• Diahnne Abbott was born in 1945 in New York City, USA
• She is a 74-year-old American actress and singer
• Her first significant role was in Martin Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver” and her other significant roles include “Crime Story” and “The King of Comedy”
• She has a net worth of $2 million
• She has two children with her ex husband Robert De Niro and a grandchild


Who is Diahnne Abbott?

Born on 1 January 1945, in New York City, USA, under the sometimes mystical and turbulent sign of Capricorn, Diahnne Eugenia Abbott is a 74-year-old American actress and singer. However, she was relatively unknown until she met her future husband, Hollywood legend Robert De Niro. After marrying Robert, she got her first significant role in Martin Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver”, a remarkable psychological thriller. Her other significant roles include in “Crime Story” and “The King of Comedy”. However, as her marriage to De Niro deteriorated because of his problems with narcotics and infidelity, she slowly faded out of public life.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in the Big Apple

Diahnne was born into a mixed family in the most populous city in the US. Not much is known about her early life and family, mostly because she was always a private person who refused to reveal too much about her personal life. Nevertheless, we do know that Diahnne’s father is a native of Antigua, and that he immigrated to New York at a young age. Her paternal cousin, Gregory Abbott, is a multi-platinum-selling artist who achieved great fame due to his 1986 single “Shake You Down”, which turned out to be one of the biggest songs of the decade. Gregory’s father is from Venezuela, which means that Diahnne also has roots in this South American country. It is unclear whether she attended a formal educational institution, or if she is a self-taught actor and singer. Nevertheless, her early career is shrouded in secrecy.

Rise to Prominence: Meeting Robert De Niro and Scoring Her First Role

An unknown to the mainstream, Diahnne was struggling to find regular employment in the world of show business. This was the case until the early 1970s, when she met Robert De Niro at a party hosted by a mutual friend. She immediately swept him off his feet and the two entered a relationship. In 1976, Diahnne was cast as the Concession Girl in Martin Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver”; a neo-noir thriller, the film is about Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), who spent several years fighting in Vietnam, but is now forced to work as a taxi driver. He suffers from insomnia, which slowly brings him to the edge of sanity. As the end of the movie grows closer, he starts developing delusions and plans to assassinate a popular presidential candidate. His other intentions include murdering the pimp of an underage prostitute he met. The movie was an instant classic, and propelled the then-inexperienced Diahnne to stardom. Also in 1976, she appeared in “Welcome to L.A.”, a critically acclaimed musical drama.

Further Work: New York, New York and The King of Comedy

With a relatively difficult role under her belt, Diahnne was ready to collaborate with her husband and Martin Scorcese once again. They did so in 1977, in another one of Scorcese’s masterpieces, the drama/musical “New York, New York”. This time, she didn’t just repeat lines, instead having an opportunity to showcase her singing talents, as she was cast as a Harlem club singer. Six years later, in 1983, she would work with Scorcese and De Niro yet again – in the black comedy hit “The King of Comedy”, she assumed the role of Rita Keane, which was her first time playing such a big part. In 1984, she was in “Love Streams”, directed by John Cassavetes, and at this point, Diahnne started getting more regular roles, with her appearance in “Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling” in 1986 also being well-received by film critics. However, just as she started becoming a more prominent face in show business, personal problems jeopardized her future.

Falling Into Obscurity: Robert’s Destruction of Their Marriage and More

In 1988, Diahnne got another big role, this time as Sonia in “Crime Story”, a hit NBC show. It was also during in this year that she and Robert finally divorced. The marriage, lasting from 1976 to 1988, functioned without problems before De Niro became famous. The couple lived in a lavish condo in Bel Air, an affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood, and almost every day held parties and eventually destroyed the condo so badly that the owner sued them for $10,000 when they were finally moving out.

Diahnne Abbott and Robert De Niro

Fame had really gotten to Robert, and he began using drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy on a regular basis. One thing lead to another, and he also began womanizing at an incessant rate, embarrasing Diahnne publicly each time the press found out about his new case of infidelity. It took her years to stand up for herself, but she finally got out of a marriage that had gone horribly wrong. Unable to cope with the pressure of being in the public eye, Diahnne took a long hiatus from acting.

Recent Roles: Before Night Falls, Soliloquy and More

In “Before Night Falls”, a 2000 film about the life and work of Cuban novelist and poet, Reinaldo Arenas, we saw Diahnne after 12 long years of not appearing in a single movie. Apart from a few documentaries about Robert De Niro, Hollywood, and other topics, she didn’t have a single credit to her name in the 1990s. Afterwards, she would appear in “Soliloquy” and “Lea’s Soliloquy”, which were critically acclaimed. One role as a radio DJ followed, with nothing else connected to acting appearing in her resume since 2013.

Family: Does Diahnne Abbott Have Any Children?

When Diahnne married Robert De Niro in 1976, he adopted her daughter Drena Abbott, to whom she gave birth during her previous marriage. Robert was mostly a loving father to Drena, but the couple also welcomed their own child to the world in 1981, a boy they named Raphael. Both Drena and him pursued an acting career, with Drena securing several minor roles, but Raphael decided a career in real-estate was a better fit for him. He has a child with his wife Claudine De Matos, whom he married in 2008. Drena herself has a child too, a boy who goes by the name of Leandro Anthony De Niro Rordiguez, making Diahnne a proud grandmother.

What is Diahnne Abbott’s Net Worth?

According to several credible sources, Diahnne Abbot has a net worth of approximately $2 million, as of mid-2019, accumulated by landing a series of roles in movies by Martin Scorcese. Even though she’s faded out of the public eye in the last few decades, Diahnne likely still has more than enough funds to live on for the rest of her life.

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