• Born in Saugus, Massachusetts in 1990
• Writer, blogger, and radio host for Barstool Sports, known for covering the Boston Red Sox
• Net worth of around $1.5 million from a successful career in the sports industry
• Grew up in a family of Red Sox season ticket holders and has love for the team since childhood
• Active on social media with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


Who is Jared Carrabis?

Jared Carrabis was born on 3 April 1990, in Saugus, Massachusetts, USA. He is a writer, blogger, and radio host, known from gaining fame for his coverage of the professional baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, as a part of Barstool Sports.

The Riches of Jared Carrabis

How rich is Jared Carrabis? As of late-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is close to $1.5 million, earned through a successful career in the sports industry.

He’s professed his love for the Boston Red Sox since his youth, and has become a notable voice for the team during his career.

Early Life and Baseball Beginnings

Jared grew up in Saugus in a household that was raised to be very passionate towards professional baseball, particularly with the hometown team, the Boston Red Sox. He grew up with a sister, raised by parents who were regular season Red Sox ticket holders. The family often went to home games at Fenway Park, and at a young age, he fell in love with the sport.

He tried his hand at baseball himself, joining the Saugus American Little League as a part of the Yankees, but his heart wasn’t truly there, as he continued to look towards the Red Sox. His mother stated that he developed a passion for writing, and wanted to work for either the Red Sox or a newspaper that covered them. At the age of 16, he started his own blog on the website MySpace. The blog began in 2006 and was called Sox Space, gaining over 100,000 followers prior to the team winning the 2007 World Series.

Jared Carrabis

Education and Career Start

While Carrabis continued with his education, he wasn’t very interested in it, as his goal was to write for Red Sox Nation. After matriculating from high school, his parents encouraged him to continue his studies at North Shore Community College where he enrolled. The public college is located in Massachusetts, offering 80 associate degrees and certificate programs, catering to the coastal area of the state up north. After completing his education there, he took night classes at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, a private college, and graduated with a degree in business, while gaining experience with local newspapers.

Around this time, he published his first book entitled “One Fan’s Story; If This Hat Could Talk”, which was edited by his teacher. Publications eventually noticed his accurate analysis on the Red Sox, and he soon became a regular feature on local sports shows. He earned the name, the Saugus Rocket, and was eventually hired by the company Barstool Sports to write about all things baseball with a focus on the Red Sox, mainly part-time for the first two years.

Recent Endeavors

While working part time, he had to make ends meet by supplementing his income through work with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm. Eventually, he was hired by Barstool Sports full time, as the owner David Portnoy had known Jared for a long time, and appreciated his worth. Barstool is a pop culture blog which was started by Portnoy, though was later bought by The Chernin Group which is a media holding company. Barstool has headquarters in New York City, to where he had to move, and he was given hosting duties over several podcasts.

He became the host of “Starting 9” and “Section 10” the latter of which is named after the season ticket seats he owns at Fenway Park. He also began working for radio station Sirius XM Power 85, owned by Barstool, as the host of the show “Evening Yak”. He also became a paid contributor for Comcast. Due to his work with Barstool, New York and his blog also became a regular column with the “New England Baseball Journal.” There was a point in his life where he contemplated giving up writing, considering a career with the Marines, but his passion towards the Red Sox was reignited when they won the 2013 World Series.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known in terms of Carrabis’ romantic relationships, as he hasn’t been very public about them. The most that he’s done is bring up experiences with ex-girlfriends in his tweets. In 2014, he caught a bit of attention during a pre-game ceremony for Red Sox Nation Day held at Fenway Park; his girlfriend at the time was taking pictures of him while on the field, and other bloggers noticed her, leading to a bit of publicity. It is said that the woman is the reason he got connected to Barstool Sports in the first place, though since that time there has been no mention of her, indicating that they may no longer be together.

Similar to numerous writers, bloggers, and radio personalities, he is active online through accounts on social media. He has an account on Twitter on which he has over 232,000 followers, using the platform to share his opinions on recent events in Major League Baseball (MLB), most of which are around the Red Sox. He also has an Instagram account which has over 73,000 followers but it is set to private. Another account he has is on Facebook, with over 7,000 fans. He posts some of his articles from Barstool there, promoting his writing work.

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