route 66, all within the confines of his beloved Chevy C-10. His relentless pursuit of street racing glory ultimately propelled him into the coveted cast of “Street Outlaws,” where he swiftly became one of the most triumphant racers in the realm.

How rich are they?

– Big Chief: $2 million

Since the inception of “Street Outlaws,” Big Chief has cemented himself as one of the show’s most beloved and iconic cast members, captivating audiences with his unmatched skill and larger-than-life personality. Among Big Chief’s many endeavors, none have been as lucrative as his crowning achievement: Midwest Street Cars Automotive. Boasting a remarkable legacy spanning over two decades, this premier auto shop has garnered a fiercely loyal customer base, fueling its soaring success. Leveraging his fame from the show, Big Chief has deftly attracted even more business, solidifying his status as an entrepreneur. With an eye for merchandise that resonates with fans, he’s successfully launched a line of captivating apparel, including stylish T-shirts and hats, further enriching his flourishing empire. While his various business ventures undoubtedly contribute to his prosperity, Big Chief’s primary source of wealth stems from his involvement in the exhilarating world of “Street Outlaws.” As one of the show’s most esteemed cast members, he commands a significant salary, although it’s unknown exactly how much. Estimations place his fortune at an impressive $2 million.

– Daddy Dave: $2 million

He owns Goliath Racing, an illustrious racing team standing as a beacon of support and expertise for fellow racers and enthusiasts alike. Offering unparalleled consultations, tuning services, and unwavering support, it has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Additionally, he has ingeniously expanded his empire by curating an enticing array of merchandise, including stylish t-shirts, hats, and captivating decals. From his humble beginnings, where finances stood as a formidable obstacle to acquiring his dream car, he persevered and transformed into a towering force in the racing world. Authoritative estimates place his net worth at a staggering $2 million.

– Murder Nova: $700,000

Ellington is estimated to have a net worth of $700,000. The source of his net worth is his television appearance and his car racing profession. It is said that each episode of this riveting reality shows rewards Shawn with a staggering $20,000, a testament to his undeniable talent and magnetic on-screen presence.

-Jeff Bonnet: $1 million

Jeff Bonnet, also known as AZN, has built his wealth through various avenues. Not only has he achieved victory in numerous events in his home state of Oklahoma, but he has also ventured into entrepreneurship with his clothing store, The FNA Firehouse. This business endeavor has significantly contributed to his overall financial success. According to reliable sources as of late 2018, Jeff Bonnet’s net worth has been estimated to reach an impressive $1 million.

Factors that contributed to their wealth

The evolution of street racing culture in the US

Street racing has been a part of American culture for decades, and has evolved over the years. With the advent of shows like “Street Outlaws”, street racing has gained mainstream popularity, leading to increased sponsorship deals and media coverage for its participants. Most of the “Street Outlaws” cast members grew up around street racing, and developed a passion for cars at a young age. Many of them started by modifying their cars and competing at local races, before making it onto the show.

The street racing scene and the potential for financial gain

Street racing, a central theme of the show, has been a source of income for many of the cast members. They participate in street races across the country, and some have even organized and promoted their events. The cash prizes for the winning racers can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, providing a significant boost to the racers’ income.

The impact of the show on their wealth

The “Street Outlaws” show has been a significant contributor to the wealth of its cast members. The show pays its cast members well, and their popularity has led to several business opportunities, such as merchandise sales and personal appearances at events. Additionally, the show has given them a platform to showcase their skills as racers, leading to increased sponsorship deals and media coverage.

The development of merchandise sales and other business opportunities

The “Street Outlaws” cast members have expanded their income streams beyond street racing. They have created merchandise lines, such as t-shirts and hats, featuring the show’s branding, which has been highly popular among fans and generated substantial revenue. Some cast members have also ventured into their businesses, including car customization shops and restaurants. Besides their salaries from the show, they earn money through merchandise sales, sponsorships, and endorsements. Some cast members have pursued businesses related to car restoration, parts manufacturing, and performance car shops. They leverage their TV show earnings and promote automotive products and services on social media, often launching their product lines. Merchandise sales, including items such as diecast cars and stickers, also contribute significantly to their income.

Some controversies around “Street Outlaws” cast

Despite the immense popularity of the show, the cast members of “Street Outlaws” have found themselves entangled in various controversies regarding their wealth and financial affairs. One common controversy revolves around the excessiveness of their wealth, with critics arguing that their substantial earnings don’t match their societal contributions. Some have expressed the opinion that racers, in general, are overcompensated for their racing, leading to more questions about the cast members’ unjustified wealth. In 2019, two stars of the show, Justin Shearer (Big Chief) and Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova), faced accusations of tax fraud and tax evasion related to their racing winnings. It’s worth noting that street racing itself is illegal in most areas, prompting criticism that the show promotes illicit activities. These controversies have undoubtedly affected the public image of the cast members, leading to the loss of some sponsorships and endorsement deals. However, the impact on their overall wealth has been relatively limited, as the show continues to enjoy significant popularity. In response to the criticisms, the cast members have often emphasized their hard work in attaining their wealth and capitalizing on the opportunities presented to them. They have also defended themselves by highlighting their contributions to their communities, and their support of fellow racers.

Is the show Canceled?

After the electrifying conclusion of its 11th season on 9th July 2018, speculations about the future of the beloved show began to circulate. However, defying the rumors of cancellation, the show roared back to life with a highly anticipated 12th season. The asphalt burns with excitement as these racing enthusiasts take over the streets of California, unleashing their adrenaline-fueled premier on 1st January, 2019. It was followed by two more seasons, the most recent episode being aired on 22nd May, 2023. The legacy of “Street Outlaws” continues to ignite, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next surge of street racing exhilaration.

The cast members of “Street Outlaws” have achieved extraordinary financial success through their dedication to street racing, a devoted fanbase, and astute business ventures. They have navigated controversies, leaving an indelible mark on street racing history. Their opulent lifestyles are accompanied by shadowed controversies, but their success extends beyond reality TV. From lucrative sponsorships to merchandise lines that fly off the shelves, their entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds; financial success is just one major byproduct of their unwavering passion for street racing. With diverse business ventures, they have multiplied their wealth and become some of the wealthiest reality TV stars. These cast members have proven time and again that passion, determination, and an unyielding desire to push beyond their limits are the keys to unlocking unimaginable prosperity. As they continue to push boundaries and expand their empires, the future promises greater triumphs and a lasting legacy in racing history. We wish them all the best!

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