Having an internationally known TV show and turning a passion into a business is something very few people accomplish in life, except if their name is Joe Martin. Ever since his “Iron Resurrection” show premiered in 2016, Joe has become famous worldwide for turning seemingly rubbish vehicles into powerful and sound machines, bringing them to life in all sorts of amazingly creative ways.

Nonetheless, while the talent of Martin Bros Customs’ crew speaks for itself, their show’s audiences have also grown interested in some of their more personal whereabouts, especially when it comes to Amanda Martin, who’s not only Joe’s wife but is also his right-hand when it comes to business, and one of the people in charge of turning their show into a big success.

So who is Amanda Martin, and how much did her life change after appearing in “Iron Resurrection”, and what is she doing now? Stay here to discover all!

Where Is Amanda Martin Now?

Shows come and go all the time, but “Iron Resurrection” has kept a regular spot on TV for several years, much to the joy of car enthusiasts everywhere. Amanda has played a huge role in that success, by tirelessly putting lots of hard work into keeping Martin Bros Customs up and running. That also means that “Iron Resurrection” just keeps getting bigger and more famous season after season, with the latest one premiering in late 2022.

Nevertheless, there’s more in life for Amanda than just appearing on TV and keeping her business books in order. As seen in her social media, some of Amanda’s hobbies include spending quality time with her family, traveling, taking part in car events, collecting funds for charities, and rescuing abandoned dogs. The latter is a very noble hobby which she takes very seriously, either by using her very popular social media to find stray dogs a new home or by spreading love and awareness about the care of pitbull dogs, even defining herself as a pitbull advocate.

All in all, Amanda and her husband Joe seem to always be up to something exciting, whether that has to do with bikes, cars, or their other equally thrilling adventures.

Where Did Amanda Work Before?

Though fame can turn people’s lives upside down most of the time, that’s interestingly enough not the case for Amanda Martin. As seen in many episodes of “Iron Resurrection”, Amanda is a businesswoman through and through, making it unsurprising that she takes care of all the financial aspects behind Martin Bros Customs, and even makes room in her busy schedule to find new cars for Joe to repair.

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Nevertheless, what Amanda does in the show is no different than what she used to do before becoming TV famous. As Joe once affirmed during an interview with the Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo in 2018, Amanda worked in banking for several years, thus it was probably inevitable that she took the reins of his business.

Also according to Joe, Martin Bros Customs is Amanda’s at this point, given how hard she works at keeping the business running, and also encourages him to expand and grow, whether that means searching for the best car projects or bringing up new ideas for the company.

Joe’s words don’t come as a surprise for anyone who’s paid any attention to “Iron Resurrection”, as their chemistry on screen is only one of the many things which make Amanda and Joe such a great team.

Life After Fame

To face the consequences which came with TV fame isn’t easy, yet Amanda and Joe Martin are one rare case of people who have been quite lucky when it comes to stardom.

Ever since “Iron Resurrection” premiered on MotorTrend, the show has steadily gained popularity for the unique customizations done by the amazing and talented crew at Martin Bros Customs. Due to this, it’s unsurprising that Amanda and Joe are approached by people when cameras are off, especially at car shows and exhibitions.

Though being recognized by people is somewhat expected of anyone who appears in any successful TV show, this fact alone never ceases to amaze Amanda and Joe Martin, as he once affirmed in an interview with Fuel Curve: ‘It’s strange to me because we’re so normal, and there are people who do the same thing we do but don’t have a TV show’, Joe said, affirming it was a humbling experience.

With that being said, the challenge of adapting to tough TV schedules and working together while keeping a good family dynamic is always there for Amanda and Joe, but other than that, the free advertising for their business and having their work being recognised is worth all the hassle.

How Did “Iron Resurrection” Start?

It’s been a long time since “Iron Resurrection” premiered on MotorTrend in 2016, but many fans still wonder how the Martins even got into TV, and what their business was before making it big.

Everything goes back to when Joe Martin appeared in several episodes of the customization competition “Biker Build-Off”. At the time, Joe had been into bikes for at least a decade, and was extremely good at what he did, eventually using his skills to start Martin Bros Customs with his brother as co-owner.

Unfortunately, the recession made a big hit on the business, leaving Joe no option but to reduce his 20 people crew to half of that, but expand from bikes to building cars as well. It was during that time that Jayson “Shag” Arrington joined the shop, first as a casual worker and then as a full employee.

Time passed, Joe and Amanda married, and managed the business together for several years. It wasn’t until a producer who remembered Joe from his time in “Bike Build-Off” invited the couple to appear in a TV show that things changed forever. After that, Joe, Amanda, and Shag filmed the sizzle reel which eventually gained them their MotorTrend show in 2016, and the rest was history.

Is Another Season On The Way?

Following the “Iron Resurrection” sixth season finale in late 2022, no official announcement about a new season has been made. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that a new season is in the works, if we guide ourselves by the posts made by the cast members and production crew through their social media.

More often than not, Amanda, Joe and Shag tag the show’s social media on their posts, or show small tidbits about their current projects while using the hashtags. As well, “Iron Resurrection” official social media accounts have been active in the first half of 2023, hinting that there’s surely more to come. All of this makes it highly probable that a seventh season will premiere in the late months of the year, as it’s already become usual for the show.

While most fans surely would love to have new episodes of “Iron Resurrection” all year long, the truth is that the show takes an average of 11 months in production, as Joe once said in an interview with New Jersey Car Shows. Considering how much time filming and production takes it’s very understandable that the show only premieres one season per year.

As we patiently wait for a new season of “Iron Resurrection”, we can always keep up to date with the cast on their very active social media, and rewatch our favorite past episodes.

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