Who is Matilda Ledger?

American non-celebrity girl Matilda Rose Ledger was born in New York City, USA, on 28 October 2005, meaning that Scorpio’s her zodiac sign. She’s probably only known for being the daughter of the late Australian actor Heather Ledger and popular American actress Michelle Ingrid Williams.

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Education and early life

Matilda was raised in New York City as Heath’s only child; her parents separated before she turned two, but both remained equally involved in her upbringing. Matilda’s godparents are famous actor and actress Jake Gyllenhaal and Busy Philipps; her father Heath was found dead in his bed on 22 January 2008, from a drug overdose, the combined effects of various prescribed medications that he’d taken.

Matilda was raised solely by her mother in New York City after Heath’s death, and Michelle often spoke in interviews about her daughter; she spent all of her spare time with Matilda, and if her filming schedule conflicted with Matilda’s, Michelle didn’t have a problem with walking away from a project. Matilda’s godparents were also there to help, even though they had their own careers to work on.

Two years prior to his passing, Heath wrote in his will that all his assets were to be left to his parents and sisters, however, they’ve since revealed that all of Heath’s wealth is to be inherited by Matilda as soon as she’s old enough.

Matilda’s currently attending a local high school in New York City and should be matriculating in 2024.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Michelle’s revealed that her daughter Matilda’s planning to follow in her father’s footsteps, as she’s quite passionate about acting, and a huge fan of Christmas movies – her favorite is “Klaus”.

She enjoys being physically active, and is an avid skateboarder.

Matilda’s good friends with American actor Jeremy Strong, who moved in with her and Michelle following Heath’s death and helped them a lot over the period of three years.

A fan-made Instagram page for Matilda is today followed by nearly 5,000 people, and close to 100 pictures and videos have been posted onto it.

Height, eyes and wealth

Matilda’s age is 17. She has brown eyes and hair, is 5ft 1in (1.55m) tall and weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

At the time of her father’s passing, his net worth was estimated at over $16 million, while her mother’s net worth’s been estimated at over $30 million, as of June 2023.

Who was her father Heath?

The late Australian actor and music video director Heath Andrew Ledger was born in Perth, Western Australia on 4 April 1979, meaning that Aries was his zodiac sign. He appeared in 23 movies and TV series, and is perhaps remembered best for portraying the villain Joker in the 2008 crime action movie “The Dark Knight”, which starred Christian Bale as Batman, and was directed by Christopher Nolan. It follows the game of cat-and-mouse between Joker and Batman in Gotham City, and the movie won 162 of its 225 award nominations, including two Oscar wins for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Heath) and Best Achievement in Sound Editing.

Heath and his older sister Kate were raised in Perth by their father Kim Ledger who was a mining engineer and racing car driver, and mother Sally Ramshaw who taught French language at a local high school; Heath also had a maternal half-sister Ashleigh Bell, born in 1990, and a paternal half-sister Olivia Ledger, born in 1996. He studied at Mary’s Mount Primary School and during his time there became interested in acting; Heath was 13 when he made his debut film appearance, playing Orphan Clown in the 1992 adventure comedy movie “Clowning Around”.

He continued his education at Guildford Grammar School, but at 16 dropped out wanting to pursue acting.

Heath’s debut TV series role was playing Cyclist in three episodes of the 1993 adventure comedy “Ship to Shore”, and the year 1996 saw him star as Snowy Bowles in all the 26 episodes of the sports series “Sweat”, which follows a group of teenagers attending an Australian school for the athletically gifted. He became famous following his portrayal of the lead character Patrick Verona in the 1999 romantic comedy movie “10 Things I Hate About You”, which was directed by Gil Junger, while Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-starred. It follows Cameron who’s in love with Bianca, but cannot date her until her older sister Kat also finds someone to date, so he hires Patrick to take Kat out on a date; the film won two of its 15 award nominations.

Some of Heath’s following notable performances were in the 2000 historical action movie “The Patriot”, in which he starred alongside Mel Gibson, and in 2001 the romantic action adventure film “A Knight’s Tale” (lead role) and the romantic movie “Monster’s Ball”. He starred as Harry Feversham in the 2002 action adventure movie “The Four Feathers”, which also starred Kate Hudson and Wes Bentley, and was directed by Shekhar Kapur. It follows a man who resigned from the British Army right before he was to be sent to battle, while his three friends and fiancée gave him four white feathers as a symbol of his cowardice.

Heath’s final three roles were in the 2006 romantic movie “Candy”, the 2007 biographical musical film “I’m Not There” and the 2009 adventure fantasy comedy film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”.

For his acting skills, Heath won an impressive 84 of his 150 award nominations.

Heath dated British actress Naomi Ellen Watts, American actress Heather Graham, and American actress and singer Lisa Zane. He and Matilda’s mother Michelle began dating in 2004, but broke up in September 2007; he was then romantically linked to Australian model and actress Gemma Louise Ward, and Danish model and photographer Helena Christensen.

Who is Matilda’s mother Michelle?

American actress Michelle Ingrid Williams was born in Kalispell, Montana USA, on 9 September 1980, making Virgo her zodiac sign. She has 54 acting credits to her name, but is probably still known best for starring as Marilyn Monroe in the 2011 biographical movie “My Week with Marilyn”, which also starred Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Redmayne, and was directed by Simon Curtis. It follows the tense interaction between Marilyn and Sir Laurence Olivier during the shooting of the 1957 movie “The Prince and the Showgirl”, and the film won 18 of its 82 award nominations, including two Oscar nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Kenneth Branagh) and best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Michelle).

Michelle was raised in Kalispell by her father Larry R. William who was an author and commodities trader, and mother Carla who was a housewife; Larry was into politics, and unsuccessfully ran twice for the US Senate as a Republican. Michelle has a sister Paige and three paternal half-siblings; she was close to her father while growing up, and he taught her to shoot and fish, and contributed to her passion for reading.

She was nine when the family moved to San Diego, California while she had previously fallen in love with acting, after having watched a production of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” based on the 1876 novel by Mark Twain. Michelle was 13 when she made her TV series debut, playing two characters in two episodes of the 1993 action crime adventure “Baywatch”. She studied at Santa Fe Christian School prior to being homeschooled, and was 16 when she passed her GED tests.

Michelle’s debut film role was playing April Porter in the 1994 family adventure “Lassie”, while some of her following roles were in the 1995 action science fiction horror movie “Species”, the 1995 science fiction adventure film “Timemaster” and the 1996 drama film “My Son Is Innocent”.

The year 2001 saw her star as Holly in the drama “Me Without You”, which also starred Ella Jones and Anna Friel, and was written and directed by Sandra Goldbacher. It follows two best friends as they’re growing up on the Isle of Wight in the ‘70s, and the film was nominated for three awards. From 1998 through 2003, Michelle starred in the romantic series “Dawson’s Creek”, which won eight of its 34 award nominations, and some of her notable performances in the remainder of the 2000s were in the 2005 romantic movie “Brokeback Mountain”, which starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal and won 141 of its 274 award nominations, including three Oscar wins, the 2008 romantic thriller film “Incendiary” and the 2010 mystery thriller movie “Shutter Island”.

In 2016, Michelle portrayed the lead character Randi Chandler in the drama movie “Manchester by the Sea”, which also starred Kyle Chandler and Casey Affleck, and was written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. It follows a teenager whose father’s just died, while he’s now being taken care of by his depressed uncle; the movie won 129 of its 398 award nominations, including two Oscar wins for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Casey Affleck) and Best Original Screenplay.

For her acting skills, Michelle’s won 54 of her 232 award nominations, which include five Oscar nominations, some of which were for “Brokeback Mountain”, “Blue Valentine” and “Manchester by the Sea”.

From July 2018 through 2019, Michelle was married to American musician Philip Whitman ‘Phil’ Elverum, and since March 2020, she’s been married to American theatre director Thomas Kail; Michelle and Thomas have two children together.

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