• Heather Tesch is a meteorologist with The Weather Channel, has been with the channel since 1999.
• She holds an American nationality, born in Buffalo, Minnesota in 1967, obtained a BS in Meteorology and a BA in Broadcast Journalism.
• Heather is married and has a son and a daughter.
• She is an advocate of animal rights, has a dog, five cats, and a lizard.
• Has an estimated net worth of $1 million and earns over $100,000 annually.

Heather Tesch is a very experienced and well-known meteorologist with The Weather Channel – she was fired in 2012 and then invited to return. Heather is still holding her position of anchor and weather broadcast at TWC.

Early life and family

Heather Tesch was born on 2 May 1967, in Buffalo, Minnesota USA, so holds American nationality and her zodiac sign is Taurus. While her parents’ names and occupations are unavailable, it is worth mentioning that Heather says that her mother was always very supportive, and helped her daughter with all her struggles: ‘My life hasn’t always been rainbow and butterflies. In fact, it was anything but! If you were to meet my Mom, she would tell you that the Universe seemed to like watching me struggle.

Everything I was, everything I participated in was a battle’, Heather shared in one of the articles on her personal website. From her early years, Heather enjoyed taking care of animals and liked feeding kittens, puppies, often taking them home to provide them a shelter. On her website she posted several photos from her childhood, on which she is sitting next to five kittens on the newspaper improvised house, feeding and watching them. Another photo depicts little Heather hugging a roe deer. Heather is now apparently enjoying her life with her family in Atlanta, where she resides as of 2019.

Educational background

Heather matriculated from her local high school in Buffalo in 1985, then enrolled at the University of New Hampshire, from which she graduated with a BS in Meteorology. After that she entered the University of Minnesota, and obtained a BA in Broadcast Journalism, graduating with honors.


Meteorology career

Heather started her career as a meteorologist in 1993, joining WPXTV, in Florida. She continued her career development in 1996, when she joined the team of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.

In three years she quit the channel, moving to The Weather Channel (TWC) in January 1999 to hold the position of an anchor and reporter. During her career she’s also worked for other TV stations, such as WGME-TV in Portland, Maine, and WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 2000 Heather started co-hosting “America’s Morning Headquarters” with her colleague Marshall Seese, working in the program Your Weather Today. The latter retired in 2008 and was replaced by Nicole Mitchell. Heather left the program in 2009, and was replaced by Kevin Robinson.

Heather was not left unemployed, at once joining the team of another program entitled “Day Planner”, holding the position of co-anchor.

Quitting TWC and getting back

In 2012 The Weather Channel had to fire 7% of their employees for various reasons, and Heather Tesch along with her colleague Vivian Brown were among those who were destined to leave the channel. However, in a couple of years Heather was invited back to hold the same position of on-camera meteorologist.

Heather Tesch

Among her most successful coverages are her reports on Hurricane Katrina, blizzards in the Northeast, the tornado in Ringgold, Georgia in April 2011 (during which she picked up homeless kittens, one of them is still living with her), etc.

The Weather Channel is infamous for its controversial decisions on firing experienced anchors without even announcing the reason to their audience. When Vivian Brown left the channel, she was very emotional during her farewell speech, and the channel quickly replaced her monologue with another program, which caused a lot of discussion among the viewers of TWC.

Writing career

Heather is currently working as a writer of a weekly column for the Orange County Post Sentinel, located in New York. She once shared that when she had just graduated from her university, it was challenging and stressful for her to find the right words for writing her text. However, as the time pass by, she became more and more mature in writing, and doesn’t consider the word search a challenging process anymore.

In 2016 Heather launched the coloring book “Hair Doodle”, which she also called ‘A Calming and Brain-Building Adult Doodle and Coloring Book’.

Heather insists that working with such colorings helps to boost creativity and reduce stress, providing the therapeutic benefits of coloring. Heather admitted that she used coloring is her favorite mental exercise to stay focused at the present moment.

Personal life, married… with children

Heather has always been secretive about her personal life, so it’s only known that she is married, as she mentioned her husband on some of her Twitter posts (not sharing his name though), and also wrote she has a son, and is also said to have a daughter. Heather once shared on her Twitter account that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays, as all her family gather to decorate the house with spooky ghosts pictures and figurines, and she can eat as much candy as she wants.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Heather calls herself ‘a great advocate of animal rights’. From her early years she been caring for animals she meets on her way, taking some of them home or trying to find a new home for them. Heather now has a dog named Charlie, five cats (one named Marly) and a lizard. She also enjoys drawing, and even sells her pictures on her personal website – one of her latest works is a watercolor of a cat. Heather calls herself a DIYer, and enjoys handmaking gifts for her friends. She also shares that she has always been an optimist. Heather doesn’t like the winter season. She also once wrote that she enjoys watching caterpillars and other critters moving slowly in her backyard lawn, which makes her feel calm and rested.

Appearance, clothing style

Heather has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and weighs around 114lbs (52kgs); her vital statistics are 34-25-33. As to her clothing style, she likes simple yet smart dresses of bright colors, such as lemony yellow, fuchsia and orange, which she always wears in front of the camera. She also likes black skirts. When at home, she enjoys casual and comfy clothes, such as jeans and knitted sweaters.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Heather’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. According to Glassdoor statistics, such an experienced weather forecast specialist as Heather, can earn over $100,000 per year. Heather also works as a freelance meteorologist, and benefits from her additional contracts with smaller TV stations.

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