• Jessica Boyington is a well-known traffic reporter who unexpectedly disappeared from the screens and NBC programs.
• She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Rowan University.
• She tried modelling and participated in pageants, and later got a job in journalism.
• She left NBC without explanation in 2019 and joined ABC6 Philadelphia as a weekend reporter.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be almost $2 million.

Jessica Boyington is a well-known traffic reporter, who unexpectedly disappeared from the screens and NBC programs, with her former colleagues refusing to comment on her leaving. Jessica’s fans were indeed worried about her destiny and further career, and tried to find information themselves, but didn’t have enough sources to do it. Let’s find out what really happened to Jessica, when she appeared on the screens again, and how she explained her absence.

Early life and family

Jessica Boyington was born under the sign of Gemini on 30 May 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, so  holding American nationality. Her parents, Jesse and Clare Boyington, moved to Sicklerville, New Jersey soon after Jessica was born, so that’s where she was raised.

Nothing is known about Jessica’s parents, as she never mentioned their ages or occupations, keeping the information about her family low-key, except that they were very religious and attended the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Berlin, New Jersey every Sunday. From her early years she liked dancing, and learned hip-hop, tap, ballet and jazz. For several years she danced in the Marica Hyland Dance Company, and later became a dance instructor there, working with kids and adults.

Educational background

In 2003, Jessica matriculated from Paul VI High School, a private Roman Catholic High School located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, after which she enrolled at Rowan University, graduating in 2008 with a BA in Communications, focusing on radio, television and film. While studying in her University, Jessica even worked as a first grades teacher in a Sunday School.

It is worth mentioning that it took her a bit longer to finish university, as she took some time off to participate in pageants.


Modelling career

Jessica has always been passionate about being on the stage, so she took a chance and participated in the pageant for the title of Miss New Jersey. She made her first attempt in 2005, becoming runner-up to the winner Sylvia Pogorzelski from East Hanover, aged 20. It’s worth saying that in this very competition there was another participant who later became famous and popular – the YouTube personality named Grace Helbig held 7th place in the pageant. However, in 2006 Jessica tried again, and this time won the title of Miss New Jersey. A couple of months later in April, she appeared in the Miss USA pageant as the representative of New Jersey, but didn’t make it to the Top 10.

Jessica Boyington

Disappointed, Jessica quit modelling, and got back to completing her education. Later she appeared in the game show “Deal or No Deal”, demonstrating her intelligence, and held the 11th case as the prize. She was also featured in such magazines as “Macy’s Seventeen” and “Elle Girl”, and appeared in commercials for Conair Hair Products.

Journalistic career

After her attempts to find herself in teaching and in marketing spheres, Jessica eventually decided to become a TV journalist in 2012, taking the position of a traffic reporter in joining the team of CBS-3 Philadelphia. In March 2015 she left to join NBC10 News Today, where she worked in the same position until February 2019. At the same time, she co-hosted the show “The Chio in the Morning” on 96.5. She could also have been heard on “The Morning Mash-Up” aired on Sirius Satellite Radio, and “The Booker Show” on Q102 Philadelphia.

Unexpected leave from NBC

Jessica had her fans confused on 9 February 2019, when she didn’t appear or was heard on any programs – her last day of working on NBC was 8 February. While she never said goodbye and didn’t announce any changes happening to her career, the promotional images didn’t have her on them, nor her profile on the NBC official website, which was removed the same day. None of her colleague mentioned her name, while she also kept silent and didn’t post anything on her social media accounts, though she was very active on-line before that day. Her fans tried to call NBC, asking what happened to her, but were hung-up on. Jessica’s fans could only imagine what had really happened, considering there was a lawsuit pending.

On 17 May 2019 Jessica announced through all her social media profiles that she was back, joining the team of ABC6 Philadelphia as a weekend reporter. Her fans were very happy to hear from her, and mentioned that first it was Jillian Michaels who also left NBC and the show she was a trainer on, “The Biggest Loser”, after a very unclear and controversial situation with one of the participants on the show, who lost too much weight and started having severe health problems. Then it was Jillian Mele, the anchor, who also left NBC after a scandal which wasn’t cleared up from either side. Then it was Jessica, who left the channel without even saying a word. However, even her supporters understood something very unpleasant happened, as going to ABC6 after NBC is a real downshifting for any reporter.

Nevertheless, Jessica enjoys her job, as having a local reporter’s job is better than no job at all.

Personal life

Jessica keeps all details about her private life low-key. She hasn’t shared any pictures of her current or former boyfriends or partner, not letting anybody into her personal life. Earlier she was noticed posting some photos from her trips to Europe, on which one could see a male accompanying her, however, she removed those pictures from her social media profiles, and didn’t reveal his name or any other detail about their relationship. Jessica has recently posted a photo with her female friend Colleen Hannon, writing: ‘all i need in this life of sin is me and my gf’, which is obviously the quote from Tupac Shakur’s song “Me and My Girlfriend”, which was later covered and popularized by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who changed the title of the song to “Bonnie & Clyde”.

However, a lot of her fans decided it to be her coming-out, and left many comments with questions about her girlfriend, while Jessica only meant that they were just friends – Colleen Hannon is married to a male and has a baby-son with him. So, it is still unknown whether Jessica is single or not, but she is most likely not married. She doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Jessica is an animal lover, and constantly fights for their rights. She participated in numerous events and initiatives to rescue animals from the streets and find them shelter. While working on NBC, she was involved in the project called “Clear The Shelters”, which encouraged people to take cats, dogs and other domestic animals home, instead of buying them in shops. In 2015, Jessica hosted the events called “Mother’s Day Race”, another charity event taking place in Philadelphia, attracting attention to the issues of single mothers, and mothers of multiple children.

From 2013 to 2015, Jessica was an animal care supervisor working for the Animal Welfare Association located in Voorhees, New Jersey. At home she has two Jack Russell terriers named Rocky, a rescued dog from the shelter, and Taz, a cancer survivor.

When she has spare time, Jessica enjoys various sports, her favorite being CrossFit; in 2017 she even participated in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

Social media presence

Jessica is quite active on various social media platforms, having several profiles, including on Instagram and Twitter, and her Facebook page is ‘liked’ and followed by over 16,000 users.

Appearance, clothing style

Jessica has naturally curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.70m), while her weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment. As to her clothing style, she likes wearing feminine dresses, short skirts and suits. She also mentioned that she doesn’t like white clothes: ‘I only wear white when they make me’, she wrote in the description to one of her latest photos on her Instagram account.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Jessica’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, as of mid-2024, accumulated by working hard as a journalist and traffic reporter. As she is now working at a smaller company, ABC6,  her salary probably dropped, but her net worth is going to grow in future anyway, as she continues working, including hosting programs.

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