Who is Donya Fiorentino?

Donya Fiorentino was born on 10 November 1967, in Key Largo, Florida, USA, and is a photographer as well as a former model, but perhaps better known for being the third wife of actor Gary Oldman. She gained a lot of attention during their divorce proceedings, as well as in 2018 when she started slinging accusations at her former husband.

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The Riches of Donya Fiorentino

Donya Fiorentino’s net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, earned thanks largely to her work as a model and photographer. During her time with Oldman, she probably benefitted from his wealth and success, as he has a net worth estimated to be over $50 million.

Donya Fiorentino and Gary Oldman, circa 1997.Fiorentino and Oldman married in 1997 and had two boys – Gulliver and Charlie – before they divorced in 2001.

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Life and Career

At a young age, Donya became interested in modeling and pursued that career as soon as she could. However, she never really made a big impact and as she advanced in age she started to focus more on her interest in photography. She struggled with alcohol early in her life, and as a part of her rehabilitation she started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during the mid-1990s. It was during this period that she met actor Gary Oldman, who at the time, found himself slipping into alcoholism apparently due to the stress of his career.

The two started a relationship, and she became pregnant after four months. The two married in 1997, and had another child during their time together. After her second child was born she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and to cope with the condition she had to take painkillers. Struggling with addiction, she found painkillers to be the next substance she was hooked on, which opened the door for the return of her old vices of alcohol and drugs. As she spiraled out of control, Oldman felt that they were no longer in a good place in their marriage, and the two divorced in 2001 after a lengthy custody battle.

Donya Fiorentino

Ex-Husband – Gary Oldman

Gary attended West Greenwich School but left education behind at the age of 16 as he needed to work to help his family. At this time he aspired to pursue a career in music, but later moved his interest towards acting, after seeing “The Raging Moon”.

During the 1970s, he was a part of the Young People’s Theatre, while still working other jobs to help make ends meet. He failed twice in applying for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, then got an opportunity with a scholarship at Rose Bruford College, from where he graduated with a degree in acting.

He performed in a few theatrical plays in college and afterwards transitioned successfully to become a professional stage actor. Some of his projects over the next few years included “Dick Whittington and His Cat”, “The Massacre in Paris”, and “Meantime”. He made his breakthrough in the production entitled “Saved”, which led to more work during the 1980s.

Gary Oldman’s Success

In 1986, Oldman moved to work in front of the camera, as he played the titular Sid Vicious in “Sid and Nancy” in 1986.

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More film and television roles opened up for him, and he worked on “Prick Up Your Ears”, and then in the television movie “The Firm”, which gained a bit of attention due to its controversial depiction of football (soccer). At this time, he became associated with a group called the Brit Pack, which consisted of English actors who had made it big in Hollywood – the name is a play on the Hollywood Brat Pack.

In the 1990s, he took more villainous and antagonistic roles, as seen in “The Fifth Element”, “Air Force One”, and “Leon: The Professional” which helped him become known as one of the best villains of cinema.

During the next decade, he started taking more supporting roles, and becoming known for his portrayal as Sirius Black in the “Harry Potter” franchise. He also played the role of James Gordon in the Christopher Nolan trilogy “The Dark Knight”, based on the DC character Batman. A couple of his latest projects are ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “Darkest Hour”, the latter performance winning him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Personal Life

Fiorentino married Oldman in 1997 and they stayed together for four years, having two children during this period. She is his third wife, following short, failed marriages with actresses Lesley Manville and Uma Thurman.

The divorce proceedings were long, as Fiorentino wanted custody of their two children, while Oldman wanted to take them in, knowing her tendencies for addiction. She accused him of being physically abusive, stating that he even hit her four times with a telephone in front of their children when she attempted to call the police. Oldman defended himself, claiming that these events never took place. The court never saw any evidence for her claims, and Oldman was awarded sole custody of their children. She, on the other hand, remained under the supervision of the state due to her troubles with alcohol and drugs.

In 2018, following Oldman’s Academy Award win, the story about him being abusive resurfaced in tabloids, as Fiorentino publicised the accusations once more. She was hoping to ride the momentum of the Me Too movement, and played the victim. One of their children came forward after the accusations, and killed all the rumors after he went to the media stating that he was there during the supposed incident and that no physical abuse ever took place. He also lived with Oldman his entire life, and never once experienced any abuse from him. The case was dead.


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