• Boogie Tillmon is an American who gained recognition after marrying Trey Parker, an American animator, film director, producer, and an actor.
• Boogie was raised in Los Angeles and took singing, dancing and acting lessons.
• Trey and Boogie were married in 2014 but filed for divorce in 2019 and have a daughter together.
• Boogie is an animal lover, enjoys travelling and has a net worth of over $100,000.
• Trey is an animator, film director, screenwriter and actor, known for creating the popular animated TV series “South Park”.

Who is Trey Parker’s ex-wife? Boogie Tillmon Wiki Bio

Boogie Tillmon was born in Los Angeles, California USA in the 1980s, so holds American nationality. She gained recognition only after marrying Trey Parker, an American animator, film director, producer, and an actor.

Childhood and education

Boogie was raised in a middle-class family in Los Angeles – her mother was a housewife while her father worked in a factory. She became interested in acting at a very early age and started taking acting classes at the age of seven. While acting never worked out for her, she also took singing and dancing lessons.

After matriculation, Boogie worked at several jobs so that she could pay for her college, but she never actually enrolled at one.

Boogie’s career

Boogie started off with jobs such as waitressing in restaurants and bars, before she became a stripper performing, and dancing in bars around Los Angeles – after marrying Trey Parker, she gave up stripping and became a housewife.

Love life and marriage with Trey Parker

Trey and Boogie first met in 2013, apparently at a bar in which Boogie was working as a stripper – Trey has denied these rumors and has stated that the two met at an event.

They married in 2014 and were together for five years before they filed for divorce in 2019. They have a daughter together named Betty Boogie Parker born in 2013, while Boogie has a son with a man whom she dated before meeting Trey. Before Boogie, Trey was married to Emma Sugiyama from 2006 to 2008 – they didn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Boogie has been interested in the film industry since she was seven years old – some of her favorite actors and actresses are Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Scarlett Johansson, and favorite movies are “12 Monkeys”, “Ghost in the Shell”, and “Twins”.

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She enjoys travelling and has been all around the US during the time she spent married to Trey Parker – she leads a luxurious lifestyle, so many people believe that she was with Trey Parker only because of his huge net worth. Boogie is a lover of animals and has had several pet dogs throughout the years – she also enjoys nature, and spending her free time in parks and green fields. She was sporting while attending high school, and although she doesn’t participate in sports anymore, she often attends football and baseball matches in Los Angeles.

Appearance and net worth

Boogie is currently around 34 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 134lbs (61kgs) – her net worth is over $100,000, while her ex-husband Trey’s net worth is over $500 million.

Who is Trey Parker, Boogie’s ex-husband?

Randolph Severn Trey Parker III was born in Conifer, Colorado USA, on 19 October 1969 – he is an animator, film director, screenwriter, and an actor, best known for creating the “South Park” animated TV series which has been airing since 1997. Trey was raised in Conifer by his father Randolph Randy Parker who was a geologist, and his mother Sharon who was a saleswoman. He had decent school grades, but was a huge fan of the surreal British comedy group Monty Python, and their sense of humor. He wrote his first sketch in sixth grade entitled “The Dentist”, and it got him featured in the school’s talent show – because of the fake blood Trey used in the show, the school called his parents when other children ended up crying and were upset.

Boogie Tillmon

At the time, Trey was dreaming about becoming a popular singer and actor, but also began working on creating movies with his friends at the age of 14 – he wrote his first comedy album when he was 17, entitled “Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads For The ‘80’s Man”. After matriculation from high school in 1988, he enrolled at Berklee College of Music, but soon moved to the University of Colorad, Boulder where he was focused on his film classes. His first movie entitled “Giant Beavers of Southern Sri Lanka” was finished in 1989, for which he was laughed at in class. In 1992, he shot the “American History” film, which won him his first award: a student academy award.

His career was officially launched in 1992, when he co-founded the Avenging Conscience company – his first movie with his own company was “Jesus vs. Frosty” released that year. “Alfred Packer: The Musical” fictional movie Trey created was released in October 1993 and it has to this day remained a ‘cult classic’.

At the time, Trey was engaged to Lianne Adamo, the girl he dated for several years before the engagement, however, they split in the same year.

Upon the success of the film, Trey and his friends moved to Los Angeles, where they created the short film entitled “The Spirit of Christmas”, also known as “Jesus vs. Frosty” – they sent the video to several industry executives, while someone digitized it and posted it on the internet – it went viral. The extremely popular “South Park” animated TV series which was created in 1997 by Trey was inspired by “Jesus vs. Frosty” – it was accepted by both Comedy Central and MTV; Trey chose Comedy Central as he was afraid MTV might turn it into a kids show.

Some of the other movies Trey has created throughout the years include “Terror Firmer” in 1999, “Team America: World Police” in 2004, and “The Aristocats” animated film in 2005 – he has written several songs during the years, some of which are “Chocolate Salty Balls” for “South Park” in 1998, “Blame Canada” for “South Park” as well in 1999, and “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld” in 2000.

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