Who is Nikko Jenkins?

American spree killer Nikko Allen Jenkins was born in Colorado, USA, on 16 September 1986, making Virgo his zodiac sign. He’s only known for committing four murders in August 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska; he had previously been in jail for 10.5 years, for carjacking and assaults in jail, and committed the mentioned murders in a month following his release.

Nikko has stated that he killed the four people because he had been ordered to by the ancient serpent god Apophis.

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Education and early life

Nikko was raised alongside his sisters Melonie and Erica in Colorado, by their mother Lori Jenkins and father David A. Magee; not many details have been disclosed about Nikko’s family, because unsurprisingly they prefer to stay away from media.

He studied at a local high school, but spent more time in the streets with gangs than at school. Nikko was 15 when he was arrested for carjacking, and 17 when arrested for bringing a gun to school; he was sentenced to spend 18 years behind bars, and was released after having served 10.5 years.

He hasn’t completed his high school education.


Early in the morning of 11 August 2013, a police officer discovered the bodies of two people in the back of a Ford pickup truck in Spring Lake Park; the victims were later identified as Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena, and the cause of their death was a gunshot to the head. Nikko had lured them by telling them that he had set up a meeting with two women for a sexual encounter.

Early in the morning of 19 August, a man returning from a night shift found the body of Curtis Bradford in front of a detached garage, and it was later established that he had died from two gunshots in his back; Curtis and Nikko had posed for a Facebook picture a day earlier, and he was the only victim whom Nikko had known prior to his murder.

The body of Nikko’s final victim Andrea Kruger was found by a deputy sheriff lying in the road on 21 August, two hours after midnight; she had been returning home from work, and was killed by a 12-gauge shotgun. Surveillance cameras showed that Andrea had locked up the Déjà Vu Lounge at which she worked at 1:47 a. m, and the police found her abandoned Chevrolet Traverse SUV at 6:30.

Douglas County Sherriff Tim Dunning addressed the public by the end of the week, revealing that the killer had attempted to set the vehicle’s interior ablaze, but had failed.

Arrest and trial

Nine days after the final body was found, on 30 August 2013, Nikko was arrested on a terrorist threat charge, unrelated to the murders; the police then connected the pieces together, and they also found out that he had a female accomplice, who was caught on camera buying the distinctive kind of ammo that Nikko had used to kill the four people.

He confessed to killing the people on 3 September during an eight-hour interview, and it was then that he stated that he committed the murders for the ancient Egyptian religion, particularly for Apophis; he was then charged with four counts of murder.

In a letter that Nikko wrote to the magazine “Omaha World-Herald” on 3 November 2013, he stated that he had committed the crimes and was protecting ‘Apophis’ kingdom with animalistic savage brutality’. He filed a lawsuit against the State of Nebraska on 19 February 2014, asking for $24.5 million and claiming that he had previously been wrongfully released from prison, as he was hearing voices from Apophis and had told a psychiatrist, but nothing was done about it. Nikko further claimed that what had worsened his schizophrenia was being held in solitary confinement, and that the administration of the jail was responsible for the killings. He stated that he was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but a psychiatrist’s evaluation was that Nikko was only suffering from anti-social personality disorder, and was faking everything else.

He scored 68 on an IQ test, meaning that he was competent to stand trial; he requested to defend himself, and was only appointed an advisory lawyer. He was found guilty on all four counts of murder on 16 April 2014, and although he was to be sentenced on 11 August 2014, Judge Bataillon ordered him to be taken to the psychiatric hospital Regional Centre on 29 July, until the doctors were certain that he could understand his death penalty sentence.

Nikko was sentenced to death in May 2017, as well as to 450 years behind bars.

His request for appeal was rejected by the US Supreme Court on 20 April 2020.

Love lie and relationships

It’s widely believed that the girl who bought Nikko bullets for his shotgun was his girlfriend, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

He met Dawn Arguello while in prison in 2017, when she came with a non-profit inmate advocacy group; she then began visiting him at least once a week, eventually developing feelings for the spree killer. Nikko seems to also be in love with Dawn, and has tattooed her name across his face. Dawn attracted a lot of attention for this, and she stated in an interview that she liked Nikko for his humor and wit, and that he was an ‘Enigma’.

In an interview published by “Omaha World-Herald” on 14 December 2019, Dawn stated that Nikko was intelligent and sensitive, as well as manipulative as any other person with feelings.

It’s widely believed that Nikko and Dawn have recently become engaged and are planning to marry, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Interesting facts

The serpent god Apophis which Nikko keeps mentioning was an ancient Egyptian deity of disorder and darkness, and was the opponent of light and Ma’at (meaning truth and order); he was mentioned for the first time in the Eighth Dynasty, and was later referred to as both King Apepi and King Apophis.


Nikko’s age is 36. He’s bald and has brown eyes, he’s 5ft 7ins (1.72m) tall and weighs around 165lbs (74kgs).

Nikko has numerous tattoos inked all over his body, including on half of his face.

As of mid-2023, Nikko remains on death row – no date has been set for his execution.

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