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Pablo Lyle is a Mexican actor, born on 18th November 1986, in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. After matriculating from a small Catholic school in his hometown, he skipped out on furthering his studies, preferring to focus on his modelling career instead. The disgraced actor was charged with manslaughter in 2019, and is currently serving a prison sentence.


Pablo’s acting career started in 2005, with uncredited roles doing commercials. In 2006, he was cast as Emmanuel Pérez López in the telenovela “Código postal”, a role that lasted until 2007. His first leading role came two years later, when he played Baldomero Pérez Olmos, one of the four main characters in “Verano de amor”. In 2010, he appeared as Cano in the series “Mujeres asesinas”, followed by a role as José López Torres in the telenovela “Una familia con suerte”, after which Pablo joined the cast of “Cachito de cielo”, playing Matías Salazar Silva.

He also dabbled in theater with a role in “Cuatro XXXX”, and played Esteban Narváez Gutiérrez in “Por siempre mi amor”. A year before his breakout role as Cristóbal Mendoza Rivero in “La sombra del pasado”, Pablo also appeared as Sandro in an episode of “Como dice el dicho”.

Pablo’s portrayal of Cristóbal helped him become a mainstream actor in Mexico, as he later appeared in “La rosa de Guadalupe” as Cano, had a recurring role as Alonso Ferrer Castellanos in “Corazón que miente”, and played Rodrigo Villacencio Solana in “Mi adorable maldición”. During that time, the actor also participated in the theater plays “Mi amiga la gorda” and “Divorciémonos mi amor”; however, his career would come to a grinding halt just two years after this role.

Some of Pablo’s career highlights include his first TVyNovelas award for Best New Actor in 2012, being voted one of the top 50 most handsome celebrities by People en Español magazine, and his numerous nominations in different categories. It remains uncertain why Pablo stopped working from 2017 to 2019, but it’s possible that he was focusing on raising the two children he shares with his wife of nine years, Ana Araujo.

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Notable Roles

Many fans of Pablo agree that his best role was that of Cristóbal in “La sombra del pasado”, the son of Severiano Mendoza, the most powerful man in town, and his wife Candela. For years, Severiano had a clandestine affair with a local woman named Roberta Lozada, who was in an unhappy marriage to a man named Raymundo Alcocer. When the affair was discovered, the animosity between the Mendoza and Alcocer families reached its boiling point; two decades later, Cristóbal fell in love with Roberta and Raymundo’s daughter, Aldonza, which when Candela learned about it, she spoke to her husband and demanded that he put an end to the situation. Severiano raped Aldonza, who left town for months and was about to become a nun when she decided to return and fight for Cristóbal’s love.

Another notable role of Pablo’s is his portrayal of Baldomero in “Verano de amor”. The remake of the famous Argentinian telenovela followed the story of four teenagers who are best friends and have always lived in the city of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. Although the telenovela wanted to teach viewers the difference between pursuing your dreams and pursuing material goods, many of the storylines were also based on Baldomero’s disastrous love life – he’d dreamed of becoming a famous musician, but was forced to work hard at a young age in order to support his mother and younger sister, after his father walked out on the family.

Despite being one of the leading characters, Baldomero’s sister Miranda (played by Dulce María) was the undoubted star of the show. Pablo and Dulce famously dated for five months while filming the show; the actress was also rumored to be having an affair with Pedro Damian, the show’s creator and producer. When the series ended, Pedro’s wife, Victoria Díaz, filed for divorce, but never confirmed if the rumors were true.

Manslaughter Charges

A road rage incident that took place in Miami, Florida changed the course of Pablo’s life and career forever. In 2019, the actor admitted to punching 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernández in the face while on his way to the airport with his wife and children.

A surveillance video released after the incident showed Juan get out of the car at a stop light to confront Pablo’s brother-in-law, who was driving the vehicle and had reportedly cut him off. When the brother-in-law got out of the car, both men argued until Juan turned around and headed back towards his vehicle. This is when Pablo jumped out, ran up to Juan and punched him.

Juan, who was of Cuban origin, was hospitalized and died four days later of a traumatic brain injury. Following Juan’s death, Pablo’s charges were changed from battery to manslaughter. He later claimed that he had acted in self-defense, fearing that Juan was armed and adding that his children were scared.

Pablo was finally convicted in October 2022, but it would take another four months for him to be sentenced to five years in state prison, eight years’ probation, 500 hours of community service, and conflict resolution management classes. The sentencing hearing lasted three hours; in that time, a morose Pablo apologized to Juan’s family members, who were in the courtroom, and said: “I always pray for him and for you, with all my heart.”

“The evidence shows that the action of Mr. Lyle was an act of violence,” the judge said. “Mr. Lyle has to be held responsible for those actions.”

In April 2023, Pablo’s wife Ana gave her first interview in which she revealed how the family’s lives had changed since the road rage incident. According to Ana, their daughter Aranza suffered from insomnia, and became fearful after learning that her father would be going to prison, whereas their son, Mauro, accepted the news because he had been prepared for it.

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