• Mary Lee Harvey is a make-up artist, but better known as the second wife of TV host, producer, actor, and comedian Steve Harvey
• Born in 1960 in Texas, USA, Mary worked as a make-up artist prior to her divorce from Steve Harvey
• Steve Harvey is famous for his stand-up comedy, television hosting, and writing books
• Mary and Steve married in 1989 but divorced in 2005 due to Steve's infidelity
• Mary has a net worth of around $500,000 as of early 2020

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey is makeup artist, but who is better known as the second wife of TV host, producer, actor, and comedian Steve Harvey.

Mary Lee Harvey Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

She was born Mary Lee Shackleford under the Libra Zodiac sign on 20 October 1960, in Texas, USA, making her 60 years old in October 2020. Mary is an American by nationality and of African-American ethnicity. Regarding her parents, Mary has not disclosed their names and what their professions are.

The same applies to her education, as Mary has not shed any light regarding that either. It’s also unknown whether she has any siblings.

Mary Lee Harvey Professional Career

Before Mary came into the limelight, she is believed to have worked as a make-up artist. Not much is known about this position either and whether she resumed it after her divorce. She gained popularity and attracted media attention after her divorce. On the other hand, Mary’s husband Steve Harvey is a household name.

Before he became a standup comic, Harvey was an amateur boxer, and worked various odd jobs, including carpet cleaner, a mailman, an insurance salesman, and an autoworker.

Steve is famous for his cheerful and funny personality. Besides his comic job and television hosting projects, Steve has also appeared in and written various books, including “Straight Talk, No Chaser,” “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” “Jump,” and “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success.”

He rose into comedy stardom in the early ‘90s.

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey

His debut was in 1990 when he signed up for a host position for “It’s Showtime,” at the Apollo. He made his television debut in 1996, when he appeared in the sitcom “Me and the Boys” on the ABC network.

His other acting credits include “The Fighting Temptations,” “My Wife and Kids,” and “You Got Served.” Steve is famous for hosting “Little Big Shots,” “The Family Feud” game show, and the annual “Miss Universe” pageant. He also has his own “Steve Harvey Show.”

Mary Lee Harvey Personal Life, Marriage, Ex-Husband, and Children

Mary met with Steve Harvey when he was fresh out of a divorce with his first wife, Marcia.

The move by Steve to get into another relationship so soon shocked many. Mary met Harvey in Arlington, Texas in 1989, while he was working as a comedian.

The duo instantly fell in love, and within a span of a year, they took their relationship to the next level by walking down the aisle. The couple was married for seventeen years, which is relatively rare with most Hollywood marriages. They were blessed with one child, Wynton, who was born in July 1997. The two divorced in 2005, and the news became a media spectacle.

The reason behind their nasty divorce was that Steve was unfaithful to his wife, Mary. She accused him of cheating with Marjorie Bridges – the accusations escalated as Steve began an affair with Bridges, and married her in 2007, barely two years after divorcing Mary.

Mary went ahead to upload various videos on YouTube claiming that Steve abused her mentally and physically while they were married. This threatened Steve’s reputation and public image and he took legal action against her Mary.

The jury and the judges proved that there wasn’t substantial evidence towards Mary’s claims. They declared it a false charge. Steve has many children from his multiple marriages, including twin girls with his first wife named Karli and Brandi, a stepson named Broderick Jr, and also three step-children from his present wife, Marjorie Bridges, named Lori, Jason, and Morgan.

Interesting Facts About Mary Lee Harvey

Here are two interesting facts about her:

Mary has been to jail – after she posted the videos on YouTube, Mary was ordered not to discuss her divorce from Harvey, to which she agreed, after she accepted a settlement from him.

However, she failed to keep her word, which landed her in jail for a year for contempt of court.

She married Steve Harvey before he became famous- when their marriage began, it was a case of loving someone for who they are. At the time, Steve was still finding his feet in the industry as a comedian. As time went by, he was able to grow his career to become the successful man that he is today.

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth

Mary earned a part of her wealth from her job as a make-up artist – the average annual pay for a make-up artist in America is $60,900. Apart from this, she also received a monthly allowance of $40,000 from her ex-husband as welfare and adjustment care; it was after the divorce and the allowance lasted four years.

Mary also got three homes from Steve as part of the separation settlement. According to reputable sources, Mary Lee Harvey has a net worth of around $500,000 as of early 2020.

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