• Aimee Preston has a net worth estimated to be over $300,000.
• She attended Denver School of the Arts and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.
• She is best known for being the girlfriend of Steven Tyler.
• Steven Tyler is a singer who has been in many high-profile relationships and marriages.
• They have a 40-year age gap and have been together since 2012.

Who is Aimee Preston?

Aimee Preston was born in the United States of America, and is a personal assistant (PA), but best known for being the girlfriend of Steven Tyler. Her boyfriend is a singer, who rose to fame as the lead of the rock band Aerosmith. He’s been known particularly for having relationships with younger women during his career.

The Net Worth of Aimee Preston

Aimee Preston has a net worth estimated to be over $300,000, thanks to success in her career as a PA. She’s worked with numerous celebrities, but probably also benefits from the success of Tyler, as he has a net worth estimated to be over $130 million.

Education and Career

Aimee attended Denver School of the Arts (DSA), a public school focused on preparing students for conservatory study, or a career in the arts. They offer 11 arts majors, including theatre, guitar, piano, creative writing, visual arts, and more. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) to earn a degree in Musical Theatre. It is a performing arts school which has campuses in Los Angeles and New York City, and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre, offering degrees and two-year certificate programs.

After graduating, she started working as a personal assistant for celebrities, beginning with Donald Trump while she stayed in New York City. The current US president was at the time focused on business, gaining a lot of attention for his success in that field. Afterwards, she worked as an assistant to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, who later shifted to designing as well as business, plus marrying famed former English soccer player David Beckham. After her time with Victoria, Aimee then began working for Steven Tyler in 2012.

Partner – Steven Tyler

At a young age, Steven was encouraged to try a career in music, as he was inspired by bands such as The Rolling Stones. In 1970, he started to gain fame as the lead singer of the band Aerosmith, though occasionally played instruments such as the percussion, piano and harmonica. After releasing albums such as “Rocks” and “Toys in the Attic”, Aerosmith became one of the top rock bands of the decade. Some of their hit singles include “Dream On”, “Walk This Way’, and “Sweet Emotion”.

However, their fame declined due to problems with drug and alcohol addiction during the 1980s. However, after overcoming the addictions, Stephen returned to making music with the band, creating a string of successful albums, most of which would be certified multi-platinum, including “Pump”, “Nine Lives”, and “Get a Grip”; the band had a lot of Top 40 singles, and won numerous awards. They toured extensively around the world to promote their music, which expanded its reach to other media platforms. Tyler established himself as a rock icon, and would also produce several solo projects while working with his band.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler’s Achievements

Tyler worked with other popular artists over the coming years, including Alice Cooper, Santana, and Pink. He also served as a judge in the reality competition show “American Idol”, and authored a book. In 2009, he had a bit of controversy after issues with his band members following an addiction to prescription drugs, but he overcame the addiction through therapy, and continued to make music with the band. In 2016, he released his debut album as a solo artist entitled “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere”, which focused on the country rock genre.

Thanks to his success, he has been named as one of the top metal vocalists of all time by “Hit Parader”, and one of the greatest singers of all time by “Rolling Stone”. He is a member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He’s been referred to as the Demon of Screamin’ thanks to his wide range and ability to sing in high pitch, do high screams, and his vocal versatility. His stage performances have been typified as high energy and acrobatic. He also established his own dress style, which consists of scarves, colorful outfits, and the use of a microphone stand during performances.

Personal Life

Preston first met Tyler in 2012, when she started working for him as a personal assistant. Over the years, the two grew closer, especially as she became his support system during his struggle with addictions. Two years after they met, the two appeared in public, showing affection leading to a lot of rumors. He eventually confirmed that they were in a relationship, and has since been open about the love he has for her. The two often share images together on social media, and they have also drawn attention because their 40-year age difference.

Tyler has been in a lot of high profile relationships and marriages during his life.

Early in his career he was in a relationship with a 16 year-old groupie named Julia Holcomb, which had a lot of problems due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. His daughter, actress Liv Tyler, was born from his relationship with Bebe Buell.  He was married to model Cyrinda Foxe from 1978 to 1987 when they divorced; she passed away in 2002 from brain cancer. In 1988, he married designer Teresa Barrick, and had two children from that marriage, which lasted until 2006. His last long-term relationship was with Erin Brady, with whom he became engaged in 2011 following a five-year relationship, but that was called off in 2013, after he met Aimee; with her, so far so good.

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