• Angela Babicz is a 29 year-old Caucasian YouTuber, social media celebrity and reality television star.
• She was raised alongside her younger sister Kristina Babicz in Clifton, NJ and her parents divorced when she was a teenager.
• She made her name known to the world through significant involvement in MTV’s influential reality game show entitled “Ex on the Beach” in 2018 and 2019.
• She has an eponymous YouTube channel and is highly active on Instagram, with frequent Twitter postings.
• Her net worth is approximately $18 million and she has had multiple plastic surgery procedures.


Who is Angela Babicz?

Born under the sign of Libra on the 17th of October 1990, in Clifton, New Jersey USA, Angela Babicz is a 29 year-old Caucasian YouTuber, social media celebrity and reality television star. She made her name known to the world through significant involvement in MTV’s influential reality game show entitled “Ex on the Beach” in 2018 and 2019. She’s also had a few other successes over the course of her frequently lucrative entertainment business career since 2016.

Early life and education: Picking sides

Angela was raised alongside her younger sister Kristina Babicz in their birthplace, by LuAnn and Bruno Babicz, both of still unknown professions.

The reality TV star never spoke much about her childhood interests, though there was plenty of drama in her life before she even made it to television. Her parents divorced at some point when she was a teenager, so when the children were forced to choose who they wished to live with, Angela went with her mother, while Kristina stayed with dad. This rift in the family later became evident on television, and is super apparent today, as the two sisters are on hostile terms. As for her education, Babicz attended an unspecified high school in her place of birth, from where she matriculated in 2008, then enrolled into Montclair State University in her birth state, but it’s unknown what she studied there and whether she graduated.

Career: Cutting the competition

According to all available accounts, Angela hadn’t worked a day in her life prior to entering Oxygen network’s reality TV series entitled “Bad Girls Club” in its 15th season (“Twisted Sisters”), which she opened alongside her sister in 2016. They were given nicknames upon entry as per the show’s rules, thus becoming better known as ‘The Competitive Cuties’. Angela remained throughout all eight episodes of the season, finally making a name for herself in the entertainment business. She was quickly noticed due to her explosive temper, which later in the show led to several occurrences – throwing a glass at sisters Hanan and Susu Ibrahim saw the star removed from the show following the date of the last episode in May 2016.

In the remainder of the year, and entire 2017, Angela struggled to get back on television, but with little success. In spite of that, she was able to sustain an enviable following on social networks, which eventually began contributing to her net worth. Hence, she was still well off, even without any TV appearances or an actual job.

Tampering with temper

In 2018 Angela made her return to the big screen, primarily in MTV’s reality TV series entitled “Ex on the Beach”, owing to her previous involvement with “Bad Girls Club”. As suggested in the name, Angela was one of the celebrities who entered the public party, to which her ex would later arrive. The man who took this role in her situation is African-American reality TV star Derrick Henry.

Seeing him there caused great unrest for Angela, and things began to escalate during the season, which is exactly what raises the total viewer count of this show. Angela stayed in the show through the majority of its first season in 2018, and various others of season two in 2019 – this is most definitely the highest contribution to Angela’s net worth yet. Thanks to her participation, Babicz was also invited to take part in MTV’s controversial reality game show entitled “The Challenge”, in which she participated in 12 episodes with her African-American partner Faith Stowers, who is also a reality TV star. They were ultimately eliminated from the show in a challenge versus Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield.

Angela Babicz

What does she do now?

Even though Angela re-appeared in “Ex on the Beach” mid-way through the second season, it isn’t certain how long she will stay , and besides this show, she has no other screen presence. However, she’s managed to use the fame she obtained from it over the years and create a strong online influence, with an eponymous YouTube channel for example. Babicz uses the world’s most popular video platform to share her thoughts and experiences with fans, while also giving them an insight into things such as her make-up habits, favorite types of apparel, and sometimes she even hosts giveaways. What can be said for sure is that Angela is quite dedicated to increasing her subscriber count (currently near 90,000), which could at some point end up being her greatest source of wealth.

She has also been highly active on Instagram, with frequent Twitter postings to help increase her popularity and global reach.

Who is Angela’s sister?

Kristina Babicz is also a reality TV star, though she hasn’t appeared in any other show besides “Bad Girls Club”. She makes her living by modeling on Instagram, and supporting several brands, most obviously is the Condemned Laboratoriez fitness supplement product line seller.

Love life: Does Angela have a boyfriend now?

Angela’s first known boyfriend is Derrick Henry, after whom she got involved with Tor’i Brooks during the first season of “Ex on the Beach”. They remained together for an unspecified period of time, and then Angela decided to break up.

She entered the second season of “Ex on the Beach” and subsequently started a relationship with Nelson Thomas, who is, like her two other known boyfriends, a reality TV star. They can be seen together in many videos that she posts on her YouTube channel, which would suggest that their relationship is on-going. They live together in an unspecified part of US, but any plans for the future are unknown.

Angela with Dr. Phil

As evidenced by the video entitled ‘‘You Want Us To Keep Our Relationship Private, But You Can’t Even Keep Your Privates Private,’ Sa…’, which was uploaded by the world-recognized Dr. Phil YouTube channel, Angela, Kristin and Nelson took part. The video was published in late September 2019, meaning that the episode was released around this time as well.

In the video, Angela speaks about the less enjoyable aspects of her relationship with Nelson, seeking advice with improving their communication, meanwhile sharing specifics about some of the problems they have had. What stood out most was Angela’s claim that Nelson ripped a nail off her finger upon forcefully taking the phone.

What is Angela Babicz’s net worth?

Angela’s net worth is approximately $18 million. She has earned this sum thanks to the influence her presence has had on the ratings of popular reality TV shows, most prominently “Ex on the Beach”. She also has a YouTube channel, which reportedly earns her around $10,000 per year for now, and her Instagram profile generates almost $3,000 per post, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Body measurements: Did she have plastic surgery?

Babicz is known to the masses for having an unnaturally perfect nose, as well as enviable curves, leading many to believe that her body has been surgically altered. This is definitely true, as the star herself has mentioned it on various occasions during the show. Besides her heavily modified (currently light brown) hair, she’ had more than one nose job, and has implants in the chest area.

Vital statistics:

  • Height: 5ft 5ins (165cm)
  • Weight: 121lbs (55kgs)
  • Hair: Light brown
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Skin: Tanned

Angela Babicz: Facts you probably didn’t know

  • She was the first “Bad Girls Club” participant to be shown in “Ex on the Beach”.
  • She was the first single person to enter the first season of “Ex on the Beach”.
  • Her ex was the first to arrive out of all others in the said show.
  • She and Derrick Henry were the first two people who entered the Shack of Secrets in the show.

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