• Emilio and Ivan Martinez are social media influencers and YouTube stars.
• They joined Jake Paul's "Team 10" in 2017, which they left in November of the same year.
• They have released two music videos, "Fake Friends" and "That's My Lambo", which have gained over 20 million views.
• They have an estimated net worth of $600,000 and earn up to $22,600 per sponsored post on Instagram.
• Emilio enjoys wearing bomber jackets, sneakers, and white T-shirts, and owns a BMW M3.

Emilio Martinez is a well-known social media influencer, who with his twin brother, Ivan, has developed their online careers on their YouTube channel and Instagram accounts.

Early life and family

Emilio Martinez was born on 10 May 1999, in Catalonia Spain, so his zodiac sign is Taurus, and nationality Spanish. He has an older sister, Rebecca, who is a professional tennis player. Emilio’s mother is Marisol Perez; she only speaks Spanish and doesn’t understand English, though her sons tried to teach her some words and phrases – she instantly forgot them, so uses the translator in her smartphone. Marisol divorced the twins’ father, and now lives with her new husband, Enrique Romero Palma.

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Educational background

Emilio and Ivan matriculated from the local high school in Catalonia in 2017, then moved to Los Angeles to further their YouTube career they had started in 2015.


Getting to “Team 10”

In January 2017 Emilio and Ivan joined “Team 10”, which is a popular squad of social media influencers. “Team 10” was originally founded by Jake Paul, and the company’s YouTube channel with the same name soon reached the point of 2.5 million subscribers. Jake Paul, who is a professional fighter in real life, also has a channel of his own, which has 20 million subscribers. In their video “The Truth…” (which gained over 10 million views) the twins shared that Jake met them in Barcelona and suggested that they moving to Los Angeles.

They moved into Jake’s mansion where other members of “Team 10 lived, promised a separate room to live in, but in fact had to live in the living room for more than four months without privacy. As at that moment they spoke little English, they couldn’t even understand what other people around them were talking about, and Jake used this situation to make fun of the twins. He filmed pranks on them every single day, bonding them with handcuffs to their beds or waking them up by throwing snowballs on them, even pouring dirty stinky liquid on them while they were trying to make their own videos for the channel of “Team 10” – Ivan even puked after smelling the liquid Jake poured on him.

Emilio and Ivan left “Team 10” in November 2017, after Jake destroyed the room they had just decorated with their own money, while the twins were vacationing in Spain with their family – they weren’t the first nor the last ones to leave.

Other controversies in “Team 10”

There were more than 10 people who joined the team and soon left with no regrets and never wanting to return. Alissa Violet left the incubator in 2017, stating in her Twitter that one couldn’t even imagine what the guys from “Team 10” would do to get views and subscribers. Alissa insisted Jake faked their relationship, saying they were dating while in fact they were not, but Alissa shared that she knew that concept and accused Jake of using the rumors about their never-existing romance to attract more views.

Another person who left “Team 10” in 2017 was Neels Visser, who accused the members of the group of being racists, abusers, etc. Emilio was a good friend of Neels, and it was the moment when both Emilio and Ivan first thought that they were in the wrong place, and thought over their leaving “Team 10”.

“Team 10” also had the Dobre twins, Marcus and Lucas, who left the group soon after their joining. To make even more drama of the Dobre twins’ leaving, Jake Paul confronted the Martinez twins and the Dobre twins, insisting that Marcus and Lucas were mean and didn’t want to follow their fellows from “Team 10” on their social media accounts.

Emilio Martinez

Fed up with the lies from Jake’s side, the Martinez twins followed other members of the group and left. They were also supported by Erika Costell, Max Beaumont, AJ Mitchell and many others, who also left “Team 10” in less than a year after joining.

Music career

Emilio and Ivan returned to Spain, and recorded their first song “Fake Friends”, inspired by the events happening in Jake Paul’s crew. The music video was released on 28 September 2017 and has more than 20 million views, and featuring such performers as Chad Tepper and Julian Martel. In November 2017 the twins released another music video, “That’s My Lambo”, which also has almost 20 million views.

In that song Emilio and Ivan focused on Jake Paul and his lies to the twins: ‘Jake? You bought a mansion / You fly in private jets / You take amazing vacations / And you got a Lambo’ / And you still owe us money / And that money can change my mom’s life’. The fans also appreciated including Spanish in the song, which made the track sound much better than the first one.

Further social media career

As of 2020, the Martinez twins keep pushing their popularity to new limits. Emilio is very close to getting seven million subscribers on his Instagram account, while Ivan has around 6.4 million subscribers. They also work a lot on their YouTube channel “Martinez Twins”, which has almost five million subscribers, but they haven’t uploaded anything new since 22 June 2019 and was entitled “WEARING LONG ACRYLIC NAILS FOR 24 HOURS!!”.

They’ve also tried to develop another YouTube channel “Martinez Twins 2”, on which they posted Spanish language videos. Even though Emilio and Ivan were very good at filming pranks, they’ve stopped updating their YouTube channels, focusing on their Instagram accounts.

Both Emilio and Ivan are often invited to work as models by such brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, etc. Emilio has recently posted a fake photo of Ariana Grande hugging him. His followers understood at once it was a Photoshop, as Emilio put his face on the photos of the popular singer and her ex-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. Ivan did the same thing, and posted several fake photos of him hugging Billie Eilish.

Personal life

Neither Emilio nor Ivan have shared any details about their former or present girlfriends, or boyfriends for that matter!

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Emilio likes playing tennis with his sister, Rebecca. He also learnt how to play the guitar. Emilio has a cat named Lucas. Emilio and Ivan once posted a video “Identical Twins Switch Places | Will their Mom tell about it?” in which they played a joke on their mother: Emilio started interviewing her, and then changed places with Ivan, checking if their mother would notice the changes – both Ivan and Emilio wore the same clothes, the same hairstyles, but their mother got it in a few seconds, stating that they changed.

Appearance, clothing style

Emilio has naturally dark brown hair, but he bleaches his bangs blonde; he has grey-blue eyes. Emilio is 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall, and weighs around 150lbs (68kgs). As to his clothing style, he likes such brands as Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, and enjoys wearing bomber jackets, sneakers and white T-shirts.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Emilio owns a net worth which is estimated to be around $600,000. He also owns a BMW M3. His Instagram account helps him to earn up to $22,600 per sponsored post, while his brother Ivan earns up to $21,400 per post on his Instagram account.

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