• 38-year-old American actor, Kendrick Smith Sampson
• Grew up in Houston, Texas
• Devout Christian
• Has had 21 acting projects, including “The Vampire Diaries” and “How to Get Away with Murder”
• Thought to be single, despite rumors he is gay


Early Life

Born on 8 March 1981, in Houston, Texas, USA, Kendrick Smith Sampson is best known for working on TV series and silver screen projects such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “How to Get Away with Murder”. He is 38 years old, his zodiac sign is Pisces, and he’s American by nationality.

Family and Childhood

Kendrick is the son of Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson, through whom religion plays an important part in Kendrick’s life – he is a devout Christian. He spent his cjildhood years in Houston, and became interested in the arts from his childhood – coming from an arts-oriented family, he was reportedly enrolled in music lessons by his mother.

Kendrick’s love for acting began when he was a Gap ad, and having decided to try acting, he quickly began making connections, and was referred to the Texas Kim Terry Institute by an agent. He was a student of the Elkins High School, Texas, and was in the school’s theater program. Religion plays an important part of Kendrick’s life, and he is a devout Christian.

Kendrick Sampson


Kendrick made his debut in 2005, when he joined the cast of “Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story”. He then followed by appearing in two episodes of “Greek”, a TV series broadcast on ABC. In 2010, he could be seen in “of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, then in mid-2013 Sampson landed the recurring role of Jesse in season five of CW’s acclaimed and beloved TV series, “The Vampire Diaries”, based on the book series written by L.J. Smith., which brought him to greater prominence.

Latter Career

Having finished with “The Vampire Diaries”, Kendrick was cast in the role of Dean Iverson in “Gracepoint” in January 2014. He then went on to appear in the pilot for a new ABC series called “The Kingmakers” in early 2015, but unfortunately the show didn’t go to air.

In July of the following year, Kendrick portrayed Caleb Hapstall in the second season of 2 ABC’s legal drama, “How to Get Away with Murder”, created by Shonda Rhimes. Working on the mentioned series, the actor had a chance to work with people such as Viola Davis and Billy Brown.

In 2017, Sampson joined the cast of “Relationship Status” and subsequently worked on “The Flash”, “Insecure” and “Ghosting”. His TV series “How to Make Love to a Black Woman” is currently in pre-production. Overall, Kendrick has had 21 acting projects.

Does Kendrick Have a Girlfriend? Is he Gay?

Kendrick is assumed to be single. Some rumors say Sampson’s gay, but considering he dates girls, the rumor is fake. He often speaks out about racism, and about about white supremacy, forcing itself into African-American communities, even though there are no white people present; growing up, he was ridiculed for liking girls with a dark complexion.

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