• Darren Rose, AKA rapper Tadoe, is best known for being associated with Chief Keef's label GloGang.
• As of early-2020, his net worth is estimated to be over $250,000.
• He was a member of the large Chicago-based street gang the Black Disciples.
• He released several singles including “Know How I Rock” and “Haircut”.
• He is known to have dated model and rapper Cuban Doll, but the two eventually broke up in 2018.

Who is Tadoe?

Darren Rose was born on 14 July 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and as rapper Tadoe, is best known for his association with Chief Keef’s label called GloGang, previously known as Glory Boyz Entertainment. He’s released several singles during his career, including “Know How I Rock” and “Haircut”. He’s also been professionally known as Tadoe da Savage and Lil Boss GBE Tadoe.

The Riches of Tadoe

As of early-2020, Tadoe’s net worth is estimated to be over $250,000, earned through success as a rapper. He’s collaborated with many other popular rap artists, mostly those also associated with GloGang. He loves wearing luxury jewelry and accessories as a part of his apparel.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tadeo grew up with a strong interest in music, and became a member of the large Chicago-based street gang the Black Disciples. While the gang initially had noble interests, created to prevent bullying from Caucasian gangs and to fight injustice, they eventually resorted to more violent or criminal behavior, and have been associated with acts of kidnapping, robbery, murder, and theft.

He grew up with cousin Keith Cozart or Chief Keef, a fellow gang member, and who at the time was already finding success in the music industry. His cousin became famous as a teen, releasing the single “I Don’t Like” which was also popularized by a remix of Kanye West. While he’s had a successful career, it has also been marred with criminal and legal issues including weapons possessions. Tadoe developed his skills as he grew up, and eventually became a member of Keef’s group Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), later Glo Gang.

He became members with other rappers such as the late Fredo Santana, Lil Flash, and Ballout.

Making Music

While GBE was a group consisting of several rappers, it also functioned as a label created by Chief Keef while he was under Interscope Records. Tadoe released his first single in 2012 called “Turn Up” which featured Fredo Santana and Soulja Boy. The song got him a bit of attention and so he released his first full mixtape called Molly Water the following year. Some of the songs included on the album are “Sidewase” and “Bankroll”. He followed it up with another mixtape just a few months later called “Da Shooter”.


Just before 2015, he released his first album through the label 101 Distribution. Called “Thotties, Thoinks & Joints” it was led by the single “Know How I Rock” which featured his fellow GloGang member Ballout, and became a huge success, particularly on YouTube where it gained millions of views. The duo continued to collaborate, and created the joint mixtape “Glo Gang Empire” which featured performances by rapper Yung Lean and Jus Glow on the release.

The following year he worked on “The Slickest One 2”, and then released “The Golden One” in 2018. His latest release featured Keef, Ballout, and Fredo Santana. Some of his singles in that release include “Liver”, “P’s” and “Go Live”. He’s been heavily featured in the albums of Chief Keef, and collaborated with Trippie Redd on the music video “I Kill People!” which went viral.

Feuds and Controversies

Like many gang-associated rappers, Tadoe has had his share of issues. He has a feud with Mack Maine which began during a party for DJ Khaled held in Miami. Rumors started going around that he punched Mack Maine at the party, with many tweets talking about it including Tadoe’s producer. Mack Maine didn’t respond to all these rumors but later sent out a tweet accusing people of easily believing what they hear – others at the event also confirmed that no altercation occurred.

Tadoe and GloGang used to be closely associated with Soulja Boy, but things eventually fell apart. Issues between them began escalating with Ballout and Soulja Boy, when Ballout reportedly stole one of Soulja Boy’s chains from his house. There was retaliation, as one of Soulja Boy’s gang members then stole Tadoe’s watch, before a declaration was made that their collaborations had ended. Soulja later discovered that the watch was fake, and threatened to break it.

Personal Life

Tadoe is known to have dated model and rapper Cuban Doll for some time, but the two eventually broke up in 2018 after Cuban Doll had an Instagram live conversation with another rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The breakup was said to be violent and Doll was sent to the hospital as she had suffered a bruise to her face.

Aside from music, Tadoe enjoys creating and marketing merchandise for the GloGang. He also loves pranks much like the rest of his label. They often play pranks on each other, posting them online, with Tadoe often the target.

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