• Robie Uniacke is a British mathematician and businessman, who gained fame after dating English actress Rosamund Pike.
• He is a graduate of Eton College with a degree in mathematics and has a business history, having started the IT-company Pale Fire Ltd. in 2010.
• Robie has been married twice before dating Rosamund, with whom he has two sons.
• Rosamund is a British actress best known for her roles in “Die Another Day” and “Gone Girl”.
• Robie and Rosamund are both keen travellers and have visited China together in 2015.

Who is Rosamund Pike’s partner? Robie Uniacke Wiki Bio

Robie Uniacke was born in England in 1961 – he holds British nationality and is a mathematician and a businessman, who came under the spotlight after he began dating English actress Rosamund Pike.

Childhood and education

Robie was raised in Windsor in England by his parents, and showed an interest in math at a very early age, solving tasks and problems faster than his peers. He attended a high school in Windsor, then the private Eton College. He apparentlygraduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 1983, but the university is unknown.

Career as a businessman

Robie worked for several consultancy and finance companies before launching his own Pale Fire Ltd. information technology (IT) company in 2010, and served on its board of directors. The company went bankrupt in 2016 and was closed in the same year – after several investigations were conducted, it was revealed that Robie failed to pay taxes of around $250,000 to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), while he also occasionally took large amounts of money from his company’s account using the business money for his own personal needs. Robie admitted to the accusations and was fired from his position as the company’s director.

Love life and dating Rosamund Pike

Robie started dating actress Rosamund Pike in 2009 after the two met at a party – they dated for three years before Rosamund gave birth to their son Solo in May 2012. They welcomed their second son Atom in December 2014, and the family of four is living together in England.

Before Rosamund, Robie was married to Emma Howards, another actress, who is the daughter of the Earl of Carlisle – they married in 1983 and divorced in 1989, while Emma gave birth to their son Robie Jonjo sometime during those years.

Robie then married Rose Batstone who works as an interior designer and the two have three children together named Hector, Olive, and Florence – the marriage lasted for several years before their split.

Rosamund was also in several relationships before she began dating Robie – she was dating an actor Simon Woods for two years before he came out as gay and married Christopher Bailey. She went on to date Joe Wright who is an executive in Hollywood, and the two were together for four years and were even engaged before splitting in 2008.

Likes and other interests

Robie is a big fan of travelling and has been all around the world, while his favorite country is China – he has learned to speak Mandarin Chinese and is teaching his children how to speak it as well. He has been interested in the film industry and Hollywood since he launched his career as a businessman, and his favorite actresses are Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie – he enjoys watching action and science fiction movies the most, including “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Robie is very keen on listening to music and has been an old-school rocker since his teenager years, having grown up listening to rock bands such as Aerosmith, The Scorpions, and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Robie Uniacke

Problems with drugs

Robie has been fighting with his drug addiction for years. Both he and his first wife Emma Howards were addicted to heroin, and this was allegedly the reason behind their divorce – they tried going to rehabilitation centers which did not help. It appears that Robie has recently become ‘clean’, and is not using any drugs anymore.

Appearance and net worth

Robie is 58 years old. He has short brown hair and green eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighs around 143lbs (65kgs) – his net worth is over $500,000 while his wife Rosamund’s net worth is over $9 million.

Who is Rosamund Pike, Robie’s partner?

Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike was born in London, England on 27 January 1979 – her birth sign is Aquarius and she holds British nationality. Rosamund is an actress best known for playing Miranda Frost in the “Die Another Day” James Bond spy film in 2002.

Rosamund was raised in London, the only child of parents Julian Pike and Caroline Friend who were both opera singers. She studied at Badminton School located in Bristol, where she began appearing in plays – it was there that she was first noticed by a scout, but failed to be accepted at acting schools. She enrolled at Wadham College, Oxford from which she graduated in 2001 with an Upper Second-class honours degree.

She started off acting in theatre plays, before winning roles in several TV series such as “A Rather English Marriage” in 1998 and “Wives and Daughters” in 1999. She was invited to appear in the “Die Another Day” James Bond movie in 2002, which turned out to be her breakthrough role. She went on to portray Elizabeth Malet in “The Libertine” film shot in 2004, alongside Johnny Depp. For her performance, she won the best supporting actress Award at the British Independent Films ceremony.

Rosamund played Jane in the “Pride & Prejudice” film in 2005, before starring alongside Anthony Hopkins in the “Fracture” film in 2007.

In 2011, she played Kate Sumner in the “Johnny English Reborn” comedy spy film with Rowan Atkinson,  and then acted alongside Tom Cruise in the “Jack Reacher” thriller movie in 2012. Some of her other roles in recent years have been in “The World’s End” film in 2013, “Gone Girl” in 2014, and “The Human Voice” short film shot in 2017 – she has been cast to appear in two thriller movies entitled “The Informer” and “Radioactive”, set to be released in 2020.

Rosamund is fascinated by China just as Robie, and they visited the country together in 2015 when she was promoting her movie “Gone Girl” – the two received Chinese names with Rosamund’s being 裴淳华 or Péi Chúnhuá, and she has requested this to be used as her name while in China, rather than her English name being translated to Chinese.

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