• Renee Wyatt is a gun enthusiast and reality TV personality, best known for her involvement in the Discovery Channel reality TV series "American Guns"
• She was born in the late 1960s in Colorado and raised by her father and mother of unknown names and professions
• She and her husband Rich Wyatt founded the Gunsmoke Guns gunsmithing shop in the 1980s
• After the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre, the Discovery Channel discontinued the show and the store was shut down in 2015
• Renee is now believed to be living a modest life with her children somewhere in Colorado and her net worth is estimated to be greater than $10 million

Who is Renee Wyatt?

Born on an unspecified date approximately in the late 1960’s, in Colorado USA, Renee Wyatt – maiden name unknown – is a Caucasian gun enthusiast and reality TV personality. She is definitely best known to the worldwide audience thanks to her two year-long involvement in the Discovery Channel reality TV series entitled “American Guns”, alongside other members of her family. Her total screen exposure here lasted less than two years, and that concludes the peak of her fame. She has had no other successes over the course of her entertainment career since 2011.

Early life and education: Mysterious origins

Renee was raised apparently an only child in her place of birth, by her father and mother of unknown names and professions.

Since she’s never talked about this part of her life, the media is almost completely in the dark on the topic of her childhood interests and such. Still, most of the fans retain the belief that Renee was a gun enthusiast since forever, starting with television and her own upbringing, up until she made a career for herself out of the passion. As for her education, she attended an unspecified high school in her birth state, from where she matriculated at some point in the late 1980’s. She is widely believed not to have a college education, as she’s never spoken about it or expressed the desire to attend university.

Career: The rise and fall of Gunsmoke Guns

Renee’s husband Rich Wyatt founded the Gunsmoke Guns guns-mithing shop in the 1980s.

The business slowly gained momentum over three decades, and at some point he married Renee, apparently in the mid-2000s, making her the co-owner and a member of staff, alongside her two children from the previous marriage – Kurt (firearms instructor, sales associate and engraver) and Paige (sales associate). Around 2010 the business seemed to be in its prime. It didn’t take long before the family was noticed by the Discovery Channel scouts, who contacted them and had Renee and Rich sign a contract for a reality TV series. Entitled “American Guns”, the show quickly put the family in the spotlight, starting with the first season’s release in October 2011. On camera, Gunsmoke Guns’ employees mostly focused on creating custom firearms according to their clients’ wishes, meanwhile also giving instructions to the audience and numerous tips regarding all sorts of modern weapons.

Renee Wyatt

The show wasn’t too popular when it started, but it quickly amassed a steady audience. In its second season, starting with April 2012, its ratings went up by more than 50 percent, and everything looked great for the now popular family.

Unearthed secrets and gun violence

Following the end of season two in December 2012, the Discovery Channel announced that it would not be continuing “American Guns”. The statement was issued soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre took place in Newtown, Connecticut, which caused significant backlash against gun promotion on television. The media giant’s officials did confirm that the tragic incident had a toll on their decision, though they chose not to elaborate further.

It was later discovered that Rich Wyatt left his shop operational even after he lost his Federal Firearms License (FFL), which occurred half-way through the filming of season two. Rich failed to report this and simply continued with the show by selling firearms under a straw license belonging to another owner, facing significant felony charges afterwards. To top this off, his store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado was raided by thieves in February 2013, who drilled a hole in the roof to steal 12 handguns and two rifles. The event caused the  (Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents to start an investigation, during which they found significant evidence of tax evasion. The store was ultimately shut down in March 2015, after a raid under a sealed warrant by the ATF law enforcement organization (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).

Trial and indictment

Renee’s career definitely came to a close in 2016, – even though she wasn’t culpable – at which point Wyatt was indicted by a 13-count federal grand jury for selling firearms through a straw license and failing to report more than $1 million personal income in between 2009 and 2012. His failure to file a truthful tax return was also part of the indictment, and was arrested two days later on charges of illegal firearms dealing and tax fraud. He was later ordered to be released on a $25,000 unsecured bond, and sent to await trial. In March 2017 he was found guilty of one count of conspiracy and nine counts of tax fraud and tax evasion. It was later also discovered that he imported weapons illegally. He was subsequently sentenced to six and a half years in jail, which doesn’t include an order re- restitution of taxes, etc, so the future definitely doesn’t look good for Rich Wyatt.

What happened to Renee Wyatt?

Renee and her children are now traveling gun enthusiasts who sometimes invite their remaining fans to join them at various gun fairs, but it is unknown how they create their income. Rich used to run a YouTube channel, posting various videos from behind the show’s scenes while it was still running. The last video was posted in 2015, and while the fans did expect Renee and her children to continue running the channel, this didn’t happen. As of mid-2024, it’s  virtually impossible to trace Renee Wyatt and find out how she creates her income. She is now thought to be living a modest life with her children, somewhere in Colorado.

Love life: How did they meet?

Since neither of the two decided to share any information on the subject, Renee and Rich’s marriage will remain a curious mystery to the audiences.

Before that, it is known that Renee had another husband, whom she is believed to have been with for at least five years, considering the fact they have two grown children together. Now, Renee and Rich have two daughters together – Brooke, who was born in 2006, and Ginger in 2009. Thus far they haven’t announced any plans for furthering their family, and the legal issues that Rich is now overrun by are sure to leave a mark on the union.

What is Renee Wyatt’s net worth?

Have you lately taken a second to think just how rich Renee could be in mid-2024? Highly authoritative sources estimate that this amount is greater than $10 million – if her jailed husband’s net worth is to be added to her own.

She earned this sum largely by lending her firearm expertise to the world in the Discovery Channel’s “American Guns”. Since Renee’s TV career has been over since 2012, and her private one since 2014, the said amount is not very likely to increase.

Body measurements

So, what do you think could be the vital statistics of the previously popular gun enthusiast? Renee is 5ft 3ins (162cm) tall, and weighs approximately 114lbs (52kg). Her vital statistics, as well as her shoe, dress and bra size are unknown, though her body shape is often described as curvaceous. She has short dyed light blond hair, her eyes are dark blue, and her complexion is mostly bright with a mellow tan.

Social media presence

How active do you think Renee could be on social media? Being a former star, Renee always has a chance to jumpstart her own business with the help of former glory. In that case, it would do her wonders if she could gain an even bigger future audience – easily done through constant interactions with the fans on the internet, mostly by sharing vital information about her family and professional endeavors. Renee seems to be aware of this, but not too keen on fully engaging in such activities. She is somewhat active on only one of the three most popular social media networks. Her Facebook has more than 35,000 fans, and her Twitter  also; she doesn’t have Instagram.

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