• Alison Wardle is the wife of actor Graham Wardle since April 2015
• Graham Wardle was born in Mission, British Columbia, Canada in 1986 and is a 33 year-old Caucasian actor, producer, casting director, editor and soundtrack producer
• Graham has had roles in films such as "The Sentinel" and "Ratz" and is best known for his role as Ty Borden in the TV series "Heartland" since 2007
• Graham has also had a successful career as a producer, editor, soundtrack producer, and author
• Alison Wardle is known for her media presence but not much is known about her personal life

Who is Alison Wardle?

Born Alison Poff probably in the late 1980’s, in an unspecified part of Canada, Alison Wardle is a Caucasian woman of an unknown profession, supposedly in her mid-30’s. She is without doubt best known to the worldwide audience thanks to her infrequent presence on the TV screen, and across media outlets, and as the now e-wife of actor Graham Wardle . In spite of being in the public eye, Alison has shared practically nothing about her personal life, which leaves little verified information about her. Her ex-husband and other have said that she has a keen interest in photography. However, there is no confirmation that she has developed this interest further than a hobby. A

Who is Graham Wardle?

Born under the sign of Virgo on the 6th of September 1986, in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, Graham Wardle is a Caucasian actor, producer, casting director, editor and soundtrack producer.

He owes the greatest portion of his popularity to the fact that he’s been involved in a lead role in the highly successful CBC produced family drama entitled “Heartland”, since its inception in 2007. He has also had some other successes over the course of his entertainment career since 1998.

Early life and education: A fortuitous accident

Graham was raised in his birthplace alongside five siblings by their father and mother, all of unknown names and professions. Regarding his childhood interests, Graham was influenced very early and by accident, which definitely directed his passion later on. At one point when he was six years old, he happened be sitting with his mother in a room full of children auditioning for a commercial. Initially unbeknownst to both of them, this event led to Graham appearing on screen for the first time.

As for his education, he attended an unspecified high school in his birthplace, from where he matriculated in 2004. He then proceeded to improve his acting skills by enrolling into Capilano University in Vancouver, from where he graduated with a degree in motion picture and production programs in 2007.

Career: In stardom since childhood

Graham had found his first official on-screen professional engagement when he was only 12 years old, at which point he got to star as Young Aaron in the action adventure crime film by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo entitled “The Sentinel”. In 1999 Wardle made his TV series debut by starring as Bif in the episode of “The New Addams Family” entitled “Fester the Marriage Counselor”. In 2000 he got to portray Tod in the comedy fantasy film by Thom Eberhardt entitled “Ratz”, thus marking his movie debut.

Graham Wardle

The year after, Graham played Man in the episode of the iconic fantasy horror drama series “The Outer Limits” entitled “Family Values”. The young star then took a break from acting for two years until he finished his high school education, returning to the screen in 2004 in the role of Adam Kitsis in “Life as We Know It”. In 2005 Graham was Robert Yorke Hyde in “Killer Bash”, while in 2006 he realized two roles – in “Like Mike 2: Streetball” and “Fallen”. In 2007 he played Gabe Foley in “In the Land of Women”, Seth Corbin in “Anna’s Storm”, but their prestige doesn’t compare to the third one.

The sudden ascent through Hollywood

Graham’s most important career breakthrough was his third role in 2007, as Ty Borden, one of the three lead characters in the wildly popular family  TV drama series by CBC entitled “Heartland”. Over 13 seasons of the show since 2007,  Graham  featured in almost  all episodes of the show until his decision to leave the series in 2020. Naturally, this has been his greatest source of income.

Graham has also had some other roles over the years since he joined the cast – in 2008 he played Danny McNabb in “That One Night”, while in 2009 he realized the character of Chris in “Yesterday”, then in 2010 CBC released the show-related film entitled “A Heartland Christmas”, in which he starred as the same character. Two years later, Wardle was featured in “Mon Ami”, while in 2013 he had two more roles, one of them being his second short appearance as Tommy Collins in “Supernatural” (first in 2005), and the other Kyle in “Grave Halloween”. Finally, in 2019 he starred as Ty in “Hudson”.

His artistic stints

After gradually gaining experience over the years, Graham decided a few times that he’d stray from simply being an actor and try something else. Hence, he’s produced three short films so far – “Under Pressure: A Story of Microscopic Stakes” (2008), “The Vessel” (2012) and “Mi Madre, My Father” in 2018. Wardle was also the editor and casting director for the short film entitled “Versus” in 2007, and he vocally performed for the “Born to Be Wild” soundtrack in “Heartland”. Lastly, he published the book entitled “Find Your Truth” in 2014, which he sells on his own website alongside autographed photos.

Graham’s awards and nominations

Since the famous actor has less than 20 credited roles for now, he hasn’t had too many opportunities to provide award-winning performances. Still, his unforgettable presence in “Heartland” has been greatly commended, and sometimes even officially with a nomination.

In 2009, 2010 and 2012 Graham was nominated for the Leo Award in the Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series category, two for specific episodes and one for his total performance in the show. In 2019 he also received a nomination for the Canadian Screen Award in the Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award category, for the same show.

Love life: A loving husband

As for Wardle’s romantic involvements, there is no information about this part of his life leading up to the one with his now ex-wife. He and Alison Wardle are thought to have dated for at least five years prior to marrying in a private ceremony in 2015, completely hidden from the public eye. They don’t  have any children, and there wass been no controversy about their union, but they did keep their separation quiet fpr some time.


Since Ty Borden, the character he portrays in “Heartland”, has a very passionate on-screen relationship with Amy Fleming, the character of actress Amber Marshall, some in the audience have insinuated displeasure by the fact that they aren’t also married in real life. If anything, this only contributes to the quality of performance provided by both of the stars, and doesn’t in any way influence their separate marriages. Meantime, the Wardles resided apparently happily together at an undisclosed location in Canada.

Talk show and TV show star

According to Graham’s Twitter post from September 2019, there looks to be a talk show related to “Heartland”. He said ‘Mr. Weinberg is Heartland’s very own executive producer. Today is his birthday. I hope you have a great one sir! Check out his very polished and professional talk show. I’ll be making an appearance on it later this year.’

Convincingly dominant

When Canadian citizens were asked in September 2019 by tv-eh.com, arguably one of the most popular TV-related sites in Canada, to vote for the show they wanted to see more of , “Heartland” claimed an obvious victory, with 39% of the total votes for all of the most popular Canadian shows.

What is Graham Wardle’s net worth?

Have you lately taken a second to wonder what Graham Wardle’s net worth could be, as of mid-2024? Some of the most credible sources have estimated this amount to be more than $3 million, earned thanks to consistent excellence in performing in the entertainment business, most prominently by playing the lead character Ty Borden in “Heartland”. Considering the fact that his career is still in full bloom, the said amount will most likely grow.

Alison Wardle’s body measurements

So, what do you believe to be the physical specifications of Graham’s wife? Her height, weight and vital statistics are not known as of yet, while her body shape is generally described as regular. Alison’s dress, shoe and bra size are also not publicly available. She has bright blond hair and light green eyes, with a mostly pale but often tanned complexion.

Social media presence

Do you ever think about the amount of time this famous couple spends on the internet? Alison doesn’t seem to be interested in enjoying her fame through social media profiles, but Graham uses every available opportunity to promote “Heartland” on all three of the most popular social media networks, engaging with the fans on an almost daily basis by sharing various kinds of information about his professional and personal life. His Facebook has close to 60,000 fans, his Twitter almost 2,000, and his Instagram more than 250,000 followers.

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