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Roger Cook was born in 1955 in Massachusetts, USA, and is a garden and landscape contractor, who rose to prominence after he became the star of the “This Old House” home renovation reality TV series in 1988.

Early life and education

Roger spent his entire childhood in Massachusetts, where he was raised by his father and his mother, who was a housewife and enjoyed spending her free time in her garden – Roger spent more time as a kid with his mother rather than with his father which is how he became interested in gardening and nature in general.

A BIG congrats to Roger Cook for his gold medal from Massachusetts Horticultural Society!

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He attended the University of Maine from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife management and conservation law in 1977.

Career as a TV personality

Soon after obtaining his degree, Roger joined the Massachusetts Arborist Association, and has been an active member to this day – he has also served as the board of directors’ president of both the Association of Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts, and New England Grows.

He launched his own K & R Tree and Landscape Company in 1982, together with his now deceased wife Kathleen. In 1982, Roger was invited to appear in the “This Old House” home renovation reality TV series, after having already contributed to several of the show’s projects, such as Woburn House and Bigelow Ranch among others. He appeared in numerous episodes during the next six years, until 1988 when he was made part of the main cast from the beginning of their Lexington Bed & Breakfast renovation episodes – he is still serving as the shows garden and landscape contractor.

Roger is also contributing to the “This Old House” magazine, and is a member of its editorial board – he also contributed to the writing of the “Complete Landscaping” book, published in 2004 by This Old House Book in a collaboration with Sunset Books. Roger is currently appearing less often in the show, as he is having some health issues.

Illness and current health update

Roger’s limp was first noticed in the “This Old House” show, and it appeared to be getting worse – he skipped most of the show’s 40th season due to his illness, and it was announced in June 2018 that he was not well.

He addressed the public stating that he was struggling with a number of health issues, and had to limit himself to appearing in the show only occasionally. Rumor has it that the popular reality TV star has recently suffered from a heart attack – it appears as he has significantly reduced the amount of time he spends on the set of “This Old House”, but that his health has not improved.

Love life and marriage

Roger began dating Kathleen while he was attending his second year at the University of Maine – they dated for several years before marrying sometime in the ‘80s.

Roger Cook

Roger and Kathleen have two children, Jason and Molly, who are currently living with Roger in Burlington, Massachusetts as Kathleen lost her battle with cancer on 1 December 2010, when she passed away at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston at the age of 56. Kathleen was born in Woburn, and attended Burlington High School before enrolling at Merrimack College, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1977. Her father worked at the Gulde Insurance Company and she learned the insurance business from him, and went on to found her own Gulde – Cook Insurance Company, while her mother Kay was a housewife; Kathleen had four sisters.

She enjoyed spending her time with her friends and family, and vacationing at her home in Falmouth – she was very fond of reading books and magazines, and lying on the beach during summer.

Hobbies and other interests

Roger grew up listening to pop and rock music, but also the classical music of Beethoven and Mozart. He enjoys spending his time in nature such as forests, mountains, lakes, and national parks in general. He is a big lover of animals, and has had several pets throughout the years, including dogs, cats, and parrots among others.

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He eats healthy food, preferings to grow his own – he had a chance to talk to horticulturist Carrie Kelly who taught him all the details and tricks to growing your own healthy food. Roger and Kathleen enjoyed spending their time together in their garden, and watching movies and TV series with their children in the evenings – some of their favorites to watch were “Casablanca” and “Some Like it Hot” movies, while they were also fond of the “Third Rock from the Sun” TV series.

They travelers too, and had visited most of the states in the US before Kathleen began fighting cancer – most of their friends described the two as friendly and pleasant to be around.

Appearance and net worth

Roger is 64 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, and weighs around 152lbs (69kgs) – his net worth is over $11 million, while his wife Kathleen’s net worth was over $500,000 at the time of her death.


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  1. Darrell Pestana Reply

    Roger Cook is NOT 5’6″, more like 6’6″, I’m not sure what your sources are, but if you had ever actually watched the show you would see he’s the tallest of the current presenters.

  2. Height correction: Roger is a tall fellow so 5’6″ is incorrect–must be a typo–should be 6’5″–like my brother, whom he resembles, by the way.

  3. I use to watch the show a lot and wondered where Roger was as he wasn’t on the show for a long time. In observing him when he returned, he did have a limp but ALSO his speech was not good which to me definitely signals a stroke. People were thinking he had a heart attack from stories he collapsed on set which can also happen as a result of a severe stroke. Anyway, I pray he is doing better from his health issues and will be pretty much back to his dear sweet self soon !

  4. Ed Christensen Reply

    I wish Roger Cook the best in living with his health restrictions. I watch previous episodes of this old house, his expertise is still helpful. He has mentored others in the landscaping industry.

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