Who is Noel Fisher?

Canadian actor Noel Roeim Fisher was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on 13 March 1984, making Pisces his zodiac sign. He has 70 acting credits, and is perhaps known best for playing Michelangelo in the 2014 action adventure comedy movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, which starred Will Arnett and Megan Fox, and was directed by Jonathan Liebesman. It follows four mutated turtle warriors as they’re protecting New York City from a kingpin, and the movie won one of its 12 award nominations.

Education and early life

Noel was raised in Vancouver alongside his sister Raena Kai Fisher, by their British mother Linda Leonard Adams and Irish father Ron Fisher; Noel can rarely be heard speaking about his family in public, because he respects their privacy.

He grew up being interested in a number of activities, as he practiced painting, took dance lessons, and studied piano for eight years. Noel was 15 when he made his debut film appearance, portraying Young Sheldon Kennedy in the 1999 biographical sports drama “The Sheldon Kennedy Story”, which starred Polly Shannon and Jonathan Scarfe, and was directed by Norma Bailey. It follows the life of Sheldon Kennedy, a successful professional ice hockey player who was sexually abused by his coach Graham James – the film won two of its nine award nominations.

Noel studied at a local high school in Vancouver, and upon matriculating in 2002 chose not to pursue a college degree, but to remain focused on acting.

Roles in movies

Noel had roles in four movies in 2000, including the fantasy comedy “Ratz”, the animated adventure comedy “Hamtaro” (voice role) and the western “High Noon”, and gained recognition in 2001, when cast to play Pimply Manager in the comedy “Freddy Got Fingered”. It was written and directed by Tom Green who also starred in it, and the film follows the life of an unemployed cartoonist; it won 12 of its nine award nominations.

Some of Noel’s following roles were in the 2001 family crime comedy “Max Keeble’s Big Move”, the 2002 fantasy comedy “I Was a Teenage Faust” and the 2003 horror thriller “Final Destination 2”. In 2006, he portrayed Pete in the drama “Pope Dreams”, which starred Julie Hagerty and Marnette Patterson, and was written and directed by Patrick Hogan. It follows a young musician who’s fallen for a girl whom he believes to be out of his league, and the movie won five awards. Some of Noel’s notable performances in the remainder of the 2000s were in the 2007 romantic comedy “After Sex”, the 2008 thriller “Red” and the 2009 family drama “A Dog Named Christmas”.

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He portrayed Vladimir in the 2012 adventure fantasy “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”, which starred Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and was directed by Bill Condon. It follows a war between the vampires and the werewolves, and the movie won 21 of its 36 award nominations.

Some of Noel’s most recent film roles have been in the 2018 animated adventure musical “Racetime” (voice role), the 2019 animated action fantasy “Justice League vs the Fatal Five” (voice role) and the 2020 biographical crime drama “Capone”.

Roles in TV series

Noel’s debut TV series role was playing Gary Long in the 2000 episode “Waxed” of the family musical comedy “2gether: The Series”, while he was then cast to appear in an episode of the comedy “Just Deal”, the action adventure “Andromeda” and the fantasy horror “The Outer Limits”.

From 2000 through 2003, he voiced Toad Tolensky in the animated action adventure “X-Men: Evolution”, which starred Meghan Black and Scott McNeil, and follows a group of teenage X-Men as they’re protecting a world which fears and hates them; the series won three of its nine award nominations. Some of Noel’s notable performances in the remainder of the 2000s were in the comedy “Godiva’s”, the crime comedy “The Riches” and the crime mystery “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

In 2017, he starred as Private First Class Tomas Young in all eight episodes of the biographical action mini-series “The Long Road Home”, which also starred Jason Ritter and Michael Kelly, and was created by Mikko Alanne. It follows the ambush of American forces in Iraq, and the mini-series won seven of its 15 award nominations.

Some of Noel’s most recent TV series roles have been in two episodes of the 2020 comedy “Shameless Hall of Shame”, 71 episodes of the comedy “Shameless” from 2011 through 2021 and four episodes of the 2022 crime drama “The Calling”.

Other credits

Noel sang the song “Love is a Battlefield” in the 2015 episode “South Side Rules” of the series “Shameless”.

Some of his recent talk-show appearances have been in “Build”, “The Talk” and “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”.

Awards and nominations

Noel’s been nominated for five awards – two Gemini Awards in 2000 and 2005, for playing a supporting character in “The Kennedy Story” and “Godiva’s”, respectively, and later for a 2015 Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Fight, for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, a 2016 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Vocal Ensemble, for “Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem”, and a 2017 Kid’s Choice Blimp SQUAD Award for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”.

Love life and wife

Noel’s more or less secretive when it comes to speaking about his love life in public, but some details about it are still known. He and Afghan-Canadian actress Layla Alizada began dating in November 2004; she’s appeared in 43 movies and TV series, and is probably known best for starring as Feda in the 2015 short thriller movie “Day One”, which won five of its eight award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Short Film, Live Action.

Noel and Layla became engaged in 2014, and exchanged vows in a private ceremony on 15 July 2017.

He’s yet to mention other women whom he’s been with; Noel’s married to Layla Alizada as of June 2023, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Noel’s built himself quite a fanbase on Instagram, as there are currently close to 1.5 million people following him on the network; he’s shared over 620 pictures and videos, with most of these showing him during his everyday life.

He’s a supporter of the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, as screenwriters want fairer contracts.

Noel spends most of his spare time with his wife, and has featured her in many of his Instagram pictures; the two love to travel together, and have been to a number of countries in Europe and Asia, while their favorite city to travel to is Venice, Italy.

He and his wife love summer, as they both like to play beach volleyball, swim in the ocean and sun tan.

One of Noel’s favorite actors is Russell Crowe, and some of his favorite movies include “Cinderella Man”, “A Good Year”, and “Man of Steel”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Noel’s age is 39. He has brown eyes and hair, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs around 150lbs (68kgs).

Noel’s net worth’s been estimated at over $3 million, as of June 2023.

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