• Andy Bassich is a 60 year old American reality TV star, best known for his role in "Life Below Zero"
• He travelled to Alaska in 1976 and has never regretted it
• Andy was previously married to Kate, but divorced in 2016
• He's the subject of a 2016 documentary which covers his "life of freedom and independence"
• He is currently dating a woman named Denise, who is featured in "Life Below Zero"

Andy Bassich Short Bio

Born in Washington DC USA, on 25 January 1959, Andy Bassich is best known as a reality TV star in “Life Below Zero”. So his nationality is American, his zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he is 60 years old as of 2019. Bassich was a student of John F. Kennedy High School, however, his education ends there – he didn’t enroll into a college, but instead became a cabinet maker and carpenter. His connection to Alaska began in 1976, when he travelled there, however, he had to return home for his sister’s wedding, but then led by his emotions and nostalgia, Andy headed north again.

Reportedly, he had always dreamed of living in a remote area filled with trees, so Alaska was the right match for him.

Speaking about his decision to relocate to Alaska, Bassich said that he has never regretted it, and added “I never look back. This is the place I’m supposed to be”.  His net worth is $250,000 as of late-2019. He is often referred to as “The King of Wilderness” and throughout the series has proved that he earned that title numerous times.

Relationship Status

Andy was previously married to a woman named Kate, who was also featured on “Life Below Zero”, but their relationship fell through, resulting in a divorce in 2016. From this marriage, Andy has a daughter. In 2019 Bassich apparently found love once again, and began dating a woman named Denise. They reportedly met in 2017 while canoeing in Florida, but weren’t ready to commit to each other. Nonetheless, the Canadian stated that she’s now ready to change her lifestyle and move into the wilderness.

Her family owns a farm that she worked on as well. “Calico Bluff is full of work, full of great work. Real work that counts at the end of the day”, she explained. Dating Bassich, Denise can be seen in “Life Below Zero” as she helps her boyfriend with his tasks. He has recently faced an injury, and as the result had to take some time to rest and slow down. His fans went on to write numerous posts supporting him and wishing him well.

As of his ex-wife Kate, she is well, and following her separation from Andy, posted on her social media – “The memories are good, the friends are good”.


In late 2018 and early 2019, rumors regarding Bassich’s aggressive behavior surfaced on the internet – reportedly, he beat his ex-wife Kate, but none of these alleged events were covered more widely. One person on Twitter wrote that she “cannot stand him”, and added “Now he has some new girl to beat on, and I’m sure we’ll see him screaming at her in no time too!”

Andy Bassich


Andy made his TV debut in 2013 joining the cast of “Life Below Zero”, a documentary TV series which follows the lives of Alaskan inhabitants. The series is still broadcast, and has had 96 episodes. Other stars of the series are members of the Hailstone family, Chip and Agnes Hailstone and their children, plus Sue Aikens, and Heimo Korth. Andy isn’t on social media, but his life can be somewhat followed on Life Below Zero twitter account. In 2016, he was the subject of a documentary which covered his “life of freedom and independence”.

Andy’s pack includes more than 20 dogs that help him hunt.

Life Below Zero

Produced by BBC Worldwide, “Life Below Zero” is a documentary series which follows the activities of Alaskan subsistence hunters. The series airs on National Geographic Channel and has received a generally positive response from the audience, astonished by the lifestyle of these adventurous people. In addition, the series can also be found on Amazon, and some clips from episodes can be seen on YouTube.

Some of the videos available on the latter are “An Alaskan Storm – Behind the Scenes | Life Below Zero”, “Face Off with a Grizzly Bear | Life Below Zero | Earth Unplugged” and “Surviving Alone in Alaska”, with the latter being made by VICE, one of the leading modern outlets. Also, videos such as “Off Grid Cabin Life Below Zero: Winter Camping and Ice Fishing Catch and Cook Pike” and “Out of Control – Behind the Scenes | Life Below Zero” have hundreds of thousands of views.

Why Did Sue Aikens Move?

The audience has been wondering why fan-favorite, Sue Aikens decided to leave her Alaskan home. “Things are changing. Now, I’m getting a little tired. Things are aching that didn’t use to”, she explained, leaving her supporters sad. However, she added that she doesn’t own land in Kavik, and only owns the improvements, which means that she could have been kicked out anyway, if the government decided to use the land. Aikens said that she’s currently working on a back-up plan and making decisions about her future.

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