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Date Of BirthJuly 25, 1973
SpouseMercedes Masohn (m. 2014), Nikki Boyer (m. 2001–2010)
FactGraduated from Fountain Valley High School in Fountain Valley, CA. Where he performed with director Craig Brewer and actor Omar Metwally.
  • David Denman gained fame with roles in “The Replacements,” “13 Hours,” “The Gift,” “Big Fish,” and “The Office.”
  • He is known for his adaptable acting skills and passion for indie films and Shakespearean theater.
  • David attended Fountain Valley High School and Juilliard School, with a focus on theater.
  • He’s married to actress Mercedes Mason; previously married to Nikki Boyer, and has two children.
  • David continues acting in notable projects and maintains an active Instagram presence.

Who is David Denman?

David Denman, an American actor, entered this world on 25 July 1973, in Newport Beach, California, under the astrological sign of Leo. His initiation into the world of cinema commenced with his appearance in “The Replacements” alongside renowned actors Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. However, it was through notable roles in films such as “13 Hours,” “The Gift,” “Big Fish,” and, most notably, his portrayal in the acclaimed series “The Office,” that Denman carved his place in the entertainment industry.

Over the span of two decades in the industry, David Denman has garnered a reputation as one of the most adaptable actors, capable of effortlessly embodying diverse roles and thriving in any scenario. He harbors a deep appreciation for indie films and proudly identifies as a devotee of Shakespeare, boasting of having witnessed each of the famous Bard’s works performed on stage.

Origin Story: A Life in Constant Motion

David entered the world into an American household nestled in Newport Beach. Unlike many of his peers in the acting realm, whose itinerant lifestyles stem from their professional demands, David’s nomadic journey commenced from his earliest days. Remarkably, he traversed through a staggering eight distinct middle schools across Southern California, painting a portrait of a childhood defined by perpetual movement.

The rationale behind the Denman family’s frequent relocations remains undisclosed, yet speculation suggests professional obligations might have been a driving force. At the age of nine, David encountered the most significant upheaval of his young life.

Accustomed to bustling urban environments, he was abruptly transplanted to a farmstead in Sequim, Washington. However, this pastoral interlude lasted merely two years before the Denmans returned to their native California. This time, they established permanent roots in Orange County.

Full NameDavid Denman
Known ForActing in “The Replacements”, “13 Hours”, “The Gift”, “Big Fish”, and “The Office”
EducationFountain Valley High School, American Conservatory Theater, Orange Coast College, Juilliard School (BFA degree)
Net WorthApproximately $3 million​​
SpouseMercedes Mason (m. 2014), Previously married to Nikki Boyer (2001–2010)​​​​
ChildrenTwo children: Caius Kane Denman and Sagan Denman​​​​
ParentsDaniel Lamb (father), Dorothy Jean (mother)​​
Date of BirthJuly 25, 1973
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthNewport Beach, California, USA
Hair ColorLight Brown​​
Eye ColorBlue​​
Height6 feet 3 inches (1.93 m)​​​​
WeightApproximately 198.5 lbs (90 kg)​​
Social MediaInstagram

Academic Journey: From Fountain Valley High School to Juilliard and Beyond

David embarked on his educational voyage at Fountain Valley High School, where he coincidentally shared classrooms with future director Craig Brewer and actor Omar Metwally. Upon graduating at the age of 19, David embraced his passion for acting wholeheartedly. He pursued his aspirations by enrolling in summer courses at the esteemed American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California.

Following his graduation, he commenced his educational journey at Orange Coast College, immersing himself in an array of theatrical work. Over the course of his tenure, he participated in and directed over 20 productions spanning a wide spectrum of genres, encompassing both timeless masterpieces by Shakespeare and contemporary works. Subsequently, David ascended to the esteemed Drama Division of the renowned Juilliard School in the bustling heart of New York City.

Among his peers were future luminaries including Alan Tudyk and Sara Ramirez. In 1997, he proudly attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, marking a pivotal milestone in his artistic odyssey.

David Denman

1997-2002: Diversifying Roles in ER, The X-Files, and Beyond

While David’s collegiate years primarily focused on theatrical work, his overarching ambition encompassed both television and film. His inaugural screen credit materialized with the portrayal of Jeremy Willis in “ER,” the acclaimed medical drama chronicling the bustling lives of emergency room practitioners. Concurrently, he graced the screen in “Chicago Hope” as Ethan Dolan, followed by minor roles in “The Pretender” and the lesser-known TV movie “The ’60s.” However, it was his stint in “The X-Files” that left an indelible mark on viewers’ memories, where he inhabited the character Wallace Schiff.

In 1999, David also made appearances in “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction” and “A Vow to Cherish.” Transitioning into the new millennium, he secured roles in “Out Cold,” “The Replacements” – notably portraying a deaf football player – “CSI: Miami,” and “Crossing Jordan.” Although not cast in leading roles, David showcased his versatility and adaptability as an actor.

2003-2012: David’s Rise to Fame with Angel, Night Stalker, and The Office

The 2000s marked a pivotal phase in David’s career, affording him ample opportunities to demonstrate his talents and tackle increasingly challenging roles. Following his stint in “Crossing Jordan,” he graced the screen in “The Singing Detective,” a musical comedy featuring Robert Downey Jr. as Dan Dark, navigating hallucinations and peculiar visions from his hospital bed.

Subsequently, he portrayed Skip in “Angel,” followed by appearances in “Big Fish,” “Second Time Around,” and a myriad of other roles, with standout performances in “Strong Medicine,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Nines,” and a brief stint in “The Office: The Accountants.” However, it was in 2005 that he experienced a career-defining moment, landing the role of the iconic Roy Anderson in the acclaimed TV series “The Office,” captivating audiences across 31 episodes until 2012.

Concurrently, he graced the small screen in “Drop Dead Diva” and “Traffic Light,” both of which enjoyed considerable success.


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Latest Work

In recent years, David has maintained a relentless pace reminiscent of his mid-2000s tenure. Audiences witnessed his talents in projects such as “Person of Interest,” “Vegas,” “After Earth,” and his portrayal of Ed Brooks in “Parenthood.” This unwavering dedication has solidified David’s status as one of the foremost cameo and supporting actors, boasting an extensive resume boasting over 70 credits. His prolific career has garnered widespread admiration from fans and colleagues alike.

Personal Life: Meet Mercedes Mason, David Denman’s Spouse

David Denman shares his life with Mercedes Mason, an accomplished Swedish-American actress renowned for her roles in several recent hit shows. Among her notable credits is the portrayal of Isabel Zambada in “The Finder,” a captivating drama broadcast on Fox.

Originally hailing from Linkoping, Sweden, Mercedes Mason made her way to the United States alongside her family. She has emerged as one of the most industrious actresses in Hollywood, boasting a plethora of credits to her name. The couple exchanged vows on 13 September 2001. Before this union, David Denman was married to Nikki Boyer, a singer and actress, from 27 May 2001 until 2010. They share a child together.

David Denman’s Net Worth

David Denman’s net worth stands at an estimated $3 million, as reported by multiple reputable sources in 2024. This wealth has been amassed through his diverse array of roles over the years, solidifying his presence in Hollywood. With his continued success, it’s foreseeable that David may further augment his net worth in the coming years.

Physical Attributes: David Denman’s Height and Weight

David Denman stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (193 centimeters) and carries a weight of around 198.5 pounds (90 kilograms). While his height and weight are readily available, details regarding other measurements remain undisclosed.

Online Presence: David Denman’s Social Media Engagement

Despite his career spanning a period before smartphones became ubiquitous, David remains an enthusiastic user of social media, maintaining an active presence across multiple platforms. On Twitter, he frequently shares gifs and memes from his own films and scenes, amassing a following of 14,000 individuals. However, it appears that this account has since been deleted. Furthermore, David maintains an active Instagram account, boasting a sizable following of over 42,000 users.

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General Info

Full NameDavid Denman
Date Of BirthJuly 25, 1973
Height1.93 m
EducationJuilliard School, Fountain Valley High School


SpouseMercedes Masohn (m. 2014), Nikki Boyer (m. 2001–2010)


AwardsScreen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
Movies13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, After Earth, The Gift, Shutter, Out Cold, The Replacements, Big Fish, When a Stranger Calls, The Nines, Smart People, Men, Women & Children, Fanboys, The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story, Fair Game, The Singing Detective, A Vow to Cherish, Beneath t...
TV ShowsThe Office, Traffic Light, Outcast

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