• Andre Murillo is a professional basketball player born in Germany on 18 May 1990.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.
• He attended Biola University, taking a degree in Biblical Studies.
• He plays professionally with the Hamburg Towers in Germany.
• He is married to singer Tori Kelly, with whom he has a private relationship.

Who is Andre Murillo?

Andre Murillo was born on 18 May 1990, in Germany, and is a professional basketball player, but perhaps better known for being the husband of singer Tori Kelly. His wife found success after her run during the ninth season of “American Idol”, leading to numerous successful major label releases.

The Net Worth of Andre Murillo

Andre Murillo has a net worth estimated to be over $800,000, earned primarily through his contract in professional basketball in Germany. He probably benefits from the success of his wife too, as Kelly has a net worth reputedly over $3 million.

Early Life and Education

Andre was born in Germany, but at a young age his family moved to the US, where he would grow up in Southern California. During his time there, he developed a strong interest in sports such as American Football and basketball when he attended El Toro High School, one of the five high schools located in Lake Forest. He played with his school’s team, and after matriculating, enrolled at Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada. The public university is one of three universities in Canada that use English as a primary language for instruction; it ranks among the top business schools in the world.

He played with his school’s basketball team, but was later involved in an altercation at a party, in which he was attacked by some of the school’s opponents. He was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery due to his lung being badly damaged. He struggled during recovery, and became drug-dependent due to the pain he was in. Soon, he was kicked out of the university, and wanting to find a new start, he continued his studies at Biola University, located in La Mirada, California, and is a private university offering over 150 programs with a focus on evangelical Christian beliefs.

Basketball Career

Andre Murillo and Tori KellyDuring his time there, he took up a degree in Biblical Studies, eventually graduating. Still having a passion for basketball, he pursued the sport professionally, and while he couldn’t gain entry into a premier league such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), he found work as a player overseas. His family had close ties in Hamburg City, Germany, where he was recruited to be a part of the professional basketball team called the Hamburg Towers.

He initially played with the team in the ProA league, a second-tier league with 16 teams. The top two teams of the league are promoted to play in Basketball Bundesliga, and in 2019 he helped his team to promotion to the highest league in professional basketball in Germany; after a league stage, high ranking teams will compete in a play-off for the German Cup. He also briefly played with the Rostock Seawolves, and during the off-season comes back to the US for his wife.

Wife – Tori Kelly

As a teenager Tori loved music, and began sharing her passion through the video-sharing website YouTube. She was encouraged by her family and fans to try out for the ninth season of “American Idol”, a reality competition responsible for creating several stars. She reached the semi-finals of the competition before being eliminated in 2010. Not wanting her momentum to end, she started making and producing her music, independently, releasing an Extended Play (EP) in 2012 entitled “Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly”.

A year later, she signed with Capitol Records, leading to her second release and her first major label project, entitled “Foreword”. With good reception of her release, she began working on a debut studio album, which would become “Unbreakable Smile” released in 2015. The album reached second spot on the US Billboard 200 chart, and its lead single, “Nobody Love” also got into the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Thanks to her achievements, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.


She also worked on the animated film “Sing” in 2021, as the character Meena. One of her latest projects is her second album entitled “Hiding Place”, which was a lot more successful than her first, and won two Grammy Awards as a result. More recently, in 2020 she released  “A Tori Kelly Christmas”, and in 2024 the album “Tori”.

Personal Life

Andre and Tori have been rather  private about their relationship, only making a major announcement of their engagement in September 2017 through social media, until they married in Germany

They married in mid-2019, with both posting photos to commemorate the event; Kelly quoted theologian Tim Keller in her post, and the two reflected their Christian values. Since then, the two have laid low in terms of their relationship, and it’s not known if they have, or will have any children. He’s continued to return to his home country of Germany, continuing his career in professional basketball.

In mid-2023, Tori was hospitalised with what was diagnosed with blood clots – she was discharged after treatment, with no further details revealed.

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