• Natasha Bertrand is a journalist, news anchor and reporter from New York City
• She studied Philosophy and Government at Vassar College and the London School of Economics
• She is dating Bryan Coxwell, a US Army Ranger and engineer
• Her hobbies include travelling, watching Marvel movies, shopping for clothes and trying different cuisines
• She has a net worth of over $400,000.


Natasha Bertrand Wiki Biography

Natasha Bertrand was born in New York USA, on 5 December 1992 – so her birth sign is Sagittarius, and she is holding American nationality. Natasha is popular for her career as a journalist, news anchor, and a reporter.

Education and childhood

Natasha has spent her entire life in New York City, surrounded by journalists and news reporters, which is how she fell in love with her job in the first place. She often watched TV together with her parents, especially with her father whose habit was to watch the news – so motivated by her father, Natasha decided to become a reporter one day.

She was one of the best students at her high school, and her good grades made it possible for her to enroll at Vassar College, where she studied philosophy and political science – she graduated in 2014, and then enrolled at the London School of Economics where she studied Philosophy and Government.

Career as a journalist

Natasha’s career in the field of journalism was launched in 2014 when she became a writer for the “Business Insider”. After being part of their team for six months, she was promoted to the position of an editor and a political correspondent – she was appointed staff writer soon afterwards, and has covered the investigation regarding the alleged connection between President Trump and Russia.

In 2017, Natasha began talking with Ty Cobb, a US Senator, on Twitter, and later made all of their conversations public – this led to Cobb being criticized for his behavior, and eventually losing his position as a senator. After this, Natasha worked on the case of James Comey, who was the director of the FBI.

Some of her other jobs include her internship at the Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE) think tank in Spain, and working for the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) in London, in their department for corporate social responsibility.

Natasha Bertrand

Natasha is currently working for the NBC News network as their news reporter, and can often be seen appearing in several MSNBC shows.

Is she married? Natasha’s love life

Natasha is currently dating Bryan Coxwell. The two met while she was reporting from the field, while Bryan, who was a US Army ranger at the time, was returning from duty. They began dating in 2015 and although rumor has it that the two have exchanged their wedding vows, they aren’t married but are living together. Bryan left the Army in 2016, and is currently working as an engineer and a security contractor.

Both Natasha and Bryan often upload pictures of themselves together onto their social media accounts. Natasha was previously in a long-term relationship which ended a year before she met Bryan. The two were planning on exchanging their wedding vows, but eventually split as they apparently both wanted to work on their careers rather than to start a family.

Who is Bryan Coxwell?

Bryan Coxwell was born in the 1980s in Michigan, USA – he matriculated from a high school in his hometown, then joined the US Army.


He eventually enrolled at the University of Michigan from which he graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bryan was an infantryman in the US 75th Ranger Regiment – he left in 2010 and became a protective security specialist for the Triple Canopy in Baghdad in Iraq in 2011. In 2012, he came back to the US to join the Army once again while simultaneously working on obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree.

He started working for the AECOM Tishman in New York as their assistant project manager in July 2017, and was part of the team until November 2018. Bryan is currently working for the Fenix Group, Inc. in Washington D.C. Metro Area as their mechanical engineer, and can be found on Instagram where he often uploads pictures of himself and Natasha together.

Hobbies and other interests

Natasha is big fan of the film industry and often goes to the cinema to watch new movie releases.

Her favorite actor is Robert Downey, Jr. while her favorite actress is Scarlet Johansson – she enjoys watching Marvel movies the most with “The Iron Man” franchise being her favorite.

She is a big lover of travelling and has been to Europe on several occasions – she admits to prefer travelling around Europe more than around the US but prefers living in the US. The colors she likes the most are blue and black while she enjoys wearing jeans and shirts over dresses – she is a bit of a shopaholic and often goes shopping for clothes. She is interested in languages and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Natasha loves to eat and combines this with her passion for travelling as it allows her to taste various cuisines – she has tried numerous European, North American, and South American cuisines but her favorite food is still a burger.

Appearance and net worth

Natasha is currently 26 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 8in (1.78m) tall, and weighs around 141lb (64kg) – her body measurements are 35-28-35. Her net worth is over $400,000.

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