• Lea Elui Ginet is a social media personality born in 2001 in Marseille, France
• She is the most followed French woman in social media, with over 10 million followers on Instagram and TikTok
• She gained fame on Musical.ly, becoming one of its stars, and has since transitioned to TikTok and other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
• Her fame has allowed her to do modeling and travel the world, and collaborate with other popular online personalities
• She has been public about her relationships with other social media personalities, and has a passion for fashion and keeping her body in shape

Who is Lea Elui?

Lea Elui Ginet was born on 4 January 2001, in Marseille, France, and is a social media personality, best known for gaining fame on several popular internet platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. She has over 10 million followers for each of those accounts, and is considered the most followed French woman in social media.

The Net Worth of Lea Elui

As of early-2020, Lea Elui’s net worth is estimated to be over $300,000, earned through success on social media. Her online fame has opened many doors for her, including sponsorships, endorsements, and modeling opportunities.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

While Lea was born in Marseille, her family later moved to Los Angeles, California where she would grow up. She had a difficult time at school during her youth as she experienced a lot of bullying and harassment stemming from her attractive features. Wanting to find an outlet that didn’t involve any negativity, she looked to make interactions online, leading her to discover the application Musical.ly.

The social media service originated in Shanghai, but quickly became popular in the US.

It allowed users to create short-form videos and many initially used it for lip-syncing due to the app’s capability of incorporating short music segments into the videos. Users could create videos ranging from 15 seconds to a minute and also featured various effects or filters. Over the years it became popular and during its peak, had over 200 million registered users. Features increased and people could search for trending content and popular users or musers as the app called them.

She quickly gained fame on the site thanks to her attractive looks, figure, and her talent in belly dancing. She soon became one of the stars of the platform, gaining millions of followers.

Lea Elui

Transition and Expansion

Belly dancing is a form of dance that originated in Egypt, which focuses on complex movements of the torso making it look like the belly is dancing. There are numerous forms and styles that have evolved from the original depending on the region or country. Costumes for the dance are also different depending on the area.

In 2017, Musical.ly was acquired by the company ByteDance and this led to the app merging with ByteDance’s similar app in TikTok.

Elui was one of the few who was able to successfully transition to the new app with many of her old followers coming to TikTok for her. This new app also originated in China, and aside from the lip-syncing capabilities, it encouraged users to create various types of short-form videos, from three to 15 seconds, or looping videos which can range from three to 60 seconds. It quickly became one of the top apps in the US, eventually leading to a wider international audience. It was the 7th most downloaded mobile app of the 2010 decade.

As her fame grew, she also looked to other platforms to increase her online presence.

Instagram, YouTube, and More

Another platform that Lea found success on was Instagram. Since TikTok was limited to video content, she needed to release photos and her other interests through another site. It was also a way for her followers to find out more about her endeavors outside of creating belly dancing videos. Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites in the world, and responsible for the rise of many models.

She expressed her love for fashion through her account, and even did several modeling endeavors thanks to her online fame. She also continued to post a few videos on the site, not seen on her TikTok account. She started traveling around the world thanks to her work as a model, and began working with an agent.

She has also created an account on the video-sharing website YouTube, on which she now has over a million subscribers, mainly consisting of tutorial videos on make-up and hairstyle.

She has also done a few video blogs (vlogs) and comedy videos. YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, holding one of the top ranks in terms of internet traffic. She has also collaborated with other popular online personalities, such as Loren Gray, Hannah Stocking, and Brent Rivera.

Personal Life

Lea has been public about a few of her relationships, especially since several of them were also with social media personalities.

She dated Instagram personality, Hunter Rowland, for around a year before the two broke up. She also had a relationship with another Instagram personality Lucas Ollinger, and the two even posted TikTok videos together. He became widely popular thanks to their relationship.

Elui loves dancing and fashion, often spending time to hone her craft, develop her skills, or display her passions online. She spends significant time making sure her body is in top shape.

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