• Sarah Evelyn Habel, born 30 July 1982, is notably known for her role as Geraldine Grundy in “Riverdale”.
  • Her acting journey started in 2007, with prominent roles in “Underemployed” and “Whip It”.
  • She graduated with a BA in Theater from Michigan State University and furthered her studies in NYC and London.
  • Sarah has an estimated net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million, reflecting her acting career achievements.
  • She maintains privacy around her marriage and family life, with limited public information on her spouse and children.

Who is Sarah Habel?

Born Sarah Evelyn Habel under the sign of Leo on 30 July 1982 in Michigan USA, Sarah is a 41-year-old actress. She is perhaps best known to the world for portraying Geraldine Grundy in The CW Television Network’s crime mystery drama TV series entitled “Riverdale”. She has also played a number of other characters over the course of her often lucrative acting career since 2007.

Early life and education: Growing up in Michigan with a mysterious family

Sarah’s upbringing unfolded in her birthplace under the guidance of her parents, whose names and professions remain undisclosed. Growing up, she appeared to be an only child, keeping her early interests shrouded in mystery, though speculation suggests a penchant for the dramatic arts.

Her educational journey began at an unnamed high school in her hometown, culminating in her graduation in 2000. Eager to delve deeper into her passion, she pursued higher education at Michigan State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater in 2004.

However, Sarah’s thirst for knowledge and skill development persisted. She embarked on a year-long journey immersing herself in theater studies, traversing various institutions in New York City and even venturing across the pond to London.

Full NameSarah Evelyn Habel
Known ForPortraying Geraldine Grundy in “Riverdale”
Profession/OccupationActress and model​​
EducationBachelor of Arts in Theater from Michigan State University
Net WorthEstimated between $500,000​​ to $1 million​​
ChildrenOne daughter​​
ParentsFather: Mr. Habel (businessman), Mother: Mrs. Habel (housewife)​​
Date of Birth30 July 1982
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthMichigan, USA
EthnicityWhite Caucasian​​
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown​​
Height5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight108 lbs (49 kg)
Notable Works“Riverdale”, “Underemployed”, “Whip It”
Social Profile Links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Career: From the grand stage to the flat screen

Habel began her acting career in 2006 by joining the cast of the touring Wild Swan Children’s Theater, which is conveniently based in Michigan. Soon she passed her first casting for the big screen, and made her short film debut as Emily in “Beginning of Grief”.

Two years later, she showed up as Elizabeth Brown in “The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations”, and in the same year made both her film and TV series debuts by starring as Lucy Platko in “The Beast”, and her first lead role as Corbi in “Whip It”.

Besides one role in 2009, she had another five in 2010, appearing in well-established shows including “CSI: NY” and “Cold Case”. 2011 was a bit less active for Sarah, with only two realized roles, though the one that stood out was her appearance as Kendra in “Hostel: Part III”.

She continued 2012 with the same momentum, as Daphne in the TV show entitled “Underemployed”, in which she remained for 12 episodes until 2013. In 2014, she was seen in one more film, and played the significant role of Eve Parker in 10 episodes of “Rush”.

Sarah Habel

Her latest five years in the business

In 2015, Sarah proved herself as a voice actress as well, by lending her voice to Judy in “Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn”, which is a horror 3D animation.

For a thus-far unspecified reason, Sarah took a break from acting until 2017, at which point she made her lead role presence as Abby in the film entitled “Atomica”, and went on to leave her most noted mark yet, by appearing as Geraldine Grundy in six episodes of the super popular TV series entitled “Riverdale”, four of which are part of the first season, while the other two came with the next release, all in 2017 though.

Again, for reasons unbeknownst to the media, Sarah is at the moment on another break from acting, and has been since “Riverdale”. She returned to acting in “Riverdale” for additional episodes in 2022-2023, an indication that she’s not done with acting just yet.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

When it comes to Sarah’s romantic involvements, there is really little information, due to Habel’s customary secrecy and lack of contact with the media, so her fans are left wondering whether she ever dated anyone at all.

However, with a careful look at her Instagram feed, one can find a specific picture of Sarah and her mother, which she says was taken on her wedding day; she also appears to be wearing a wedding ring, but Sarah’s husband remains a complete mystery. It doesn’t look like they have children, while their plans for the future, and their place of residence are also completely private.

Is she a feminist?

When on 26 January 2017 Sarah retweeted a post by HuffPostWomen with the description ‘XXXX’, it made many fans wonder whether she is a women’s rights activist.

Since it is a custom for feminists to spread propaganda against current US President Donald Trump, her retweet that kind of did the opposite came across as somewhat confusing to her fans, considering that she only ever posts about the titles she’s featured in, and her random lightweight thoughts.

Sarah herself doesn’t really claim to be a feminist, but in either case, her retweet is sure to have attracted another type of audience – those who vibe with the insinuated movement.

Sarah on genres and acting

An interview with Sarah on 20 March 2017, delved into her recent performances in “Atomica” and her role in “Hostel: Part III.”

When probed about her genre preferences, given her diverse portfolio spanning comedy, mystery, horror, action, and sci-fi, Sarah expressed, “I love every genre. It’s akin to stepping into a different realm of storytelling. I’m open to whatever genre resonates with me at the moment and whichever character speaks to me.”

In essence, Sarah articulated her eagerness to explore all genres without favoring one over the others. She emphasized the versatility of actors, likening them to chameleons, and expressed her aspiration to embody that adaptability fully.

What is Sarah Habel’s Net Worth?

Have you considered the potential net worth of Sarah Habel, as of 2024? Well, authoritative sources estimate that her net worth is close to $1 million, earned by lending her acting expertise to various titles throughout her career, particularly for playing Geraldine Grundy in “Riverdale”.

Seeing as Sarah tends to take breaks from acting, but always eventually comes back, her career can be concluded as far from over, and thus the said value will surely grow.

Body measurements

Curious about Sarah Habel’s physical attributes? She stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 centimeters) and weighs approximately 108 pounds (49 kilograms), with vital statistics measuring 32-24-34. While specifics like her dress, bra, and shoe sizes remain undisclosed, her physique is commonly characterized as fit. Sporting light brown hair with blonde highlights, Sarah’s eyes captivate with their dark green hue, and her complexion exudes radiance, often boasting a sun-kissed tan.

Social media presence

Like practically any other actress today, Sarah is expected to have a presence across the most popular social media platforms, so as to maintain the interest of the audience. Sarah herself is not overly interested in maintaining a highly active acting career but has accounts on three of the most popular social media networks. Her Facebook page has almost 6,800 fans, her Twitter nearly 30,000, and her Instagram just over 29,000 followers.

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