• Jeff Tietjens is an American lawyer and ex-husband of Aisha Tyler, an American host and actress
• He obtained his BA in law and administration from Dartmouth College in 1990 and has two mansions in Hanover, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California
• He and Aisha Tyler married in 1992 and divorced in 2017 due to irreconcilable differences, with Jeff earning $2 million in compensation
• Aisha Tyler is an American actress and host known for her roles in "Friends" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
• She is an advocate of the LGBTQ community and is currently in a relationship with Emily Bett Rickards

Jeff Tietjens is best known for his being the ex-husband of Aisha Tyler, the popular American host and actress. Their divorce broke the headlines of all newspapers as they seemed to be a happy couple, living together for almost 25 years.

Early life and family

Jeff Tietjens was born in 1968, in Hanover, New Hampshire USA, so holds American nationality. Since his childhood he liked witnessing his father’s successful career as a lawyer, so Jeff was determined to become an attorney or a lawyer himself. As of 2019, he has two mansions – in Hanover, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California – and he trips between these areas according to his working schedule.

Educational background, career

Jeff matriculated from high school in 1986, and then enrolled into Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, graduating in 1990 with a BA in law and administration, just as he dreamt. Right away he got a job in one of the prestigious law companies, developing his career. He hasn’t shared many details about his work, but it is known that his career is quite successful, and he is a very experienced professional. Hardly had his ex-wife, Aisha, imagined what a good attorney her then-husband would become, assuring the court he suffered from his marriage with Aisha, asking for compensation.

Personal life, ex-wife Aisha Tyler

Jeff and Aisha met during their college years at Dartmouth College. They started dating in 1990, and married in 1992. They lived together for more than 20 years when they suddenly separated in 2015. Aisha announced that they ‘took a break’, and her fans still believed she would return to Jeff, however, he filed for divorce in 2016, finalized in 2017 – the official reason for their split was irreconcilable differences, yet rumors about the real reason are still circulating around the media – the couple didn’t have children, and Jeff blamed Aisha for her inability to conceive a child.

Loud divorcing process

As an experienced attorney, Jeff did everything to finish the process of divorce with all the benefits he could get. He accused his wife of hiding her real intentions not to have children, so he spent his life living with a woman who in fact wasn’t even going to give birth to his kids. He also supposed that she was a lesbian, and didn’t want to have a man in her life. Even though by that time Aisha hadn’t made any coming outs about her sexuality, the rumors spread around her fans, and she suffered from many questions about the details of her private life. Eventually, the court ordered Aisha pay a one-time redemption of $500,000, also paying Jeff $31,250 every month for the next two years, starting from 2017 – ultimately Jeff got $2 million from his ex-wife.

The court’s decision was explained by the security arrangement Jeff had to impose, to be safe from the media and Aisha’s fans.

Who is Aisha Tyler?

Aisha Naomi Tyler was born on 18 September 1970, in San Francisco, California USA. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. Aisha was born into the family of James Tyler, an experienced photographer, and Robin Gregory, an elementary school teacher. During her childhood Aisha had a chance to live in Ethiopia for around a year, as her parents moved there as her father was contracted. After that Aisha’s family moved to Oakland, California, where Aisha lived in the ashram.

Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler’s educational background

As Aisha was interested in acting and performing from childhood, and her passion was approved by her parents, she attended various art schools, among them McAteer High School located in San Francisco – now Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts. There she met the future stand-up comedian Margaret Cho, and Sam Rockwell, the popular actor and her high school crush. Later Aisha enrolled at Dartmouth College, from which she graduated in 1992 with a BA in performing arts. During her college years she sang in the band Dartmouth Rockapellas, which she co-founded with her female college mates.

Aisha Tyler’s successful acting career

Aisha started her television career in 1996, when she made her debut in the series “Nash Bridges”, landing the minor role of a reporter. After appearing in several more series, such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “The Weakest Link” and “The Pretender”, Aisha started hosting the talk show “Talk Soup” in 2001, and during 2001 and ’02, she hosted the dating show “The Fifth Wheel”, before appearing in nine episodes of the legendary series “Friends” in the role of Dr. Charlie Wheeler. Aisha was also a star in such series as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, in which she landed the role of Mia Dickerson, “Ghost Whisperer”, in the recurring role of Andrea Marino, and “Archer”, in which she voiced-over the character of Lana Kane.

She also likes participating in various game shows, such as “Lip Sync Battle”.

Aisha Tyler’s attempt to become a director

In 2016 Aisha announced that she was starting her campaign on the platform Kickstarter to raise money for her project “Axis”, in which she was going to act as the director for the first time in her career. The movie was filmed in just seven days, based on the story of Emmett Hughes. She also later announced she was leaving the show “The Talk”, which she hosted for many years in a row along with Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert, as she was on a tight schedule with her new projects in the role of the director.

Aisha Tyler is a lesbian, happy with her life partner, actress Emily Bett Rickards

In 2018 Aisha shared her mutual photos with the Canadian actress Emily Bett Rickards. On those photos the actresses kissed and hugged, and Aisha wrote in the caption: ‘True love’, admitting her relationship with Emily. She then officially announced that she was a lesbian, and became a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community and their rights.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Jeff is keen on sports and likes snow season kinds of activities, skiing, snowboarding and skating, while he also like swimming, walking and hiking.

Jeff likes reading science fiction books.


Appearance, clothing style

Jeff has short light brown hair and grey eyes. He is 5ft 8ins (1.76m) tall and weighs around 176lbs (80kgs). As to his clothing style, he likes wearing suits and casual yet smart outfits, which include light-shaded shirts, trousers and leather shoes. He also likes wearing sunglasses.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Jeff’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. As to Aisha, her net worth is reported to be around $8 million.

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