• Sadik Hadzovic is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model with a net worth of ~$1 million.
• He began weight training at a young age and gained the nickname "The Physique".
• He became a professional bodybuilder in 2011 and has competed in numerous competitions, including the Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men's Physique contest and Mr. Olympia.
• He has a large online presence, with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 1.6 million fans on Facebook, and 31,000 followers on Twitter.
• He is married with two children and enjoys spending time with his family when he is not training.


Who is Sadik Hadzovic?

Sadik Hadzovic was born on 8 June 1987, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, (then) Yugoslavia, and is a professional bodybuilder as well as a fitness model, best known for being the champion of the inaugural Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique contest held in 2015. He’s also been featured in numerous fitness magazines during his career.

The Wealth of Sadik Hadzovic

How rich is Sadik Hadzovic? As of late-2019 net worth ~$1 million, earned largely through a successful career as a bodybuilder. Aside from his competition winnings, he also has considerable income from sponsorships, partnerships, and other business endeavors.


Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Sadik grew up in Bosnia-Herzegovina and experienced a lot of trouble with his family. At a young age, his family decided to move to the US as refugees in hopes of finding a better life. The family settled in New York, and his parents helped shape his dedication towards his work, instilling in him a similar work ethic.

During this time, he became fascinated by comic books, especially the physiques of the characters portrayed therein. He eventually decided that he wanted to emulate the look superheroes had in comics and action figures. As soon as he could, he started frequenting the gym and began to do some weight-training. His confidence gained a bit of a boost but he was unsure of reaching his goals as he was underweight, thinking that it would be impossible for him to build muscle. His desire to become better would overcome his negative thoughts, and he started to look for ways to get the body he wanted.

Sadik Hadzovic

Path to Becoming Professional

With a rekindled desire to become succeed, he spent even more time in the gym, stepping up his training. However, he noticed that his efforts were not paying off and he realized that his diet wasn’t sufficient for him to be able to reach his goal – he was becoming impatient, and was force feeding himself meals. He decided to invest in nutrition knowledge as a result, eating more frequently with smaller meals, which led him to see more significant results in his body.

He trained for many years rigorously, and at the age of 24 he decided that he would see how far his journey would take him by becoming a professional bodybuilder. In 2011, he entered his first competition called the NPC Eastern USA Championship, and reached third place and a place on the podium. He also met a lot of like-minded athletes who inspired him to train better. He gained the nickname “The Physique”, and barely took any days-off from the gym. One of his accomplishments was being able to gain a muscular body, while having a tight waist.

Professional Achievements

In 2012, Sadik continued competing, this time joining the NPC Metropolitan Championships and winning, marking his first top title. He wasn’t satisfied yet, however, as he entered three more shows during the same year, winning two out of them. He started gaining attention in the bodybuilding industry, as one of the promising up and comers. He then placed second in the 2012 NPC Junior USA Championships, leading him to enter the Junior National Championships. Despite facing a lot of well-known names during the championships including Anton Antipov, his winning streak prevailed, and he became that year’s National Champion.

He got his Pro Card shortly afterwards, as his official recognition as a professional, and gained second place in his first IFBB competition, the Greater Gulf States Pro. Over the next three years he entered eight competitions, reaching the podium seven times, the biggest of which was a victory at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; he also got second place at the Mr. Olympia competition. Aside from competing, he’s also been active in promoting his bodybuilding journey online, giving advice to aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Personal Life and Social Media

Hadzovic is married to Chelsey, and they have two children together. His wife joins him in training at times and they also travel the world together. He loves spending time with his family when he is finished with training. He mentioned that there was a time in his life that he couldn’t afford going to the gym, so he had to make do with plyometrics in the bedroom until he could afford a gym membership. In recent months, he’s been teasing a return to the Mr. Olympia competition, having already won it two times in a row.

  • He Instagram account with ~2.7 million followers, using the platform to give updates on his training, and showcasing photos as well as videos of himself at the gym – he’s a big believer on not taking any rest days while training – plus lots of family photos and
  • Facebook with over 1.6 million fans, which he uses to promote his training including several products he is promoting.
  • Twitter on which he has ~31,000 followers, promoting recent and upcoming events through the account.

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