• Noah Grossman is a member of the popular YouTube channel "Smosh"
• He was born in San Fernando Valley, California and is half-Jewish
• He took acting classes in school and joined the "Smosh" team in 2015
• He has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers
• He has an estimated net worth of $100,000

Noah Grossman is one for the members of the acting team working for the popular YouTube channel “Smosh”. He likes dressing-up and playing female characters, so a lot viewers of the channel think he’s gay.

Early life and family

Noah Andrew Grossman was born 14 February 1997, in San Fernando Valley, California USA – his zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he holds American nationality. His mother’s name is Denise, and his father is Mardy and Jewish, so Noah is half-Jewish, and is very proud of his roots. He has very close relationship with his grandmother Alice, who comes from Yugoslavia, the country which no longer exists. Another grandmother of Noah (from his father’s side) is from Hungary. Noah has two older brothers, Matthew and Justin – the fun fact is that all of them were born on 14 February.

Noah once joked that he was only five minutes away from being born on 15 February, but ‘appeared’ just in time, otherwise his parents would ‘put him for adoption’, he laughed in one of the episodes of the show “Put It In My Mouth”, sharing the details of his birthday. Noah showed interest for acting and performing from his early years. He took acting classes when he was at school, and participated in school skits and stage plays.

Educational background

Right after his matriculation in 2015 Noah took acting classes at the workshop of the former actress Ellen Marano, which gave him the feeling that his decision was right and that he should follow his dream to become an actor.

Ellen noticed that Noah was more impressive in comedy sketches and advised him to develop in this direction. During these classes Noah met Shayne Topp, who then also became a member of the Smosh team.


Noah initially tried himself as an actor when he was 13 years old – his mother took him to auditions, and landed jobs in the local commercials. Later he appeared as a guest on various TV shows, until he got a regular job on Nickelodeon TV channel. He was in the cast of Nick Studio 10 block, appearing in such shows as “Disney Game On”, “Trophy Wife” and “Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean”.

In 2015 Noah joined the team of “Smosh”, in the regular cast along with Olivia Sui, Shayne Topp, Keith Leak Jr. and Courtney Miller.

Noah Grossman

The new cast was announced to make episodes of the new series “Every [Blank] Ever” and “Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover”. Noah later appeared in several episodes of the “Never Have I Ever” show, launched on the channel.

In 2016 Noah appeared in the music video “Boombox” performed by Laura Marano. According to the plot, Noah gets to the set where Laura’s music video is filmed by the end of shooting, when everybody is happy with the work done and starts to dance, celebrating the new hit. Noah could be seen among other famous YouTubers who were invited to the scene.

Noah landed the voice-over role of Ginger in the short video “the Food Battle X”, and appeared many time in the “Smosh Babies” show, especially in Season 4.

Noah Grossman YouTube channel

In August 2015 Noah created his own YouTube channel to publish the videos on his own. The most popular is entitled “Virtual Date With Noah Grossman”, as it gained more than 300,000 views. According to the plot, one who watches it can imagine being invited for a date with Noah. He asks questions and makes pauses, smiling and giving the viewer a chance to answer, as in a real conversation; but during the date everything goes wrong: the waiter is rude, the other clients of the cafe are weird, and by the end of the video robbers get into the cafe and kidnap the one who has come for a date with Noah.

Noah’s channel has over 100,000 subscribers, though he is not very consistent in uploading new videos, posting a new one only once every month or two.

Smosh YouTube Channel

The story of one of the most popular comedy sketch YouTube channel “Smosh” started in 2002, when Anthony Padilla created the website smosh.com on which to upload his flash animations. His friend, Ian Hecox later joined him. In 2005 they started uploading short comedy videos on their YouTube channel, soon becoming one of the most popular channels on the platform. “Smosh” grew into several minor channels, and included more than six various online series, such as “Pokémon Theme Music Video”, “Main Videos” and “Music Videos”. As of 2020, Smosh has minor channels such as “Smosh Pit” and “Smosh Games”.

Having more than 9.2 billion views, the main Smosh channel brings in up to $133,000 per month with the overall net worth of $8 million. “Smosh Games” channel (overall net worth – $1.4 million) has gained over 2.4 billion views, while “Smosh Pit” channel (overall net worth – $3.9 million) has attracted more than 2.1 billion views. All in all, the channels have almost 4,100 videos uploaded.

Personal life, girlfriend Tiffany

In his video “HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND”, Noah says he had a girlfriend named Tiffany, though he wasn’t in a hurry to share the details about their relationship. He only said that she joined him on his senior prom, while they actually started dating after high school.

Noah joked that he used the trick Tiffany taught him a couple of weeks before they started dating: if one wants to find out if a friend is romantically interested, one should hold the friend’s hand – and if the friend takes his hand away, then there is no potential romantic interest from his/her side, but if the friend keeps the hand in its place in your hand, then there is a chance for an affair. Noah laughed that he eventually used this test on Tiffany, and she didn’t move her hand away from his. In December 2019 he shared that his girlfriend sometimes wrote down what he said in the dream, but Noah never remembered the dream itself when he woke up.

In the video “WE PLAY WOULD YOU RATHER?” Noah admitted that he once wanted to fight with his girlfriend’s ex, as she shared some stories about his behavior, and Noah wanted to take some revenge on him, but managed to calm down.

Isn’t Noah Grossman gay?

As Noah often plays female characters (especially with his fellow-actor Keith Leak Jr.) and likes posting his photos in female clothes, a lot of his fans and followers supposed he was a gay. However, Noah confirmed his straight sexuality, that Tiffany is his real girlfriend, and that he is not interested in men. Another wave of rumors about Noah’s sexuality rose when he kissed the whole cast of Smosh Squad, but said that Anthony was the first guy he ever kissed. However, Noah posts more and more mutual photos with his girlfriend, Tiffany, on his Instagram account.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • As of 2020, Noah is still the youngest cast member of the whole Smosh Family – the second youngest member of the cast named Courtney is just two years older than him.
  • Noah’s favorite movie is Birdman.
  • He likes cows
  • Noah is very picky about everything related to food, joking that he still has the ‘plate of a seven-year-old kid’.
  • Among his favorite dishes there are buttered noodles, plain hamburgers and cheese pizza.
  • He hated Indian food, and couldn’t stand any kind of seafood.
  • He likes drinking Ensure nutrition shakes, even though he enjoys eating fast food and high calorie junk food.
  • His favorite fruit is nectarine.
  • In June 2018 Noah got the license of a legal pastor.
  • He always wanted to have a parrot!
  • His favorite color is brown.

Appearance, clothing style

Noah has dark brown naturally curly hair and green eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall and weighs around 165lbs (75kgs). He likes wearing suits and shirts, but also enjoys wearing casual clothes, including hoodies, jeans and T-shirts.

Net worth and salary

As of early 2020, Noah’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

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