• Liz Hernandez is a popular Hispanic TV correspondent who has worked at E! News and MTV
• She was born in Riverside, California and has a sister
• She has a BA in communications and psychology from the University of San Diego
• She is active on various social media platforms and hosts her own project Wordaful
• Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million

Liz Hernandez is one of the most popular Hispanic TV correspondents, who has worked at E! News and MTV. She was also rumored to date Kevin Federline, the former husband of Britney Spears. Let’s find out the truth about her relationship status, her net worth, family and  interests..

Early life and family

Liz Hernandez was born on 9 April 1980, in Riverside California USA, so under the sign of Aries, and holding American nationality. Little is known about her family except that she has a sister, but the names of her family members are still unknown. In one of her short videos of her YouTube projects “Wordaful”, she mentioned that she had wonderful relationships with both her father and her mother – her father called her “Mi Reina” (“My Queen”). Liz called her mother her “number one fan” and her biggest supporter. From her childhood she has always been a vivid kid and has been enthusiastic about whatever she started to do, so her parents  understood early that their daughter was going to have a successful life, full of achievements.


Educational background

After her matriculation from her local high school in Riverside in 1998, Liz enrolled at the University of San Diego, graduating in 2002 with a BA in communications and psychology. Liz has always been interested in communicating with people, and helping others has been her passion from her early years.


Radio career

While she was still studying at university, she got a chance to work at the local radio station. Among her duties were reports on celebrities’ life and some promotional work, successfully performing all her activities while working there. Her education in the field of communications appeared to be quite helpful, as right after her graduation she joined the team of the morning radio show in Monterey as a co-host.  In 2001 Liz accepted an offer from Power 106 FM to become the co-host of the hip-hop music program “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”. The radio show was very popular in Los Angeles, and had a very wide audience, so Liz instantly raised her recognition level.

Liz Hernandez

TV career

In 2007 Liz made a life changing decision to move from radio to television, joining the team of MTV News as a correspondent, and working there for four years before quitting in 2011 to become a correspondent for the E! News channel, on which she also hosted the E! News Now program. Besides her correspondent duties, she appeared in several TV shows and series, such as “Entourage” (2004 – 2011), “The Gossip Queens” (2010 – present), “The Talk” (2010 – present) and “Exit Strategy” (2012). She also worked as a model for several promotional campaigns of her channel, and modelled for Los Angeles Kings hockey team, appearing on their promotional posters.

Liz has also become the first Latin female correspondent for the “Access Hollywood” program aired by NBC, and was nominated in the category “Outstanding Entertainment News Program by Daytime” Emmy Award. For her excellent performance of radio broadcasting, she was officially approved by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.


In 2016 Liz had to drop some of her activities due to her mother’s disease; she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s syndrome at the age of 68, so Liz became her carer, and couldn’t work as much as she had been doing. Liz decided to start her own project about the power of words people use in their everyday communication.

She wanted to show how the proper word choice, positivity and kindness could change the whole communication process, and how to benefit even from a not very fruitful conversation. Liz considers that she creates a new form of storytelling – in her short video she uploaded on her YouTube channel “Wordaful”, she explains the additional meanings and contexts of words which can change the point of view of the speaker and the listener. Liz has now uploaded well over 100 videos, some of which have attracted over 4,000 views.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend Levi Maestro

From 2000, Liz dated her high school boyfriend, Levi Maestro who is now a life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and vlogger.

In 2007 Liz was rumored to be dating Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, however, Liz posted her photos with Levi in 2017, proving she was still dating her high school sweetheart. In 2018 the couple split – the break-up was very painful for Liz, who shared her feelings many times on her videos on her “Wordaful” YouTube channel, saying she felt heartbroken, needed the help of her parents, and couldn’t stand the situation she had to undergo, meaning her break up with Levi.

However, she managed to deal with her emotions with the help of her friends, one of whom is Emilio Sanchez. They have been friends for years, and when Liz eventually stopped posting her mutual photos with Levi, she started posting more and more photos of herself with Emilio, sharing the moments of their walks, eating out dinners, etc. Her fans consider they are in fact dating, but neither Liz nor Emilio has confirmed their relationship status. Liz doesn’t have kids, but has shared thet she would be happy to experience the kind of love a mother feels for her child.

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Liz has considerable experience of taking care of a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s syndrome, so she spreads the word and raises awareness about the symptoms and treatments existing. She gives speeches at local Hispanic communities’ seminars to provide the information she has about the disease, and how to deal with it.  She also supports various foundations who take care of Alzheimer patients.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Liz has a dog she calls her son, a bulldog whose name is not known yet. Whenever she has some spare time, she likes spending it with her friends, reading, dancing and eating out. Liz is into running, even marathons with her dog. She also likes swimming.

Social media presence

Liz is quite active on various social media platforms, as they help to promote her new project “Wordaful”. She has an Instagram and Twitter accounts,  while her Facebook page is liked and followed by more than 64,000 users. Her project “Wordaful” also has its own Instagram account, with 18,000 subscribers, and a YouTube channel with 1,400 subscribers.

Appearance, clothing style

Liz has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She likes wearing her hair in a high bun or tied into a high ponytail. Liz is 5ft 6ins (1.70m) tall and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs), but her vital statistics are unknown. As to her clothing style, she likes wearing feminine smart dresses, colorful trousers and lots of accessories, such as bracelets, big earring, belts, etc. She also likes wearing high heels.


Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, as of mid-2024, Liz’ net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million. As she’s still working for some projects as a TV correspondent, she earns close to $100,000 per year. She also benefits from her “Wordaful” projects, selling merchandise. A sponsored post on her Instagram account may cost up to $1,200. As she is still working hard as a correspondent, and on developing her “Wordaful” project, her net worth is very likely to grow.

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