• Heba Ali, born in Jordan on 22 August 1997, is a renowned fitness model and trainer based in New Jersey, USA.
  • She initiated her fitness journey in high school, transitioning from track running to focus on weightlifting and fitness modeling.
  • Heba gained prominence through Instagram, leading to magazine features and brand collaborations.
  • She employs a hybrid training regimen, blending various workout styles without following a strict diet.
  • Heba maintains privacy around her personal life while engaging in hobbies like traveling, boxing, and animal welfare.

Heba Ali Wiki Biography

Heba Ali’s roots trace back to Jordan, where her parents hail from. Born on August 22, 1997, she has since established her home in New Jersey, USA, where she has flourished in her career as a prominent fitness model.

Early life and education

Heba’s childhood aspirations revolved around becoming an athlete, influenced by her sport-oriented family. While she draws inspiration from her relatives, she maintains a level of privacy regarding her parents, preferring not to have them mentioned in the media. However, it is believed that she has a twin sister named Ruba and five siblings in total, raised by a single mom.​

During her high school years, Heba initially found her passion for exercise as a member of the track team. While she showed promise in track races, she realized her performance was lagging behind due to insufficient training as she grew older.

Motivated by a disappointing finish in one of her races, Heba shifted her focus to the gym, pouring her efforts into enhancing her fitness levels.

Upon graduating from high school, Heba made a deliberate choice to prioritize her career as a fitness model, opting not to pursue further education at college.

Full NameHeba Ali
Known ForFitness Modeling, Hybrid Training
ProfessionFitness Trainer, Social Media Influencer
OccupationFitness Model, Hybrid Trainer, Entrepreneur
EducationHigh School Graduate
Net WorthMore than $500,000 (varying sources suggest a range up to $1 Million)
Date of BirthAugust 22, 1997
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthJordan
EthnicityJordanian descent
Height5ft 6ins (1.67m)
WeightAround 150lbs (68kgs)
Associated BrandsEvolve Nation, Evolve Gear
HobbiesTraveling, Boxing, Running, Animal Care
Social Profile LinksTwitterInstagram, Facebook

Career of a fitness model

Heba’s fitness journey kicked off during her second year of high school in New Jersey, where she dedicated herself to training at a local gym. With unwavering determination, she outpaced her athletic peers, ultimately earning the title of the top 800m runner in her school after two years of relentless effort.

The taste of success fueled Heba’s ambition even further, igniting a hunger for fresh conquests and triumphs. She found herself drawn to the challenges of weightlifting, becoming increasingly impressed with gym workouts.

As her enthusiasm for exercise blossomed, Heba’s focus shifted from track running to sculpting her physique and enhancing her muscle strength, a transformation fueled by her passion for fitness.

Heba Ali

Once Heba started sharing her pictures on Instagram, her online presence quickly gained traction, catapulting her to internet stardom. It wasn’t long before a modeling scout discovered her captivating Instagram profile and extended an invitation for her inaugural photo shoot.

Her debut appearance on the cover of a renowned fitness magazine signaled the dawn of her journey as a fitness model. Since then, Heba has graced the pages of numerous magazines and collaborated with various popular brands and companies, solidifying her status as a sought-after figure in the fitness industry.

While her primary focus lies in her career as a fitness model, Heba also channels her expertise as a hybrid trainer, guiding individuals through their bodybuilding and powerlifting work. Despite not pursuing acting professionally, Heba made a notable cameo in the film “Withered Green,” filmed in 2016, showcasing her versatility beyond the fitness realm.

Training and dieting

Heba’s renown stems from her innovative hybrid training approach, blending a variety of workouts encompassing heavy barbell lifts, mobility and balance drills, and speed training.

Among her preferred exercises are deadlifts, sprints, and power cleans, though she typically reserves her exact workout routine for paid consultations, keeping her expertise exclusive to those who seek her guidance.

Heba approaches her diet with a flexible mindset, establishing a few guiding principles rather than adhering strictly to a set regimen. She listens to her body’s cues, consuming foods she believes will best fuel her needs, with a preference for meat and fish among her favorites.

In terms of supplements, Heba incorporates a selection aimed at muscle preservation and enhancement. This includes whey protein, fat burners, and strength formulas, strategically chosen to support her fitness journey.

Most popular fitness models in the world

With fitness taking center stage these days, Instagram has emerged as a go-to platform for individuals seeking inspiration from fitness models, eager to glean insights into their workout regimens and dietary habits.

Despite the widespread influence of fitness personalities on the platform, it might come as a surprise that Heba doesn’t make the cut in the top 10 list compiled by the “Influence Marketing Hub” website.

Let’s delve into the profiles of four standout fitness models from this esteemed roster:

  • Ana Cheri secures the fourth spot with an impressive following of nearly 12.5 million on her Instagram account. At 31 years old, she burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere, flaunting her well-built physique.
  • In third place sits Jen Selter, captivating over 14 million followers on Instagram. Currently 24, Jen’s fitness journey began when she was 15 while she worked at a gym. Her debut bikini picture online skyrocketed her to overnight stardom.
  • Taking the second position is Michelle Lewin, originally a catwalk model who transitioned to bikini modeling. From a weight of 95lb, she diligently sculpted her body, bulking up to a solid 120lb of pure muscle through gym workouts.
  • Securing the top spot is Sommer Ray, boasting a staggering following of over 24.7 million on Instagram. She has swiftly ascended to become the reigning queen of fitness models on the platform.


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Even though these are the current most popular four fitness models, the industry is moving very quickly and some new names, including Heba, could soon overthrow their positions.

Love life and relationships

Heba maintains a veil of secrecy around her romantic life, choosing not to divulge any details about her past or present relationships to the public. However, despite her efforts to keep things private, the internet remains abuzz with speculation.

One such rumor suggests that in 2016, Heba found herself romantically involved with a well-known bodybuilder. Their connection allegedly sparked when he reached out to her on Instagram, intrigued by her workout routines and motivations.

After engaging in two months of online conversation, they eventually met for coffee, and their bond blossomed. Despite their affection for each other, the challenges of a long-distance relationship led to their eventual split after six months of dating.

There’s speculation circulating that Heba may be romantically involved with a man she encountered at her gym. Allegedly, they crossed paths in the summer of 2018 but only began their relationship in February 2019.

Though some of her fans claim to have witnessed them strolling hand in hand, Heba has yet to address these rumors directly.

From her online presence and penchant for privacy, it seems that Heba is currently unattached, unmarried, and without children.

Other interests

While Heba’s primary focus remains on her exercises and flourishing career as a fitness model, she finds joy in pursuing a variety of other interests.


Her recent travels have taken her to captivating destinations, including the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt, reflecting her deep passion for exploration. Additionally, Heba has embraced boxing as a new endeavor, recognizing its benefits for honing reflexes, with two weekly training sessions dedicated to the sport.

Although running holds a special place in her heart, she admits it doesn’t receive as much attention as other pursuits in her busy schedule.

Heba’s love for animals is evident, stemming from her upbringing with a beloved dog and cat. Despite her affection for pets, she currently doesn’t have a dog due to time constraints, acknowledging the commitment required for proper care.

In her spare moments, Heba finds solace in volunteering at the local animal shelter, where she delights in giving dogs the opportunity to frolic and enjoy a spirited run.

Heba Ali

Faking it?

Regarding the controversy surrounding her use of weights, some skeptics have raised allegations against Heba, suggesting that she employs fake weights in the videos and images shared on her Instagram account.

In response to these accusations, Heba vehemently refuted the claims, asserting her integrity and clarifying that she has never engaged in such practices. She also highlighted the inherent difficulty of providing conclusive proof or dispelling rumors in the vast realm of the internet.

Appearance and net worth

Heba is 30 at this time and stands at 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs around 150lbs, (68kgs).

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000 and is steadily rising thanks to her career as a fitness model.

Social media presence

Heba maintains a strong presence across various popular social media platforms, a crucial aspect of her thriving internet-based career.

Her Twitter journey began in April 2009, amassing over 900 followers and sharing nearly 101 tweets. However, it’s on Instagram where Heba truly shines, boasting a follower count exceeding 940,000 and sharing nearly 180 captivating snapshots. Additionally, she manages a Facebook page with a dedicated fan base surpassing 154,000.

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